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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Gansta Marcus Releases New Album

Ohio rap artist "Gansta Marcus" gives the thumbs up for airplay on his new album in the college dj world. Lets look behind the name and aim for a higher being after you hear his music. Its not only all about rap, but "Gansta Marcus" comes off as a RnB singer on some tracks.

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Friday, April 19, 2019

Why Fans Once Loved Gansta Marcus And The Music He Presented

The underground legend Gansta Marcus was also a artist just like the people he promotes today. He is probably one of the few artist who was able to pull off 100 streams with no visual behind them.

Gansta Marcus has stayed quiet for some time now and their seems to no mentioning on his return. Once one of the biggest artist in the underground scene, the artist remained quiet after the self release of his album produced with various artist "419 To The 662."

On his return to the music industry, Marcus decided to put together a website that would not only connect him to other sites, but give him the opportunity to give other artist their time to shine.

Gansta Marcus has always worked with the young. From giving them there first jobs, to letting them have a voice through music. Many have respect for the artist and what he does. He is a self motivated individual who keeps things moving.

I say it's time for Gansta Marcus to get back what he does best for his community. It's time for him to take the throne as the leader of the new culture in his City of Lima.

Gansta Marcus has put together a slew of collaborations with various artist from various states. Many of them whom he has never met.

In his own words: "Back when I first began, it was Myspace and that all my city knew. I began to venture early into relevant sources and new websites to promote my music on. It was a big world out there and here i come." The full Interview will be coming soon!

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

#Stream #rt #Share Gansta Marcus (@ganstamarcus) - "Whats A Man To Do"

The Lima, Ohio boss Gansta Marcus releases a hot new track for the ladies titled "What's A Man To Do". This songs is streaming in all digital stores. This a release off "The Vault 2" album produced by Gansta Marcus.

Gansta Marcus is a Lima native born in Cleveland, Mississippi. The lyrics and style he produce has a sound like no other artist in the industry. The Vault 2 is compiled with various artist such as 100 Gran, E. Wade, Sip Hop, and many more.

When asked about the song, Marcus replied: "This is a song for the young men growing up have their first relationship. Sometimes you have homies who talk bad about your new girl that confuses things."

Friday, October 20, 2017

Gansta Marcus Now Producing New York Rappers

Rumors are that will now be working with various unsigned artist in Brooklyn, New York. If you have not heard by now, Gansta Marcus has recently changed his stage name to +Nieman Marcus, but keeps Gansta Marcus as his producer profile.

New York rapper like Serious Black, and Scandolous two of the first to begin production with the producer. These two rappers has been previously released on Hip-Hop and will be featured on The Wrap-Up  The Lima, Ohio rapper has a new mix-tape of his own to be released 7/4/2012. Be on the look out for more to be released the the hip-hop producer and his music career. Follow him online to support his movement.

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Nieman Marcus recently released a new track titled "No Lie" remix featuring Drizzy Drake Bell and 2 Chainz. Listen in below or download your copy of the track.

Monday, June 19, 2017

The Great House Fire Of Gansta Marcus

Who is the rap artist Gansta Marcus? Many know nothing of him. In September 14, 2006 while Gansta Marcus was working in a packaging factory, a call was dispatched to the Lima Fire Department of a breaking and entering with fire damages in place. Where the Lima Fire Department arrived on the scene, they found 742 W. Wayne st upstairs and middles compartment in blaze.

The home was vacant and appeared to have been completely remolded and for sale though a real estate agent. They home was valued at 55,000 dollars with losses of 35,000 in damages. Home listed for sale had no insurance or any bank leans against it. With many friends and enemies in Lima, Ohio because he had a rising name throughout the streets and local political figure, he always felt as if he was a target.

With talks of a promotion deal in the air, Gansta Marcus settled for what he had left invested, looked at the people that was left around him, and told them it will get worst before it get better, but I shall return. Packed his family and bags, dropped a few tears, and haven't looked back.

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Gansta Marcus Announces New Music Coming Soon

This is a ghetto public service announcement!

Who is he? Why has he remained quiet and humble! The underground king of hip-hop Gansta Marcus will be releasing a statement on up and coming music, new website, and much more.

He has been seen all over the underground music industry as a promoter of many. Gansta Marcus is enlisted in almost every digital music app, and is well known on many social media platforms. He is one of the most influential person in his city.

Hard work and dedication is keeping artist like Gansta Marcus to keep pushing to make his mark on the world of entertainment. His plan is to connect with every artist while the goal is to maintain his image.

Born in Cleveland, Mississippi, Gansta Marcus has out lasted many when it comes to putting in work. From owning various websites, to production of artist. He has sure stood out throught the years.

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Gansta Marcus Just Now Joins Instagram

Monday, August 27, 2018

Gansta Marcus Presents - "Ohio To Mississippi" #Mixtape

Gansta Marcus
Gansta Marcus wants you to sit back and listen in to one of the best albums ever created by a home studio. "Ohio To Mississippi" consist of a colaboration of unsigned artist produced by Gansta Marcus.

17 Songs. Available with an Apple Music subscription. Try it free. With songs such as #1 Fan, overtime and 15 more, this album will sure knock you off your feet.

419 To The 662 by Gansta Marcus on Spotify

Listen Free to Gansta Marcus - 419 To The 662 Radio

Thursday, January 2, 2020

#MississippiHipHop Stand Up For @siphop662 And The #Producer @ganstamarcus #Artist

Stand Up Mississippi as the underground king and the swag master lets you know they are still here, alive and ticking.

One of Mississippi rising stars career was cut short when he was killed in a Mississippi county jail. E Wade was showing growth in his community and surrounding areas. With Gansta Marcus behind his as his mentor and manager, they were making moves all over.

Friday, May 5, 2017

Turning Nothing Into Something

Lima, Ohio musical artist Gansta Marcus released a statement with TWUM about the art of rap and his new music incentives. A music incentive can make the difference between an interested student and one that isn't.

Gansta-Marcus has been on the underground music scene for some time now. in his own words "I like being in the underground eye, it still brought me national attention to my music. No shows or videos but still putting up local plays without all the promotion."

"The thing that motivates or encourages me to keep pushing is having the enjoyment that people out there are willing to bing me and listen to music and like it. In hopes that one day I can pull off a big check, I plan to invest in depressed areas around the community."

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Gansta Marcus - The Vault Vol 1 Mixtape

Listen to albums and songs produced and recorded from Gansta Marcus of Lima, Ohio. The Vault, has songs including "Midwest Swing," "Crashwalking (feat. Gansta Marcus)," "Why They Hating (feat. O-2)," and more. Gansta Marcus released this album on: 2016-04-02 on all digital apps.
"The Vault" is a compilation of various artist out of Mississippi and Ohio. All artist are represented by Gansta Marcus and produced by him. The Vault is performed by Lil Q, Kenny T, Young C, Gansta Marcus, Young Keith, Edward Wade, Pac Man Simp, and other Various Artists.

Listen to more tracks and support the artist featured by clicking some of the links below.

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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Its Hard To Rebuild

The Wrap-Up Magazine has done an exclusive over the phone interview with Nieman Marcus (The Rapper Formally Known As Gansta Marcus.) This was a very memorable moment for him as he almost came to tears over the death of his rapper Edward Wade.

In his own words, he states. "Its been hard for me to rebuild my music surrounding after putting all that I had to pull off thousands of plays and download for Edward Wade formally known as Lil Resse. I pushed him to build the local fame he gained majorlt in Ohio, New York, and Mississippi for the strrest to grown and love him.

After doing track with Cleveland, Mississippi rapper Sip Hop and Lima, Ohio producer Gansta Marcus, Edward Wade started having local to state radio plays from DJ Bobby Jone at the Club Phemiers and radio station in Jackson, Mississippi.

Right before his death Edward Wade got locked up for six months. In the mean time, his producer constantly pushed him doing 25k plays on youtube with song "Swag On 100" featuring Sip Hop. The single came avaible for sale on Itunes later after the death of the artist.



Saturday, March 4, 2017

Who Is Gansta Marcus?

Gansta Marcus is the most known unknown Lima, Ohio rap artist, producer, promoter, and more all in one. He is a boss in his own way and own time. Smoking the best weed Lima has to offer and drinking bottles everyday, Marcus has rose to local fame with making a move.

Gansta Marcus made his first introduction into the game by releasing his "419 To The 662" album featuring various artist. After being locked up for 3 years, he declared he came from balling by released the self-titled "Slick Rick" album.
Gansta Marcus has struggled finding his next big artist since the death of Edward Wade. At one point in time, Gansta Marcus was taking the underground mix-tape industry by surprise. Doing well over 100k free downloads 50 k views on youtube, and more.

He's what the industry has been missing. He's our city plug to the key. Old eras are over while new ones are on the rise.

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Gansta Marcus Talks His Lifestyle, Young Talent, And More

The musical artist Gansta-Marcus has lived a hell of a life throughout the years. He has been through more things than most can imagine. From his brother being stabbed multiple times to owning homes. Through all the rain and the pain, he still manages to keep a smile on his face.

He has been in the underground music industry since 2010. He started off by searching for young talent within his city of Lima, which led him to start producing himself. Since growing up to be a man, Marcus has had many children between two women.

Gansta Marcus has always believed in empowerment of our youth. He teach's the youth around him that, (In His Own Words) "Its okay to hustle, but have a job while rapping about your life. Selling drugs in not the only way to make money in the streets, you can sell cd's, scrap, learn to fix electronics and sell them."

After being there with him one-on-one, I also come to notice that he teach's them to be creative in making music, learn to record in the studio they build. I like the concept, make his whole city reach out to shine. I invite all readers, writers, and bloggers to learn more of the person they call Gansta-Marcus. You are welcomed to click on the link below to bing or google the Lima, Ohio artist.

Gansta Marcus claims that he is going to be release another various artist album by April of 2016. He say's that he have tracks stacked up steaming from 2010 till today. So be sure to follow the artist online as new content gets ready to hit the music community.

When asked how does he feel about the rap game today, he responded: "The rap game has become very diverse over the years. Went went from Tupac and Biggie to Master P and Cash Money. After that, it went into a new form of music created by DMX and Ja-Rule."

"The rap game kept changing. It created a platform for artist such as Beyonce and Nelly. The list just keeps going with artist that took off such as Soulja Boy and D4L. Now we are in a section on the community of music where gays and the LGBT communities are taking over. Young Thug and more are hitting harder than most could imagine.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

100 Gran - Where You From Ft Lil Quise And Ant

Lima, Ohio rapper 100 Gran hit the music market with a hot anthem for Ohio street music titled "Where You From" featuring Lil Quise and Ant. This Album is listen via Itunes (CLICK HERE)
Off the 419 To The 662 album Rapper 100 Gran releases his rage for Ohio in this hot club banger titled "Where You From." Produced by Gansta Marcus. Purchase this track on Amazon Music (CLICK HERE)

Friday, March 28, 2014

Draztik - Thats A Bad Bi**h Remix

Lima, Ohio's Draztik Da Boss new track "Bad Bitch" features rap artist Niman Marcus. This is a hot track worthy of downloading.

Some of the lyrics by Nieman Marcus who kicks off the track go: I got this feeling on my chest, she wonna roll with the best. Imma throw her in the car and turn her life away from wrecked. She ain't living in the streets, she laying alone in the bed, wishing that she had a thug, someone to manage all her bread.
These two Lima, Ohio natives release their freshman track together titled "Bad Bitch Remix" Draztik Da Boss and rapper Nieman Marcus formally known as Gansta Marcus. @ganstamarcus @DraztikDaBoss
Some of Draztik lyrics go: I see a bad bitch in the club, and I got to get her. Watch that bad bitch show me love, and I got to hit her. Indie shawty get money, a ride or die chick.

Friday, April 3, 2020

Ohio Rapper Welcomes New Baby Girl (Photos)

Ohio rapper and producer Gansta Marcus of Lima recently welcomed a new edition to his family with the birth of a baby girl named 'Phoenix Wade.'

This is Gansta Marcus first child in 13 years. Many people ask him of his decision to start all over, and his only reply is 'I love children.'

Here is he children age and profiles on facebook below! Also see photo of Phoenix as she begins her process to being a kid.

Saturday, March 8, 2014

2 Chainz Remix

Lima, Ohio rap artist Nieman Marcus releases a new remix to +2 Chainz and +Lil Tunechi track "Rich Ass Fuck". Listen or download free below. This is off Nieman Marcus new mix-tape "Gansta Marcus".

If you like what your hearing, be sure to share with family and friend on twitter.

Monday, May 25, 2015

TWUM Talks Lima, Ohio

The Wrap-Up Magazine is a family residence at 742 West Wayne Street in Lima, Ohio. The website brings your worldwide entertainment, new, event, celebrity, news, and more. It is home and music hub to Lima, Ohio producer Gansta Marcus who goes by the stage name of Nieman Marcus. Take a look at news, music, and more out of the city of Lima.

The new Lima, Ohio football stadium will be receiving a new name. The newly renovated Lima Stadium will also be getting a new name, Board of Education members decided. The board members chose the name Spartan Stadium, a name they feel will create even more school pride...More (CLICK HERE)

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Gansta Marcus Facing Three Years

Rap artist, real name +Le Marquis Leqwail is facing up to three years for a case back in 2008 involving a breaking & entering at the dweling of a car lot in Lima, Ohio. The artist pleaded guilty to all charges and was sentenced to served five years parole with fines equaling $3,000.

The artist +Le Marquis Leqwail chose to leave the state of Ohio resulting in more pending charges. The Wrap-Up Magazine caught up with on the streets of Mississippi and asked him why did he leave.

Reply From +Le Marquis Leqwail: I chose to give my family a second chance. I did not want to be like other men who go in ad loose everything. Although they labeled me a threat to society, I refuse to accept what I was granted. Ive learned much since I left, from running my own websites, production of artist, making online money and more. Now that I am returning home to Ohio and plan to turn myself in to the sheriff. Ive stayed in contact with my parole officer since my disappearance. Its not like I was hiding from them.
Since his departcher, has become engaged with online entertainment, production, and performance. He is also a owner of several online sites and administrates others.