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Sunday, October 13, 2019


What Is Your Favorite Love Song?

I sure many of you music lovers have that one song that helped made you fall in love. R&B artist such as R. Kelly, Shai, Gerald Levert, and Boyz 2 Men made love songs that still get plays at weddings and parties.

I'm sure growing up as a kid, that special guy gave you a mix-tape of mix love songs, or gave you a poem that stated love lyrics. Country music has some of the most romantic songs of all time because of its raw nature and down-to-earth feel.

Other artist such as D'Angelo, Percy Sledge, Faith Hil, Randy Travis and Frank Ocean connected with fans with love songs that will last forever. Even The Temptations and Ed Sheeran are being played in high school parties today!

For those of you who are older, I know it's going to difficult for you to decides. There has been many love songs made over the years by so many new and older artist.

The Wrap-Up Magazine want to hear from you. What song over time has touched your heart the most? What's your all time favorite R&B love song? Comment below and be sure to share.

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Saturday, October 12, 2019

Are You Ready For Flying Cars

USA Today is reporting, German car manufacturer Porsche is partnering with airplane maker Boeing to create a "premium urban air mobility vehicle," also known as a flying car.

As the two companies seek to develop a concept and better understand what the market for a flying vehicle might be in the coming years.

Boeing says that it is already laying the foundation for next-generation mobility in which "autonomous and piloted vehicles can safely coexist."

A 2018 Porsche study concluded that the flying-car market will take off by 2025, offering passengers new means of "terrestrial transport, at a lower cost and with greater flexibility."

Other startups like Massachusetts-based Alaka'i Technologies and Next Future Transportation have plans to launch flying car concepts into the clouds as early as 2020.

Earlier this year, Boeing successfully completed the first test of its prototype autonomous passenger air vehicle. It's unclear when this on-demand air transportation could become widely available.

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Thursday, October 10, 2019

Lil Stl (@Lilstl) - "Curb Service"

The New edition to the Atlantic records roster/ "MDGDAMOB" Boss the crown prince of the Lou (St.louis) "Lil Stl" aka "Lil St. Louis" after a long summer grind returns with the New Trap Anthem "Curb Service" where "Lil Stl" along with his "MDGDAMOB" drops a few bar's about going from the trenches to the top shelf as well as how they deal with haters trying to block.... so press play an hit the "Curb" with Lil Stl then go chop it with him on a daily basis via Twitter /IG @lilstl

Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Lil Zay (@1LilZay_) - “BaeCation” (Video)

Jackson, Mississippi artist Lil Zay releases his official music video for his record entitled "BaeCation" off his recent releases project "ReCharge" which is available for streaming everywhere.

Fresco (@jungleboyfresh) F/ Roze - "Vibe Foreal"

Recently Antidote Music artist Fresco drops the video for his song “Vibe Foreal” featuring Roze. With dosed up verses from both Fresco and Roze, the duo drip line after line over buoyant production that will have the fans “geekin” just like the song says. While Fresco was always into rap music, he got his first taste of superstardom sneaking into the backstage area at the Rolling Loud Festival in 2016. Fresco ended up meeting the who’s who of popular artists like Post Malone and Lil Uzi Vert spawning his desire to take his raps seriously. Since that experience in 2016 Fresco has made incredible strides, working with a host of artists including Gunna and the highly accomplished and talented producer Bandplay, who exclusively produced Key Glock and Young Dolph’s recent Dum and Dummer project “I’m giving you my sound and I'm giving you my all on my records,” Fresco said “We had some people that came up out of Nashville but the game wasn’t really passed down to a lot of the other people, so I’ve been learning as I go just like everyone else. Out here it’s like everyone is racing to get there first trying to make it, so its def competitive. At the end of the day, Nashville is still figuring it out it’s sound, but I think I got some great records that the fans are really going to love.” Developing a plan and slowing growing his brand with a website and merchandise Fresco has created a structure that has enabled him to develop his fanbase at a rapid pace. “Right now I’m taking it a step at a time and I’m working on getting my catalog up and I’m just working on stacking so I can get more content together. I’m working on getting booking for festivals and I’m about to be doing a bunch of shows myself. My website with tour info and merchandise will all be on there soon too,” Fresco said. “Its taken time to get this point and we’re still working. You have to have some sort of structure, but you have to have a game plan overall. I haven’t made it and I know that much so far. I’ve watched many interviews and I know you got to have a plan, because most people don’t make it over night. Even one hit wonders have to eventually have a plan and structure, but when it’s time to go it’s time to go and we’re taking off, just watch.”

Kay-Kay (@iamkaykay333) - "Piece of Mind"

The song titled "Piece of Mind" is based around struggles and hardships with depression. It is a pretty upbeat song that has mostly singing and no rap in it. The emotion of emptiness the artist expresses through the song can definitely affect the listeners mood.