Thursday, April 22, 2021

M3LO Capone Portrays a "Paper Route" In New Video


The song "Paper Route" describes how M3LO made a full turn around from being on the block and not doing anything productive to rerouting and taking a lane only dedicated to money and making every second a dollar making decisions.

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Melvin Ector, also known as M3lo Capone (born January 26, 2000), is an American rapper/songwriter born and raised in Chicago, IL.

M3lo started rapping at the age of 13 while seeing other major artists rap about their lives and wanted to hear his own voice on the radio. This instantly turned into a passion while at the same time kept him out of the streets. He found himself doing something positive at certain times when things could have gone left while living in Chicago. 

The three rappers that influenced him to start making music the way he did was Speaker Knockerz, OJ Da Juiceman and Waka Flocka Flame. 

One Fame - Broken

Melodic Soul meets Spoken Word on new single from Midwest legend One Fame 

CHICAGO, IL – Like many young people who grew up in the Chicago public housing authority on the South Side of the city – an area known as State Way Gardens – life was rough for Dalvin Williams. But living in the rough streets of Chicago and going through some difficult situations has motivated him to tell his story and put it all in his music. 

Out of that process has come a sound that is unique – a melodic Soul vibe mixed with a little bit of Trap and hints of R&B and other genres. His goal is to become one of the greatest artists of all time and to bring his city together through music. It’s the reason why he adopted the stage name One Fame. His latest attempt at that musical healing comes in the form of his new single, “Broken.” 

Charlie Walker - Still Love You

Young new artist explores love and innocent relationships with four new singles 

ANNAPOLIS, MD – Charlie Walker is only 16 and admits he hasn’t been in a crazy amount of relationships, but the relationships he has been in have influenced his music.   

His latest single “Still Love You” is the first of four singles he plans to release over the next four months. “Still Love You” is a Punk/Pop fusion that’s reminiscent of artists like The Kid Laroi or Machine Gun Kelly. It’s a great first introduction to the world of this young new talent, showcasing his one-of-a-kind sound and style that’s been drawing attention from more and more listeners along the East Coast over the past year.  

Troy Remedy - Next to You

Troy Remedy Shows Elegance With Soulful Single “Next To You” 

For Troy Remedy, to live is to endure. Life makes for an uphill climb. One must claw and scrape to gain even a morsel of advantage. When in need of solace, Troy Remedy turns to music. “Music has always been an element to some of the things that have happened around me,” said Troy Remedy. “When you’re in a bad spot, in a bind, mentally stuck or trying to find your way through the maze. music has always been there.”   

Troy’s fresh lyrical delivery and organic production hearkens back to the days of old but with a bold new twist. His songs burrow down into the heart, revealing concealed pain and sorrow. “My professors taught me the method,” said Troy. “I took the lessons that they taught me and I had to show my own version of it. And in my own style. I take great pride in the production side of things.” 

Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Sean Essary - Better at Being Lonely

Warm Synth Pop vibes meet heartbreaking lyrics on new single ‘Better at Being Lonely’ from new artist Sean Essary 

BENTONVILLE, AR – A lot of great artists over the years have gotten their start from humble beginnings. Many of them, in fact, found their first big hits while collaborating with others at songwriting workshops or in songwriting sessions with other artists in the studio. Arkansas artist Sean Essary is on his way to joining those legends with his new hit single “Better at Being Lonely.” 

It’s a song he wrote during a songwriting class he took earlier this year with the famous Ryan Tedder, front man for the band One Republic and one of the most sought-after producers in the music industry today. It’s a song that captures infectious melodies and grooves that compel listeners to move their bodies, but which is set against deeper lyrics that will make listeners think more deeply about their own lives. 

Clémon III - Rollin Xo

Versatility, good vibes, and inspirational tracks combine on new album ‘H’ from Midwest artist Clémon 

CLEVELAND, OH – Hayward Clémon Smith III – best known by his stage names Clémon or Clémon III – is an American rapper, record producer, record executive, and entrepreneur. Born in Cleveland, Ohio, and raised in Philadelphia, he’s a naturally born artist who started as a musician in church before playing in bands throughout high school and eventually starting his own record label, Third Breed Entertainment. 

At the end of 2020 he released his breakthrough album, “H,” which has been getting major raves from critics and fans in the months since. Featuring hit singles like “Rollin Xo” and “Buss U Down,” the album is a great example of the unique sound and style that Clémon brings to the international music market. 

Watch Method Man Verzuz Redman Live!


Method Man, the only rapper to appear on Notorious B.I.G. and 2 Pac albums while the two artists were alive, is primarily known for his music as a member of the Wu-Tang Clan (“Method Man”). In 1994, Method Man released the first of his six solo albums including “Tical,” a RIAA-certified platinum album, and “Tical 2000: Judgement Day.”

Standout tracks from those albums include “Bring the Pain,” “Judgement Day,” and “Break Ups 2 Make Ups,” featuring past Verzuz guest D’Angelo, and “I’ll Be There for You/You’re All I Need to Get By,” Method Man’s duet — a wildly popular wedding song — with legendary R&B singer Mary J. Blige.

Redman Drop #MusicVideo “80 Barz”


After the conclusion of tonight’s long-awaited VERZUZ battle against his longtime friend and co-creator Method Man, rap icon Redman surprised music lovers with RIV MUSIC collaborated visuals for his new track “80 Barz.” The track, originally released this past weekend, gives fans a glimpse of what to expect from his highly anticipated Muddy Waters 2 album slated to drop this summer.

Key Moments In Hip-Hop History


Hip hop is more than music; it’s a cultural movement that incorporates different elements of art. Before there was Lil Yachty, Young M.I.A., or YNW Melly, there was a world of hip hop artist who's name rain supreme even still today.

Back when music was real, artist had the opportunity to shine in their own distinctive way. Rap is one of the most distinctive features of hip-hop. Rappers use rhythm, lyrics, and vocal tone to express themselves. The best rappers are distinguished by their “flow” – the way the words run together without the performer getting tongue-tied.

Take this journey with me into the world of hip hop as we define all the odds to our culture. Note: When I mention hip hop, I don't mean rap music. They do not fit into the same category as each other.

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