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Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Is Jay-Z Or Eminem The Best Rapper Right Now?

I know Lil Wayne say's he is the greatest rapper alive, but Fans Favorites wants to know is Jay-Z or Eminem the best right now?

Eminem was named to have the hottest album of the year, but Jay-Z business ventures keeps him in the billionaire eye.

Jay-Z was neck on neck with Eminem on Renegade and about 80% of his albums are number one albums. He didn't write his verse on Brooklyn's finest and as for the Blueprint and the black album, what more can I say. His flows are sick and he has stayed relevant to the game for the past twenty years.

Jay-Z is not the best rapper alive. There are so many rappers around, it is hard to choose the best. I personally enjoy Eminem and I think he is the best, but that is my personal opinion.

Eminem and Jay-Z are proving that longevity is possible within hip-hop as the two are now tied for the rapper with third-most top ten hits in Billboard history.

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Faboloso (@DjFaboloso) - "Birth Of A Star" (Mixtape)

Bottom2thatop Records presents Faboloso "Birth Of A Star" mixtape. The mixtape features tracks "Get Lit", "Flip Check", "TDRCAY" and "Who Would Of Thought". Also check out his music video for "TDRCAY" (They Don't Really Care About You) and "Flip Check" on YouTube.

Miala - "Apollo 13" (Mixtape)

Fresh off the release of her debut singles "FNF" & "Eden". Canis Majoris Entertainment in conjunction with Diamond Studded Records release artist Miala mixtape "Apollo 13". Miala is set for a breakout career she is a very talented artist.

Is R. Kelly Arrest All About Money? Or Is It The Operation?

R. Kelly and his wife have sparred over cash and custody of their three children on a regular basis since their divorce was finalized in 2009, with the courtroom battles largely shielded from public view since records were sealed in 2013.

R. Kelly and his ex-wife, Andrea Kelly, have seldom agreed on how or what the R&B star ought to pay on his divorce settlement, records released Monday show. A judge last week ordered that Kelly’s files be made public “just like anyone else” after media organizations petitioned the court following Kelly’s three-day stint in the Cook County Jail in March for non-payment of some $160,000 in child support.

Case records show that the singer was ordered to pay his ex-wife more than $30,000 a month as part of the divorce settlement — with $10,000 per month designated as a “maintenance” payment for Andrea Kelly that would remain in effect until January 2019. The maintenance payment was removed in 2013, after Andrea Kelly remarried. In November of that year, R. Kelly paid $113,000 to settle a back child support amount.

“Robert has gone to great extents to shelter his income and assets and, upon information and belief, to place certain income and assets in the names of others,” they wrote.

Four months later, R. Kelly’s attorneys said the singer “has a tax liability of over $7 million.” By August 2013, they said, the singer had paid his wife $1.48 million.

Also last week, the singer was hit with federal child pornography, obstruction of justice and racketeering charges by the U.S. attorney’s offices in the Northern District of Illinois and Eastern District of New York.

Plan Aimed To Help African Americans Buy Homes

Taking aim at the racial wealth gap in the U.S., Democratic presidential candidate Kamala Harris proposed a $100 billion program to help black families and individuals buy homes.

The program, she estimated, would help 4 million families who live or rent in historically red-lined areas, or those where loans are often refused because borrowers are seen as poor financial risks.

“We must right the wrong, and after generations of discrimination give black families a real shot at home ownership — historically one of the most powerful drivers of wealth,” Harris said.

Her campaign cited research from Demos, a progressive public policy group, showing that less than 50% of black households own their home while 75% of white ones do.

Harris’ plan comes after Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts, another Democratic candidate, announced a plan in March to provide grants to first-time homebuyers in formerly red-lined and low-income neighborhoods.

Jay-Z Takes Role At San Jose Weed Firm

Jay-Z has ventured off into another business role. The hip-hop superstar Jay-Z has been named chief brand ambassador for San Jose marijuana company Caliva.

“Anything I do, I want to do correctly and at the highest level,” Jay-Z said in the announcement. “With all the potential in the cannabis industry, Caliva’s expertise and ethos makes them the best partner for this endeavor."

"Many people recently out of jail or prison don’t reap financial rewards from marijuana legalization, Caliva said. Jay-Z will promote their economic participation through advocacy, job training, and employee and workforce development."

Caliva, which says it has more than 600 employees state-wide, and more than 150,000 square feet of cultivation, manufacturing and retail space, has broader ambitions for its work with Jay-Z.

Caliva sells varieties of indoor-grown marijuana along with other cannabis products including vape pens, pipes, edibles, tinctures, drinks and pre-rolled reefers. Caliva also makes deliveries of online orders, and numerous dispensaries stock its goods.

Monday, July 15, 2019

Hollywood Luck (@Hollywood_Luck) & Durdy Costello (@durdycostello) - "Spinz Crib" EP

Jackson, Mississippi artist, songwriter and produced Hollywood Luck and Jackson, Mississippi native and Atlanta based producer Durdy Costello releases their EP entitled "Spinz Crib". "Spinz Crib" is a six track EP produced entirely by Durdy Costello. It features records such as "Go To Work", "She Know" and "Pulled Up" which is dedicated to E Lucas.

Remidee (@Remidee1) - "I Know" Presented by @smokehouse_ent

If you keep your ear to the indie music scene in Mississippi than you certainly know of Remidee and her brand of rap. Over the past few years she has grown her fanbase throughout the Southeast and abroad. Her music blends an aura of confidence with a sexiness that is unmatched. It all creates for a sound that is simply infectious, earning her a nomination for best female hip-hop artist in the 45th Annual Jackson Music Awards. Today the rising Femcee continues her ascent with her latest single “I Know”. Over bouncing production from Twan Beatmaker, Remidee reminds us that she is well aware of her haters and naysayers out there. Fortunately she won’t let any of that stop her as she continues her quest for all that awaits her in the future. It’s yet another strong entry in the growing collection of Remidee’s.