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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Gansta Marcus Talks Top 5 Rappers Of All Times

(The Wrap-Up Magazine) When rappers mention who is there top 5 hottest of all times, all differ in their own way. Lima, Ohio producer Gansta Marcus releases his list of all time favorites. Check out his list below and why.

"I was raised in the eara where 90's hip-hop was top of the market. We had rappers such as Tupac and Biggie, Nas and Jay-Z. My top 5 list of hottest rappers would consist of Master P +Percy Miller +DMXS Radio +Ruff Ryders Entertainment Nelly +ST Lunatic Nate Dogg +Snoop Dogg +EminemMusic and UGK +UNDER GROUND KINGS.

There were many great hits created back then that will last forever. But nothing came better than these artist because they kept putting out hit after hit over the years. When Master P released Bout It, it took the world by storm. Shortly after, Ghetto D hit the stores like a monster. With a tank and a squad that can't be stop, No Limit held the charts for several years until Hot Boyz took over with members such as +Lil Wayne +LIL TURK B.G. and Juvenile.

DMX came in hard with the Ruff Ryders anthem, shortly after he released one of his best album ever "Flesh Of My Flesh." Talk about a album to just let play, now this is it...Real Talk. You don't have to speak on Nelly and Snoop Dogg, for you see they still speak for themselves.

Eminem is labeled as one of the hottest artist of all times. He came out with hot bars and tactical vocals. With +DR Engineering behind him, there was no touching him to begin with.

Birdman - Balla Blocka Ft Derez Deshon

(The Wrap-Up Magazine) Cash Money Record CEO Birdman hits the visual scene with a new video titled "Balla Blockin" featuring Rich Gang member Derez Deshon. Be first to watch the video here.

Bathtub Full Of Hot Sauce And Peppers

(The Wrap-Up Magazine) Youtuber CemreCandar wanted to see what it was like to take a bath in a tub full of hot ssauce and peppers. He turned his bathroom into something that looks like a murder scene trying to get out of the tub.

Sharp Skills - Until It Ignites

(The Wrap-Up Magazine) Originally hailing from Inglewood, CA now residing in Seattle, up and coming MC Sharp Skills has been compared to a mix of legends like Tupac and Jay-Z. With four official projects under his belt since his debut album in '04, Sharp Skills has recently licensed his music to multiple hit TV series including Bones, America's Next Model, The Mindy Project, and Nikita. Motivated by the loss of both his biological father and his step-father, as well as almost losing his own life multiple times, Sharp was able to push through the adversities and earn a college degree on the way to pursuing his music career. 

On his fourth album, On My Rebel Ish, Sharp Skills paints vivid pictures of his life, outlook, and grind with exceptional lyricism, passionate delivery, and phenomenal production that rivals top mainstream hip hop artists. Watch the latest visuals Until It Ignites from Sharp Skills and be on the lookout out for the album On My Rebel Ish dropping worldwide August 26th.

Jake Kost - The Kost Of The Reked Supras Ft Supastition And Reks

(The Wrap-Up Magazine) ​Portland artist Jake Kost continues to grind in preparation for his new album STADTLUFT MACHT FREI dropping August 30th. Following up his video for the AFTA-1 produced Late Night Walk, Jake links up with legendary MCs Supastition and Reks for The Kost Of The Reked Supras. Kost revisits a classic boom-bap feel and chooses the perfect two rappers to compliment the track. 

Filmed between Portland, Oregon and Boston, MA The Kost Of The Reked Supras finds all three of the artists at the top of their game with no weak leak apparent. Between Late Night Walk and Reked Supras, Jake Kost's new album is definitely turning into a project to keep an eye of for later this month. Watch The Kost Of The Reked Supras and Late Night Walk below:

Keez - Coldhearted

(The Wrap-Up Magazine) Rising star keez aka Keezay fooliano born as Karl Delarosa April 19 1994 releases new music titled "Coldhearted." He originally dabbled and fell in love with music at a age of 5 he and his lil brother use to dress up and perform and act like they were in music videos while he kicked his own written material.

At a young age Keezay was influenced by Dipset Gunit and others.Hed even perform in local talent shows with his after school program. People would call this kid a lil bow wow because he just wasn't a rapper he was an entertainer.

Dominique Marogani - Green

(The Wrap-Up Magazine) Produced by Metro Boomin, Artist Dominique Marogani releases new music titled "Green." GREEN brings a more dynamic account of Marogani's lifestyle. With a highly charged delivery, raw and descriptive at times accompanied by Metro Boomin stellar effort on the boards.

Frank Ocean Leaves Def Jam

(The Wrap-Up Magazine) According to sources, when Ocean put Endless out, he had met his contractual obligation with Def Jam/Universal Music Group. It has now been reported that Blond constitutes Ocean's first release under his own "Boys Don't Cry" imprint.

It has been difficult to keep up with Frank, coming off of a four-year hiatus and a bluffed album release date earlier in the month, fans were suddenly served an 18-track visual album titled "Endless" just before mid-night Friday [August 19], and within 36 hours there were "Boys Don't Cry" pop-up shops selling a "Boys Don't Cry" magazine and merchandise in New York, Chicago, L.A., and London. Those awaiting an official "Boys Don't Cry" drop were indeed complimented with Frank's sophomore effort, but it came under the title Blond.

Frank Ocean's follow-up to his 2012 debut Channel Orange is projected to enter the Billboard 200 as the #1 album of the week, with 250,000 equivalent albums sold. That's an accolade for the books, with Blond set to be the first chart-topping debut of Ocean's career, and it's some decent bank for the 28-year-old singer/songwriter, considering that's a quarter of a million independent units sold. In other words, Blond, as fans may have assumed, was in fact not released through Def Jam Records.

King Yella Shot Twice

(The Wrap-Up Magazine) Chicago rapper King Yella was shot while shooting a music video for #BlackLivesMatter. He was hit twice and posted a video up early this morning where he shows himself bandaged up from the gun wounds. Yella seems to be in good spirits and kept saying “God got me” into the camera while sipping on some Remy Martin. He’s laying in a hospital bed in the clip. Try to stop the violence but n***as want to still be on that,” he said. “They tried to take me out this sh*t. God got me though. This sh*t crazy.”

Universal Music Group Shuts Down Apple Music Exclusives

(The Wrap-Up Magazine) Apple’s iTunes, Lucian Grainge, CEO of Universal Music Group and widely regarded as the most powerful executive in the music industry, has reportedly ordered the company’s labels to stop the practice of making “exclusive” distribution deals with streaming services.

According to Bob Lefsetz, author of an influential music industry newsletter, Grainge sent out a company-wide email on Monday. UMG, which boasted seven of 2015’s 10 best-selling albums and 38.5% of the year’s recorded-music sales, will be the first major label to ban the practice, which many feel has begun to diminish rather than enhance the way music is distributed and consumed.

The directive will affect dozens of bands under the UMG umbrella, including all five of this year’s album of the year Grammy nominees: Kendrick Lamar, Taylor Swift, the Weeknd, Chris Stapleton and Alabama Shakes.

The practice of artists offering exclusives to competing streaming and download services, including Apple and Tidal, has been gaining traction this year. Both BeyoncĂ© and Rihanna launched their recent albums through Tidal, the streaming service part-owned by BeyoncĂ©’s husband, Jay Z.