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Monday, March 27, 2017

Rick Ross and Ebro Interview

New Rick Ross and Ebro interview.. Rick Ross speaks on the album Rather You Than Me plus talks about the album being a classic and going #1 on the charts. Must see for viewers to get the updates from the boss.

Pre-Order The Vault 2 - Swagg Edition Now

The producer Gansta Marcus says he is ready to release "The Vault" volume 2 the Swagg Edition. The release date is set for April 17 and online for pre-order. It includes artist such as 100 Gran, Young C, Edward Wade, Sip Hop, O-2, and TY. Distributed by Catapult.
Pre-order contents may change without notice. Pre-Order your copy today before the music is released.

Sip Hop - Earned It Freestyle

     Sip Hop with his new exclusive freestyle titled Earned It Freestyle on Sound Cloud..Banging      freestyle of this new era of hip hop, Also be on the lookout for new track exclusive from Sip Hop                                 with track titled That S**T a banging mixtape fire on deck.

Can Beer Be Made From Recycled Wastewater?

Stone Brewing unveiled its "Full Circle Pale Ale," which was made using recycled water from San Diego's Pure Water project.

This was all done in the name of sustainability, the brewery said, noting how the historic drought in California affected the state's water sources. San Diego's Pure Water project — which aims to provide 30 million gallons (110 million liters) of recycled water a day to the city by 2021 — offered the brewery an opportunity to use a new water source to brew beer, while also helping raise awareness for the project.

Jesus Tomb In Danger Of Collapse

The shrine (or the "Edicule," as it is often called) is located within the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem. According to legend, Helena, the mother of emperor Constantine the Great (A.D. 272-337) visited Jerusalem in the fourth century and discovered the cave where Jesus was buried after being crucified. Whether Jesus was actually buried in the cave is unknown, and many scholars doubt that Helena actually discovered it; nevertheless, the cave has been a place of Christian pilgrimage for many centuries.

Since the fourth century, a series of shrines and churches have been built over the cave, each one eventually being destroyed or falling into disrepair. Today, the cave is covered with the Edicule, which in turn is covered by the Church of the Holy Sepulchre.

Repair and restoration work at the Edicule has been going on for the past year, during which the limestone bed that Jesus' body was supposedly buried on was revealed. National Geographic reported that the Edicule is in danger of "catastrophic" collapse if further repairs are not undertaken soon.

National Geographic says the NTUA team needs to conduct a new 10-month project, one that would cost 6 million euros (about $6.5 million), to repair and strengthen the Edicule's foundations. The project would also add new sewage and rainwater drainage to protect the Edicule from water damage. Archaeological excavations would need to be conducted before repairs begin so that the foundations of the shrine can be strengthened without destroying archaeological remains.

The New Smart Jacket

The garment can interact with a person's smartphone via Bluetooth technology.  Conductive fabric on the connected jacket's wrist acts as a control panel for the wearer's smartphone.

The companies' so-called Project Jacquard was first announced in June 2015 as a line of "connected" clothing that would interact with wearers' smartphones, reported Tech Times. The so-called Commuter Jacket was unveiled in May 2016, and Levi's and Google revealed more details about the smart jacket project this weekend at the South by Southwest (SXSW) festival, Tech Times said. The companies said the jacket will cost $350 and will be available this fall.

Wearers can use the smart jacket to answer incoming calls, change music or get directions, said a promotional video made by Levi's. The Bluetooth device is attached to the garment as a cuff and connects the 15 conductive threads to the wearer's smartphone; batteries for the device are designed to last about two days.

Who Is Marie Gray?

St. John Knits International Inc., commonly referred as St. John, is an upscale American fashion brand that specializes in women's knitwear founded in 1962 by Robert and Marie Gray. Gray and his wife, Marie, started the company in a San Fernando Valley garage in 1962 on a romantic whim.

While working in Los Angeles as a model, St John hand knit simple straight knit skirts and matching short sleeved tops for her own use. Her designs proved popular among her fellow models and she began designing and producing samples.

St John and Gray hired their mothers and another knitter and quickly set about production. The couple, now married, divided duties over the fledgling Irvine, CA business. St John designed the clothes and oversaw production while Gray handled the marketing and sales. Their collections included tailored suits and dresses as well as casual sportswear.

In 1990, Escada, formed by another husband and wife team Margaretha and Wolfgang Ley, purchased an 80% stake in St John Knits for $45 million. St John Knits used the funding to launch its own boutique stores. St John became a publicly owned company in 1993, with St John and Gray retaining 20% of the company.

St John continued to manage the creative direction of the company while Gray served as CEO and Chairman of the Board. Their daughter, Kelly Gray, was appointed President of the company in 1996, ascending to the CEO position after her father's retirement in 2002.

″St. John Knits' carved a lasting place for itself in the business world by selling to large, established retailers such as Jacobson's and Lord & Taylor, cultivating a relationship that would propel its growth for decades.