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Friday, January 13, 2017

Lamar Odom Talks Missing Khloe Kardashian

Lamar Odom is out of rehab and working to put his life back together. But, there is one piece of his past that he no longer has, and it is likely that he will never have it again. Odom's 7-year marriage to Khloe Kardashian officially came to an end in December, and she has since moved on. That's not stopping him from voicing his yearning to have her back in his life.

During a recent episode of The Doctors, the former LA Lakers star opened up about turning the page on his struggle with substance abuse. When asked what he is most looking forward to in this new chapter of life, he becomes compelled to share the only thing on his mind. "Umm, honestly? I want my wife back," Odom says.

Unfortunately for Lamar, it would appear that that ship has sailed. The former couple have not been involved in a romance for quite some time, with their time together over the past year solely attributed to Kardashian's commitment to remaining in Odom's corner as he recuperated from a near death experience after lapsing into a coma after a Nevada drug binge in 2015.

Is Lil Wayne Thinking Of Signing To Roc Nation

At the end of 2016, Wayne made a similar statement when the told the crowd at the Camp Flog Gnaw festival, "I'm a motherfucking Cash Money millionaire. I'm a motherfucking Roc-A-Fella millionaire." Before that, the Young Money rapper revealed that he signed a deal as an artist/owner at Jay Z's Tidal, leading many to believe that there was a partnership between the two superstars on the rise.

Amidst his ongoing fight with Cash Money, all eyes have been on Lil Wayne's recent moves. He definitely made a statement at a recent concert where the threw Jay Z's Roc symbol in the air and told the crowd, "When you see me it's YMROC."

Is Boosie Starting His Own Potato Chip Line?

Boosie Badazz gave himself a pat on the back on Instagram on Friday, January 13; sharing his reaction to enjoying a bag of his very own Lil Boosie Louisiana Heat Wavy Potato Chips.

"These dam chips r 100," Boosie wrote in the caption of a recording of his hand coated with crumbs, and the sound of his mouth gnawing on the spicy flavored chips. "I'm proud of this taste," he wrote.

The Rap Snacks chips aren't the only business endeavor Boosie has branched out to start up. During his classic VladTV interview, the Baton Rouge rapper opened up on all of the ways in which he's expanded, diversifying into clothes, cologne, and his Boosie Juice vodka brand, among other ventures.

Soulja Boy Talks Gucci Mane And Tattoo On Forehead

In this sit-down, Soulja talks about his luxury car collection, getting a Gucci logo tattoo on his face at 18 and his plan on removing it for his acting career.

After sustaining a lucrative career through his music and many business ventures, Soulja Boy discusses with DJ Vlad about being dubbed the father of modern day rap by Complex. The honor, which may raise eyebrows, has the rapper beaming his shiny grill when realizing that his blueprint may have paved the way for rising stars to make a career in music. " I like that though because they're doing good with it." He explained, "Damn, this artist got that bag from doing what [I] did."

Birdman Facing Another Lawsuit

Cash Money is involved in another lawsuit involving one of their artists not being paid. This time around the artist involved is Drake, as Page Six claims that Birdman's label has been keeping royalties from Drake's music.

Before signing with Cash Money, Drake was signed to Jas Prince's Aspire Music Group, who is currently involved in a lawsuit with Birdman's label over an agreement to get one-third of Drake's earnings. The amount Aspire is owed is unclear, but they claim that Cash Money is "hoarding" money and not divulging their earnings.