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Saturday, October 22, 2016

Standing Ovation Gansta Marcus

Check This Out! No Videos, Hit Singles, CEO, Best Producer, Most Wanted. Where talking about when an occasion when the people in an audience stand up to clap at the end of a performance. Were screaming were ready. A standing ovation is a form of applause where members of a seated audience stand up while applauding after extraordinary performances of particularly high acclaim.

New Air Jordan 4

Check This Out! These are a must have for every man. +Nike ain't playing with all there latest new hot releases. The picture above is the new Air Jordan 4 Royal Colorway. Priced at $190, expect to see the shoe drop sometime in January of 2017.

Friday, October 21, 2016

New Air Jordan 12's

Check This Out! Air Jordan is back with another fresh hot new look just in time for the holidays. This new royal blue look is certain to set the colors in your new outfit out right. Expected to hit shelves on November 12 for a retail price of $200, i'm sure these will sell out fast. Thanks +Nike

Nelly Signs Deal With Fox

Check This Out! Nelly is bringing his country grammar and sports savvy to FS1’s Skip And Shannon: Undisputed. The diamond-selling rapper has secured a development deal with Fox and will join the sports debate show as a contributor alongside Skip Bayless, Shannon Sharpe and moderator Joy Taylor, starting Tuesday, Nov. 1 at 9:30 a.m. ET.

kip and Shannon: Undisputed has other hip-hop ties as well as Lil Wayne provided the “No Mercy” theme song. The airs on FS1 and delves into sports’ trending topics weekdays from 9:30 am to 12 p.m. ET.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Bill Goldberg Returns To WWE

Check This Out! Monday Night Raw Recap - Goldberg returns 12 years after leaving WWE. Goldberg returns to the WWE to respond to the challenge from Brock Lesnar. WWE RAW Sees Big Jump In Viewership For Bill Goldberg's Return. And when it comes to the idea of fantasy booking a big-name celebrity return to WWE, the name Goldberg has continued to hover right near the top of many viewers' lists for much of the 12 years since he walked away in 2004.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Were Here To Serve You

Check This Out! We like to act as we are talent agents, but really were promoters. If you need help with any of your creative projects, let us know. We even help artists/bands set up online profile and get distributed into digital stores.

We will connect you with a relationship manager to serve as your point person. Our team moves through the underground music scene like vampires. As part of our mission to better serve the membership of this local Lima, Ohio movement. Singers provide opportunities for adults and mature youth from all backgrounds and musical experience.

As much as we are absolutely here to serve you and your audience. With you sharing to your social media sites and us, all artist will bump heads with fans. There are more musicians trying to make a living without a major label, they need your help just as if you needed theirs.

Amazon To Start Selling Groceries

Check This Out! Some reports suggest that the online giant retailer is going to build real corner stores to sell food products in order to further expand into the grocery marketAmazon has grown into a $400bn company in the 22 years since its founding by multibillionaire Jeff Bezos in 1994. Now the company is reportedly going to build convenience stores and drive-through locations for customers to pick up their groceries ordered online. The company itself refused to comment on the rumors, which would follow its launch of a physical bookshop in Seattle last year. By the way, bookshops will also reportedly open in 4 other locations across the US.

According to speculations, the brick and mortar stores will be designed for customers signed up to Amazon Fresh food delivery service. The latter is currently available for $15 a month on top of Amazon Prime’s $99 annual fee. Amazon has been offering its Fresh food delivery service in a number of locations across the United States since 2007 and now is rapidly expanding the service. For example, new cities across the United States were added: the service isalready available in its home Seattle, New York, Washington, Boston, New Jersey, Philadelphia, Stamford, Baltimore and California.

Amazon has also gone international in grocery delivery: this past summer the company launched outside of the United States for the first time and started offering grocery delivery in north and east London. Amazon Prime members can get this service in the United Kingdom for extra £6.99 per month. Financial experts report that Amazon collected annual sales of more than $100bn in 2015 – more than double the amount it could get just 4 years earlier. Amazon’s net income totaled $600m.

Become Someone Not Anybody

Check This Out! I do my best in the community I reside in to tell our youth to "Become Someone Not Anybody". There is enough stupid things going on in the world for people to not learn and advance themselves. Becoming an entrepreneur has less to do with what you know and what your experiences are, and everything to do with what you are willing to do to succeed.

You don’t need permission. You don’t need to have experience in startups. You don’t need to have a revelatory experience where the clouds part and you are blessed with the mother of all business ideas. You don’t need a million dollars. You don’t need rich friends or family to back you. You don’t need to be a genius, and you don’t need perfect timing.

The folks that just won’t hack it as entrepreneurs are most often the ones that are not actually willing to do the work. This usually means that they don’t have sufficient intrinsic motivation. They start a business for the wrong reasons. They start with unrealistic expectations, and find that it’s too hard or too difficult, and then drop out.

Monday, October 17, 2016

The Wrap-Up Magazine

Welcome to the home and hub of promoter, producer, and rap artist Gansta Marcus. If you are a entertainer looking to promote your content to new crowds, then you have come to the  right place. This is the place that promote music, models, events, nominations, unsigned artist, entertainers, producers, clubs, and celebrities. This is the premier website for all your celebrities, and rumors news. Its built by fans and for the fans. We are the future of global media.

We like to dedicate ourselves to promoting hot new content to the underground community. There is no matter what your style of music is. We help artist to create a profile of theselves by using pictures, bio, and music instruments. If your willing to submit the proper contnet we need, then were willing to do the work.

The Wrap-Up Magazine was created by Lima, Ohio's SEO Gansta-Marcus in November of 2012. We began as a site that posted artist and news. Four years later it remains the same with a little added class. The track below describes the reason why we do what we do.

Saturday, October 15, 2016

A Revolution In Learning

Check This Out! A revolution in learning has already begun. Revolution and has been giving great impacts on all kinds of human activities. Educational and learning support activities are not exception.

Established teaching methodologies are reaching their limits in most developed countries. New requirements are needed. In the search for solutions, technology is playing an increasingly prominent role — allowing for new approaches such as the “inverted classroom,” Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCS) and “mobile learning”.

Real changes and disruptions usually come “from below”: through the individual decisions of the many rather than through sweeping decrees from the government. From the car to the internet to the tablet to the iPhone — that is, in all the great upheavals that new technologies have created in our lifestyle, culture, and working environment.

We all know that everyone has different talents and different interests. We celebrate personal uniqueness in so many places, and yet our schools still follow a factory model that forces both teachers and students into routines that engage and reward certain learners while marginalizing others.

The fact is that recent research from neuroscience, cognitive psychology, and related fields has uncovered that each of us has a range of strengths and weaknesses among the numerous brain functions that influence learning, as well particular subjects, ideas, and pursuits we’re drawn to – our affinities. Collectively, these strengths, weaknesses and affinities shape both how we learn and what engages us – which in turn both influence how much we actually learn and thrive in a given situation.