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Even Gene Simmons Can't Believe How Big KISS's Success Is


Music fans have long been charmed by Kiss's ferocious rise in the '70s from a rat-infested rehearsal space to worldwide acclaim, but Simmons tells Q104.3 New York's Jim Kerr and Shelli Sonstein that the view from the proverbial Kiss rocket ship is "even crazier."

The Rock and Roll Hall of Famer says he struggled for years to articulate what it means for Kiss to be so successful for so long. He offered an analogy to explain his perspective.

Ariana Grande Reveals New Perfume


On Monday (June 14), the pop star announced her new fragrance, “God Is a Woman,” will be coming to an Ulta near you. “Coming soon @ultabeauty,” Grande teased on Instagram along with a video showing the first look at her upcoming perfume, which is housed in a white bottle with a diamond-shaped cut-out.

KiDD RicH (@KiDDRicHMusic) F/ VB Leek - "Dream Big"

"Dream Big" is the latest single from KiDD RicH's “The Statement Vol 2” project. Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, rapper KiDD RicH is no stranger to the streets. His hard upbringing makes him a true success story waiting to happen. 

OFNO Quan - Ain’t The Same


Rapper pours out heart on the mic with poignant new single ‘Ain’t The Same’ 

DALLAS, TX – Pain and remembrance reverberates through the moody, nostalgic vibes of the new single from Dallas-based artist OFNO Quan. “Ain’t The Same” is a poignant song that perfectly captures the longing for better days that often comes during moments of regret, or in Quan’s case, a major change. 

Don Drano - Snake Oil


Don Drano serves up a notice to all his competitors with hot new album ‘The 86’ 

RICHMOND, VA – Many people in America have become familiar with the slang kitchen term “Eighty-Six.” It’s used to indicate that an item is no longer available, traditionally in a restaurant, though it has also grown to have a more nefarious meaning – specifically, it’s a reference to murdering someone. And while East Coast artist Don Drano is not advocating murder in any way with his new album, “The 86,” he is serving up a notice that he’s trying to end all his competition in his hometown of Richmond, Virginia. 

As a professional artist since 1994, this long-time master of music has only gotten better as he’s gotten older. And across the 16 songs on “The 86,” he showcases that supreme talent in impressive ways. The project encompasses a whole plethora of feelings, and ultimately serve to show people that he’s an artist who has never stopped and who’s still at the top of his game. 

“Drano is arguably the best spitter on Just Plain Sounds,” said Richmond Rap Legend The Honorable Sleaze, who sadly passed away in 2017. Another comment from RVA Magazine said, “Drano has what it takes to make great hip hop records.” That impressive pedigree is something he’s worked hard to attain, and he’s anxious for a new and younger audience to experience what he’s bringing to the table today. 

“My voice, for sure, sets me apart from anyone else in the game,” he said. “Just like a good basketball player who drains every shot he makes, I’m draining every hit single I create. My flow is so nimble and my energy is like nothing else, especially when I’m on stage performing.” 

Drano has certainly racked up some impressive accolades over the years. He got his start performing with a group called Third World Terrorists, with whom he had the opportunity to open for Nelly as well as chart on the Urban College Radio Stations. He has also opened for Wu Tang Clan, T.I., De La Soul, Camp Lo, and Sean Price. He’s performed at some of the most notorious clubs in the U.S., and he’s collaborated with or been featured on multiple projects with some of the biggest artists in the game. In 2006 he won the Strictly Skills MC Battle in Richmond, and the year after he came in second place for the same competition. In 2007 he participated in the MTV MC Battle, which was held in New York City. 

The debut single from “The 86” is currently available across all streaming platforms. It’s a song called “Snake Oil,” which explores aggressions and hope and a variety of other emotions that come with friendship and betrayal. Like the other songs on the album, “Snake Oil” is a powerhouse of lyricism and professionalism that helps to set this rap artist head and shoulders above the competition. 

“At the end of the day I just want to be known as someone who made music that was true to themselves and relatable,” he said. “I want to be known as someone who didn’t compromise for any kind of new sound or fad that was going on. My fans have told me that every song and every album I create just gets better and better.” 

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Cory Davidson - I Like To Party

Feel-good vibes and upbeat grooves take center stage from energetic rapper Cory Davidson on new single ‘I Like to Party’ 

ELWOOD, IN – Anyone who knows Cory Davidson knows that he’s a little rowdy. Growing up in Elwood, Indiana, he ran with a crowd that included popular Country Rap artist Chris Hosier, and their group was well-known for being hard-headed, up-all-night partiers. He likes to party, and his new single invites others along for the ride with its upbeat vibes and catchy hooks. “I Like To Party” is not only a statement from an artist whose lifestyle is all about having a good time; it’s also a genuine feel-good vibe that’s perfect for the summer. 

Though he’s been close friends with Country Rapper Chris Hosier for most of his life, Davidson’s own style is not country rap. In fact, it’s hard to give him any kind of label. He doesn’t sound like anybody in hip-hop or rap. His new EP showcases a wide variety of sounds – from energetic tracks like “I Like to Party,” to more chill and laid-back vibes with “Make a Toast” and “Trampoline.” He taps into catchy beats with nice melodies, and can often be heard both singing and rapping on many of his songs.  

“I’ve listened to a lot of different music through the years, and it all influences me, but I don’t mimic anybody and I don’t sound like anybody else,” Davidson said. “Mostly I just want to make good-vibing music – something you can have a good time to while listening to it. And hopefully you can take something from it and relate to the song in some way. It’s just that simple. If you’re talking about negativity in what you’re rapping, that’s what people are going to associate you with. I want people to hear my music and just vibe and have a good time. Most of us want to put on a good song when we’re ready to go do something fun and have a good time. I think that would be really awesome for people to do that with my music.” 

Davidson said the full project will come out toward the end of July, though he’s planning to release a remix of “I Like to Party” prior to that date. The full album, which he’s calling “Just the Beginning,” will feature 10 tracks in total and continue to showcase his unique sound and style. 

Davidson first got his start in music as a kid, growing up in a household that embraced music in all its forms. His father was a radio DJ, and other members of his family were involved with music in one way or another. By the time he was ready to graduate high school, he was studying the art of music-making and learning how to engineer and produce at the highest level. He enlisted in the military after graduation, and during his time serving oversees he connected with many other artists and producers who were also serving in the military. He was wounded in 2008 while stationed in Iraq, and after being honorably discharged he returned home and re-entered the music scene, though now he was equipped with all the things he had learned from so many other talented artists from the past four years. He began writing and doing shows, and he began making music videos. Those videos were so well-done that he became the go-to guy for video making all around the U.S., and it’s something he continues to do to this day. The connections he’s made with many other artists along the way has put him in front of some high-level industry executives, and he knows that it’s only a matter of time before his music gets in front of the right people and leads to him becoming an internationally recognized artist. 

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17Back - 937


Party song of the summer makes its way across U.S. from East Coast rapper 17Back 

MONTGOMERY COUNTY, MD – A futuristic flare of hip-hop with a vibe that feels pulled straight out of a “Fast and Furious” movie takes center stage on the new single from East Coast artist 17Back. The single is “937” – a nod to the area code of Dayton, Ohio, which is where 17Back is from. It’s a trippy kind of ambient dance track that’s the perfect party vibe for the summer. The otherworldly opening feels as if it’s been pulled directly from a sci-fi film score, and then it suddenly makes way for a staccato beat with a bit of an Island vibe. It’s a song with an immense amount of international flare, and it serves as the perfect introduction to this young artist and his amazing rapid-fire flow. 

“When I heard the beat, the only thing I wanted to do was make a fun song,” 17Back said. “I wanted to create something that lasts with people in a way that makes them want to play it again and again. When I started thinking about the most fun time I’ve had in my life, I couldn’t help but think back to my time in Dayton. Everybody I know is out there, and though there were a lot of bad times, there are also a lot of good times that I remember. I wanted to put all those good times into one song. It’s me saying you’re a boss. You can go through a lot of hard things – you can be at the literal bottom – but you can pull through and eventually look at the things you’ve accomplished. It’s been a journey, and now it’s time to have some fun.” 

In some ways 17Back said the song nods to the overwhelming gratefulness he feels to have his own personal second chance. Sentenced to a 20-year stint in prison due to an aggravated burglary charge, he was given a break after only three-and-a-half years thanks to the 8505 program – a formal request of the court to reconsider its sentence under the auspices that the crime was committed by someone with a severe alcohol or drug addiction. Though 17Back was at first hesitant to apply for the program, he eventually listened to an older inmate who encouraged him to give it a shot. The end result was an early exit from prison, and 17 years of his life back. 

“I actually got my freedom, and now I’m just grinding in the studio every week, dropping songs and perfecting my craft,” he said. “This name is a reminder to me. Every time I hear 17Back, it reminds me I could still be in prison, but I’m not. Most of my music has always been talking about the pain – almost like a therapy session for me, or a way to get things off my mind. The things I can’t tell people in person comes out through my music. I kind of just want to be a storyteller. When people listen to my music, I hope they relate to it in one way or another. No matter what I’m talking about, I want everyone to vividly see that story and relate to it and learn from it.” 

17Back said he plans to continue telling stories on an album called “Perseverance,” which is set to drop before the end of the summer. In the meantime, “937” is currently available across all streaming platforms.

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UpAllNyt - Up All Night


Party song of the summer heats up the airwaves from West Coast rapper UpAllNyt 

LOS ANGELES, CA – If there’s one thing you should know about Derrick Sean, it’s that he loves to party. Everyone who knows him knows he’s a guy to hang around if you want to have a good time. He’ll literally burn the midnight oil and party ‘til the sun comes up … it’s how he got his stage name, in fact. And today, as he operates as UpAllNyt, he not only enjoys having a good time, he also creates hot jams to give other people a good time. 

His latest EP “Mandated” is a perfect example of how he makes sick beats that get people hyped and moving. Across eight songs, the project tells real stories while also offering upbeat vibes that are perfect for the summer. The debut single from the project, “Up All Night,” is a tour du force of sound and style that is sure to be the hit track of the summer. 

“The name says it all,” UpAllNyt said. “It’s about being up all night partying with your woman or mistress. It’s a sex song, but it’s also about having a good time and it will definitely be a club song. There’s a little bit of R&B and hip-hop mixed together, and it’s just a really good vibe. I’ve had some great party nights, and this song came to me in jail when I was thinking back on some of those nights. If I hear it in my head, I’m gonna write it and record it and how it comes out, that’s how it comes out. I’m an artist, not just a rapper, and this song shows that to the world.” 

UpAllNyt said he first got into music when he was younger after watching an older brother trying to make it as a rapper. He’s originally from Los Angeles, and grew up in a single-parent home alongside five other siblings. Though he dropped out of high school in order to help pay his family’s bills, he did eventually finish high school and has been pursuing his dream of being a professional recording artist ever since. He’s honed his sound and style to be something completely unpredictable – citing inspirations from Maroon 5, Arctic Monkey and Adele to Lil Durk and Bone Thugs N Harmony.   

“I make music you can relate to,” he said. “I make real music. I’m not just going in the studio and saying anything, or just joking on the mic. I might tell a few jokes in a couple of songs, but I really want to create something that everyone can relate to and people can feel. I want it to be everlasting and timeless.” 

While “Mandated” continues to build momentum and bring in an ever-widening group of global fans, UpAllNyt said he’s working on completing a deluxe edition of the EP which will bring the total number of songs on the project up to 20. He said that should drop later this summer.

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Monday, June 14, 2021

E-Dash - D.O.A.

E-Dash puts competition on notice with powerful new single ‘D.O.A.’ 

ATLANTA, GA – When E-Dash arrives on the scene, the competition better watch out. There’s nothing anyone will be able to do to survive against this Southern rapper whose signature style has been called genius by many in the industry. It’s safe to say that anyone who even tries to stand up to him in the rap game will be Dead On Arrival. And this powerful force in hip-hop serves up that notice with his latest hit single “D.O.A.” 

“It showcases a level of talent and skill that you don’t hear anymore in music,” E-Dash said. “I want to make sure that’s being brought back to the forefront of hip-hop. Basically this is a song for me to show that when I arrive, there’s nothing or no one else who will be able to survive.” 

GMB Flash - Put Up or Shut Up


GMB Flash gets in your face with aggressive new track ‘Put Up or Shut Up’ 

NEW ORLEANS, LA – GMB Flash has witnessed a lot of messed up stuff in his life growing up in the Ninth Ward of New Orleans. The pain and suffering he’s endured is the core of the music he offers to the world – an inside look at the hard life through the lens of very good music.