Thursday, May 25, 2017

Lil Uzi Vert Does Flip Off Stage

During his performance Wednesday night at The Complex in Salt Lake City, Uzi got a running start before doing a massive front flip over a stage monitor and landing a good 15 feet out in the crowd. Uzi first gained national attention for his ballsy concert antics after leaping from the roof of the stage while performing at Miami's Rolling Loud Festival earlier this month. In what's quickly become a calling card for the Philadelphia rapper, Lil Uzi took another wild stage dive at a recent show.
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Teachers Fired For Fighting

On May 19, a fight between two female teachers at the school was captured by a student in a cell phone video which has since gone viral. "The two school employees caught on video in the fight in the classroom will be terminated following the conclusion of the appropriate district processes."

Dekalb County Schools Public Information Officer Andre Riley says the teacher and the paraprofessional, whose identities have not been released, were arrested and charged with misdemeanor disorderly conduct charges.

The World's First Robot Police Officer

I guess the future is starting to take it's shape. Robocop has appeared in real life. “Robocop,” the newest member of the Dubai police force, debuted on May 22 at the Fourth Gulf Information Security Expo and Conference, where it greeted guests.

Dubai Police this week unveiled its first robot officer, which will be tasked with patrolling malls and tourist attractions. Civilians can use the robot to report crimes and more. Police robots will soon be roaming the streets thanks to developments in technology.

Kool G Rap Talks Being The First Rap Gangster

The first gangster rapper in rap was Kool G Rap giving you facts from him making reality rap into a gangster rap, speaks on the legend Schooly D giving him his respect and DJ Marley Marl.

Boosie Talks About His Mansion

Boosie talks on the status of his new mansion and giving you the details about the flipping the money into working on having a land, and talks about working progress.