Saturday, March 4, 2017

Who Is Gansta Marcus?

Gansta Marcus is the most known unknown Lima, Ohio rap artist, producer, promoter, and more all in one. He is a boss in his own way and own time. Smoking the best weed Lima has to offer and drinking bottles everyday, Marcus has rose to local fame with making a move.

Gansta Marcus made his first introduction into the game by releasing his "419 To The 662" album featuring various artist. After being locked up for 3 years, he declared he came from balling by released the self-titled "Slick Rick" album.
Gansta Marcus has struggled finding his next big artist since the death of Edward Wade. At one point in time, Gansta Marcus was taking the underground mix-tape industry by surprise. Doing well over 100k free downloads 50 k views on youtube, and more.

He's what the industry has been missing. He's our city plug to the key. Old eras are over while new ones are on the rise.

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