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Showing posts with label Gansta Marcus. Show all posts

Thursday, April 29, 2021

Gansta Marcus Makes First Appearance In Years With #NewMusic @ganstamarcus


Rapper Gansta Marcus not only appear to have been featured in a new track, he also seems to be behind the production of it. The new track "Grinding" is a song in the works. It's the kick off to Bean City Productions getting back started searching for new talent in Lima, Ohio.

Friday, December 25, 2020

#Stream "The Best Of Gansta Marcus" #Playlist via #Tidal @ganstamarcus


Gansta Marcus is letting it be known that although he has not released a new album in a few years, he is here to stay. Patiently waiting for his time to return, Gansta Marcus is releasing a slew of playlist for music lovers and his fans.

With 19 tracks totaling 55 minutes of none stop music, Gansta Marcus team has put together "The Best Of Gansta Marcus" playlist using Jay-Z's Tidal music platform.

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Gansta Marcus - Laughed Me Up

Tell them to keep hating down, because all they doing is talking me up. There are some haters in this house and i'm trying to buss. Listen in to Lima, Ohio's Gansta Marcus track "Laughed Me Up".

Monday, August 27, 2018

Gansta Marcus Presents - "Ohio To Mississippi" #Mixtape

Gansta Marcus
Gansta Marcus wants you to sit back and listen in to one of the best albums ever created by a home studio. "Ohio To Mississippi" consist of a colaboration of unsigned artist produced by Gansta Marcus.

17 Songs. Available with an Apple Music subscription. Try it free. With songs such as #1 Fan, overtime and 15 more, this album will sure knock you off your feet.

419 To The 662 by Gansta Marcus on Spotify

Listen Free to Gansta Marcus - 419 To The 662 Radio

Friday, August 24, 2018

Will The Internet Gangster Release A New Album This Year?

It's been quite some time since any-one has heard from the Internet Gangster. Word is, he has been locked up behind bars for some time and is now released. Most of you never heard of the Internet Gangster, but it's OK were here t introduce you to him.

Before you click a link below, learn who 'The Internet Gangster' is. Most people know him by the name 'Gansta Marcus' of Lima, Ohio who owns The Wrap-Up Magazine. Learn about the artist and the lifestyle he lives by clicking any of the links below.

Gansta Marcus Bio

Search The Artist On Google

Marcus real name is Lemarquis Washington born Cleveland, Mississippi, raised in Lima, Ohio. Nieman Marcus graduated from "Lima Senior High School," then furthered his career in "Job Corps" as an "Electrician Apprentice."

All About The Artist On TWUM

One thing all can say about Gansta Marcus is that he makes a new brand of music that not like others. It has been some time now since the Internet Gangsta hit the music scene hard.

Saturday, August 4, 2018

#Stream #NewMusic #NowPlaying by #HipHop #Artist Gansta Marcus - "Never Seen Mine"

"Never Seen Mine" was a song created as a statement t street from the underground king Gansta Marcus. "Never Seen Mine" was released on the previous album "The Vault 2" Swagg edition.

Lyric: my doors lift up, steering wheel hold cups. My paint do a flip like that cups of that purp. my chain hang low pinky ring still glow, stacking paper to the sky like you a'int never seen dough. All my ladies hit the floor when i step n the stage. All my nigga hit the floor popping stack in your face.

Stream the song on Apple itunes below.


Gansta Marcus - Daddy Is A Gangster

Saturday, July 21, 2018

Gansta Marcus - Daddy Is A Gangster @ganstamarcus

Need a hot hit to help you chill in the summer heat? "Daddy Is A Gangster" is a smooth sound with a classic feel t it. Ranging out of Lima, Ohio Gansta Marcus decides to releases this track to the public as changes begin to take effect in his life.

Gansta Marcus has not released any new music for over a year now. The Lima artist has turned to the underground music scene to keep himself relevant until the right moment. "Daddy Is A Gangster" is a song for all ages to enjoy, so turn your music players up and get ready to vibe to this.

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

#Stream #rt #Share Gansta Marcus (@ganstamarcus) - "Whats A Man To Do"

The Lima, Ohio boss Gansta Marcus releases a hot new track for the ladies titled "What's A Man To Do". This songs is streaming in all digital stores. This a release off "The Vault 2" album produced by Gansta Marcus.

Gansta Marcus is a Lima native born in Cleveland, Mississippi. The lyrics and style he produce has a sound like no other artist in the industry. The Vault 2 is compiled with various artist such as 100 Gran, E. Wade, Sip Hop, and many more.

When asked about the song, Marcus replied: "This is a song for the young men growing up have their first relationship. Sometimes you have homies who talk bad about your new girl that confuses things."

Thursday, March 29, 2018

Music Discography Of Gansta Marcus

Gansta Marcus of Lima, Ohio is a well known unknown artist who was on the rise in 2010. With "Swag On 100" doing well over 100k free downloads, the producers first album release brought him to the forefront of his city.

Discover the largest music database and marketplace of Gansta Marcus (Here). Please note that all single-artist album articles may have subcategories here, even if it's the only album the artist has released himself.

 The 2010 album "419 To The 662" was a smash hit. Released: March 1st, this album sure brought Gansta Marcus name into the production world. With hit songs such as Overtime, #1 Fan, Bean City, and Im Sick, this album is great for purchase.

 After spending time behind bars, Gansta Marcus returns to the music industry in 2015 with his self titled album "Slick Rick". The Slick Rick album shows arrogance and strength in numbers as Marcus began to spread his voice throughout different cities. Released:  July 7th, 2015

 On April 2nd, 2016 Gansta Marcus returns as the producer with the release of "The Vault". This was a surprise album released with various artist throughout Ohio and Mississippi. Featuring co labs from cities like Oklahoma and more.

Gansta Marcus has been with Catapult Music since 2010.

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Gansta Marcus Announces New Music Coming Soon

This is a ghetto public service announcement!

Who is he? Why has he remained quiet and humble! The underground king of hip-hop Gansta Marcus will be releasing a statement on up and coming music, new website, and much more.

He has been seen all over the underground music industry as a promoter of many. Gansta Marcus is enlisted in almost every digital music app, and is well known on many social media platforms. He is one of the most influential person in his city.

Hard work and dedication is keeping artist like Gansta Marcus to keep pushing to make his mark on the world of entertainment. His plan is to connect with every artist while the goal is to maintain his image.

Born in Cleveland, Mississippi, Gansta Marcus has out lasted many when it comes to putting in work. From owning various websites, to production of artist. He has sure stood out throught the years.

Join him on INSTAGRAM

Follow on TWITTER

Want to hear more from the song above? The take a listen by using on of the Apps below!

Gansta Marcus Just Now Joins Instagram

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Number One Fan - Now Playing On Spotify

Want a hit for not just the radio, but every fan of music. "#1 Fan" was one of the hottest songs put together by E. Wade, Young C, and Gansta Marcus. No matter what kind of music you listen too, you may want to take a break and listen to this!

Friday, November 10, 2017

If I Ever Ball Again

"If I Ever Ball Again" is a single off Gansta Marcus 2010 album 419-To-The-662. It tells a story of how he would like to live his life. The chorus say's the same. Listen to the track below.

This song is for everybody who had big bank and fell off. We done had so much cash, in this life living fast. Remembering times in the past, when we had our good laughs, but times is hard for us now, i can't figure out why we did'nt bank all that cash and try to make it last.


Thursday, November 9, 2017

Interview With The Internet Gangster

Gansta Marcus has decided to speak out on the bad talk all over the internet about internet gangsters. In his own words: "I feel as if we are the backbone of the music industry. Without us doing blogs, forums, texts, and symbols, it would crush the music industry.

So I decided to release a track to let the crown know why we are on the internet doing what we do. Give a few words out of the song: I'm the internet gangster who love to rock shows, crib super big, paper stacked up high. Feel good smoke right, proven facts that i'm on.

+Nieman Marcus who is formally named Gansta Marcus has now retired the rap name.

Upload MP3 and download MP3 using free MP3 hosting from Tindeck.

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Sip Hop - Still Hustling Ft Gansta Marcus

Sip Hop of Mississippi has touched down in Lima, Ohio and joins the team with Gansta Marcus and members. He starts off by releasing his previous music recorded as he gains momentum to create more hits. Listen to the Rick Ross remix track below.

Gansta Marcus - Im The Man Girlfriend

"Im The Man Girlfriend" was a track released by the Lima, Ohio rap artist Gansta Marcus. This track was co-produced by Young C of Cleveland, Mississippi. This track was released as one of the singles off the "Slick Rick" album. Click the link to purchase the track or watch the youtube video below.

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Gansta Marcus - O.V.O.T. Ft B.Y.B.

Gansta Marcus has been releasing constant stream of music all over the internet. This time he lets the world know he is putting in overtime gringding by getting Mississippi's B.Y.B. to join in on a club banger.

Friday, October 20, 2017

Gansta Marcus Now Producing New York Rappers

Rumors are that will now be working with various unsigned artist in Brooklyn, New York. If you have not heard by now, Gansta Marcus has recently changed his stage name to +Nieman Marcus, but keeps Gansta Marcus as his producer profile.

New York rapper like Serious Black, and Scandolous two of the first to begin production with the producer. These two rappers has been previously released on Hip-Hop and will be featured on The Wrap-Up  The Lima, Ohio rapper has a new mix-tape of his own to be released 7/4/2012. Be on the look out for more to be released the the hip-hop producer and his music career. Follow him online to support his movement.

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Nieman Marcus recently released a new track titled "No Lie" remix featuring Drizzy Drake Bell and 2 Chainz. Listen in below or download your copy of the track.

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Most Slept On Mixtape

The Lima, Ohio rap artist Gansta Marcus had the most slept on mix-tape of the city. With tracks such as  

and many more. This mix-tape is off the hook and crammed pack with hot hits for the clubs, trunks, ladies, and the streets. Nightclubs can turn on the speakers, while radio stations may play clean uncut music.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Gansta Marcus - Can I Come Over

"Can I Come Over" is a hot track released as a radio single by Lima, Ohio producer "Gansta Marcus." This song is hot for the ladies and couples. "Gansta Marcus comes off with a RnB style that starts off the song. Listen in below.
You can also support this song by purchasing on Amazon store. Just click the link below.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Dont Want To Go Without You

Don't Wan't To Go Without You is song that was created to help prevent the fall of relationships. So many people catching sexual transmitted infections, getting their feelings broken, or simply just being used by the other, in the relationship.

With so much bad things happening all over the world, we need to start holding on to all we have, letting our parents know we love, miss, and can't wait to see them. Lets put a little peace back into our country called America and the rest of the world.