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Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Roc Nation to Demand Justice for Alvin Cole

Jay-Z and Team Roc, the social justice arm of his Roc Nation entertainment company, are organizing a rally in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin on Thursday (Oct. 15) to demand justice for 17-year-old Alvin Cole.

Cole was killed on Feb. 2 by Wauwatosa police officer Joseph Mensah, less than three minutes after police began to chase him through the parking lot of Mayfair mall.

The rally is set to take place at 2:30 p.m. CT on Oct. 15 in Hart Park at 7300 Chestnut Street. Face masks are required to attend.

Cole’s family, State Rep. David Bowen, and members of Until Freedom will all participate in the rally, and call for Mensah to be terminated for his actions, and Wauwatosa Police Chief Barry Weber be fired. The rally will additionally demand for the Wauwatosa Police Department to require body cameras.

Saturday, November 21, 2020

The Fight For R. Kelly's $1.5 Million Dollar Royalty Account


R. Kelly has more than $1.5 million in a royalties account with Sony, the singer’s former record label. The question now: Who gets that money?

R. Kelly’s former Near West Side landlord secured a $3.5 million judgment earlier this year against the jailed singer to cover past-due rent. A woman sued the singer last year, alleging sexual abuse, and was awarded $4 million. That woman, who the Chicago Sun-Times is not naming, is one of Kelly’s four alleged victims in his pending criminal case in Cook County.

After the awards were issued in each suit, attorneys for both plaintiffs contacted Sony with a “citation to discover assets,” which revealed Kelly had $1,544,333 in a now-frozen royalties account.

Monday, November 2, 2020

Eminem Endorses Joe Biden

The rapper's music is center stage in a new video supporting Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden that dropped on Monday morning (Nov. 2), set to the tune of his classic pump-up anthem "Lose Yourself."

Tweeting, "One opportunity...#Vote," Marshall threw his hat into the ring to back the former two-term vice president and senator in a dramatic 45-second black-and-white video that mixes images of young parents, skaters, people waiting in line to vote and athletes going hard.

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

C Diamond Releases #NewMusic Ft IMG Spooks - Actin' Different @ChaseM419 @IMG_Spooks

It seems as if C Diamond and IMG Spooks are pulling tricks out of the hat in support to pulling their names among different cities. It's been since "Made It" since The Wrap-Up Magazine heard from C Diamond of Lima, Ohio.

IMG Spooks on Twitter

C Diamond on Twitter

"This was a Ohio to Wisconsin feature. We Have 2 Major Worldwide Known DJ’s On This Song. This song just goes to show how big of a connection can be made through music. We came together 2 parts of the country."

C Diamond on Facebook

IMG Spooks on Facebook

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Big Dawg Baker - In The Kitchen

Milwaukee, Wisconsin Gangster rapper Big Dawg Baker releases new music titled "In The Kitchen." This song was produced and engineered by Marlon Johnson. Be first to watch it here.

Monday, March 13, 2017

I Done Did Everything But This

When I hear people say they done did everything in life, I get to wondering what? For facts I done did alot in my lifetime. I was young moving out on my own. I was 17 years-old with 2 cars and my own place. By the time I was 20, I was headed to trade school and buying my first place to live.

I always lived my life in the fast lane even if I was not into the fast life. Now it's a new time and its time for switch ups in my life. I been releasing singles for a few years now, but it's time for visuals. Not just that, i've gain national attention without doing shows. I claim myself as the most known unknown.

I've been to places like Mall Of America, lived in various places such as Florida, Mississippi, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Ohio, and Illinios. I've always been known for carrying studios and videos. Still, I have no visuals and presses. That's where the beginning takes off.

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Thursday, June 2, 2016

Kia Rap Princess - I Just Made A Jugg

Milwaukee, Wisconsin rapper/singer and Blaqlizt Entertainment artist Kia Rap Princess presents the music video for "I Just Made A Jugg", her new single produced by Bobby Shmurda/Soulja Boy collaborator Bighead. The video was shot by Ryan Givens along historical Edgewood Avenue in Atlanta.

Monday, March 9, 2015

Top 5 Restaurants In Lima, Ohio

The Wrap-Up Magazine has still been doing research on differnt places to eat and shop within the city of Lima. With everyone having extra cash to spend during the income tax season, i'm people are trying new foods they have never tried before. We have chosen the top 5 restaurants to eat in Lima if you are a visitor to our city. Take a look at some of these hot places to eat.

In the photo above is Kewpee Hamburger. The Kewpee is famous throughout the midwest as one of the oldest and best hamburger restaurants. Kewpee Hamburgers is the epitome of Americana. After all, it is in Lima, aka Lost in Middle America. Milwaukee Magazine restaurant critic Willard Romantini picked the Kewpee as one of the 20 best hamburgers in Wisconsin. A local Journal Times readers poll picked the Kewpee as the best burger in Racine not once but several times. They are located at 111 N Elizabeth St in Lima. Telephone number is (419) 228-1778.
Applebee's came up next on our top 5 list. Applebee's develops, franchises and operates a national chain of casual dining restaurants. I enjoyed eating at this restaurant very much. With local colleges and high school teams painted on the walls, this is a great place to eat if you like the pub life. Applebee's is located at 3296 Elida Rd. Their telephone number is (419) 331-8502.
Our third placement into the top 5 is Texas Roadhouse. Texas Roadhouse has a very wide variety of things just as Applebee's, but they like to mix things up a little. Texas Roadhouse located at 1940 Roschman Ave Lima, OH serves hand-cut steaks, fall off the bone ribs, fresh baked rolls and ice cold beer. Their Texas Roadhouse menu offers a look at hand-cut steaks, ribs, chicken, salads, desserts & more. Located at 1940 Roschman Ave. Their telephone number is (419) 228-7427.
Ihop is a place to get great breakfast food at any time of the day. I don't know about you, but breakfast food is the best! They are North American and Japanese chain of breakfast oriented restaurants. They are located at 3289 Elida Rd, Lima. Telephone number is (419) 228-0607.
They say that Ohio farmers do it best, well this farmer has over went the borders and crossed over. With catering, carryout and online ordering, at the grocery store, in your recipe box or in your paypal. they are located at 1810 Harding Hwy. Telephone number is (419) 223-3237. They have warm welcoming staff and clean well done interiors.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Katy Perry And J.J. Watts Cover ESPN Magazine Photos

Well! I guess Katy Perry and J.J. Watts have something more to celebrate for. The have been featured on the cover of ESPN Magazine with some hot photos listed inside. Take a look at whats happening below.
 Katy Perry learned she’d be photo-
sessioning with Texans defensive end J.J. Watt, “I went straight to Google,” she says. What she saw? Watt’s bloody visage as he battled the Seahawks in 2013. “I’ve been showing it to my friends, saying, ‘Check out this guy. I’m gonna be shootin’ with this guy.’”

“My mom has never been a big fan of that photo,” admits Watt, sitting next to Perry on set. “I try not to bleed anymore.”

“That picture was real … interesting,” Perry says. “I mean, he looks so nice now in person! I don’t even recognize him.”

Everyone in Texas does, though, swarming the 25-year-old out of tiny Pewaukee, Wisconsin, every time he tries to check out the Friday night lights. It’s fame he has earned: Watt’s freaktastic 2014 season included 20∏ sacks (one for a safety), five fumble recoveries and five touchdowns. The offseason has been pretty productive too: “I was with Justin Timberlake, and he taught me an end zone dance,” Watt says. “I said, ‘Hey, you’re obviously a very good dancer. Could you design me a touchdown dance so I don’t look like a fool?’ And he said, ‘Yeah, no problem.’ So I need to get back in the end zone so I can give Justin his tribute.”
 Perry, 30, wasn’t exactly slacking in 2014 either, touring her 2-hour, 10-minute show from May to December and grossing more than $108 million doing so. She was 
in The Grove at Ole Miss before her first football game in October, picking the Rebels against the Crimson Tide on College GameDay, then stormed the field without her security detail and zestfully ended the night at an Oxford watering hole. “Journey was playing ‘Don’t Stop Believing,’ and I just thought, ‘Why not be the quintessential college girl and jump off the bar?’” So she did, captured in the act on video.

“Was it fun?” Watt asks.

“Yeah, it was everything I dreamed of,” she says. “I only need to do it once, though. That was the one time on the tour that I really had a couple of beers. And the next day I was like [groan] …”

JT concerts and game-day tailgating are hardly the norm for these two Icons of the Establishment, but that’s the point: Their industrial-strength charismatic superpowers are capable of crossing over. It’s also why Perry and Watt, who rule in (or on) their respective fields, quickly find common ground about the kind of drive and work ethic that brought them success.

Watt, for one, knew so early that he wanted to play football for the Badgers that he confided his dream to his fourth-grade teacher, Mrs. Keefe. (They still keep in touch.) And he forged his Dream Big, Work Hard mantra in high school while training with his coach, Brad Arnett. “I was just this skinny sophomore quarterback, about 6-2, maybe 190. He had a gym he’d opened up, and I said, ‘Listen, I wanna be great.’”

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Charles Grant - Hate Not

This is lead single from Charles Grant's new EP titled 924, which is out now! Charles is a 23 year old emcee from Madison, Wisconsin, that Koncept and J57 took on the road with them across the entire United States of America. Charles was their opening act and he absolutely left a great impression in every single city they rocked! Expect a full EP from Charles and J57 in 2015.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

This Is For My Dogs

I had to do this for my homies in Ohio, Mississippi, Wisconsin, and Minnessota. Well known and connected through the streets, Nieman Marcus has been doing things that leaves a impact on peoples lives. After having a local studio and supplying small jobs, the youth around him has grown to love Nieman as a mentor of the community.

He take the way of investing into product on his own to show teens that there is more to life besides drugs, cars, and women. "I teach teens how to make money in various ways. From selling DVD's, CD's, to stripping and repainting old furniture. I've taken some of the artist and released the digitally online for itunes, amazon, and more for critics listening and rating."

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