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Saturday, January 1, 2022

Top 5 Jennifer Lopez SNL Episodes


I don't think most people know how much Jennifer Lopez has been entertaining her audience. She appeared on Saturday Night Live as a host and as a musical guest at the same episode twice.

Jennifer Lopez, made her first Saturday Night Live appearance as a musical guest in February 2000. Lets watch her Top Five best episodes here!

Backup dancer Mango (Chris Kattan) outshines J.Lo at a music video shoot, then records a hit record and challenges J.Lo to a diva battle. With Will Ferrell, Ana Gasteyer, Chris Parnell, Darrell Hammond and Tracy Morgan. [Season 26, 2001]

Lopez got to show her range with this sketch, even though it’s not even close to a Wisconsin accent. On the other hand, the episode was going so well without this sketch. On the other, other hand — there are three hands in this instance — whatever Chloe Fineman was doing in this sketch (as Kimmy, the long-haired girl who came with the hardware store) was pretty amazing, and Alex Moffat and Heidi Gardner’s “city-ots” (“city idiot”) were the kind of subtly weird characters that the live audience doesn’t necessarily pop for but are stealthily great.

The “Surprise Home Makeover” sketch is a sequel to the “Live Report” sketch from Mikey Day’s onscreen debut season, Season 42 (the season premiere, with Margot Robbie). “Chad & J.Lo” is, of course, a continuation of Pete Davidson’s “Chad” series of pre-taped sketches, only with J.Lo playing herself.

Jennifer Lopez is the latest dish on the gossip menu for Brady Trunk (Bill Hader) and Anastasia Sticks (Kristen Wiig). [Season 35, 2010] Hollywood Dish

“Do you need an earring that says, ‘I fight other women’?” Earrings made from “100% metal” that turn your ears “the color of money.” What’s not to like? Especially as it’s a sketch that gave Melissa Villaseñor something to do, which hasn’t really been the case a lot this season. While it’s surprising this episode didn’t feature Villaseñor doing her J.Lo impression, this sketch clearly drew inspiration from that, as the impression does, in fact, require hoops. In fact, Lopez never looked more relaxed and in her element this episode than when she was in this sketch, talking about hoops.


Anonymous said...

JLO is hysterical. Get her back for more skits❤️❤️

Anonymous said...

Love JLo. She is funny in these sketches! 💕

Anonymous said...

JLO is hysterical. Why isn’t she on again.

Elizabeth said...

I honestly think she has an inner comedian. I love JLO