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Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Young Thug Being Sued

A California limo service claims Young Thug stiffed them on the bill and they want him to pay up. The company is now suing for the full amount of $18,676.

Hollywood Stars Limousines has filed a lawsuit against the Atlanta rapper for allegedly failing to pay a $18,676 bill, according to TMZ.  In the court docs, the company claims they chauffeured Thugger and his crew around for a total of 11 times during the summer, and he still hasn't paid his bill despite them giving him "plenty of time" to do so; he instead refused to hand over the money.

The news of the suit comes just a week after Young Thug was arrested at an Atlanta mall after an officer recognized him and remembered he missed a court date for his car's tinted windows.  He was later released on $500 bond and posted a since-deleted Instagram video in which he claimed to be “bigger than the law.”


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I recently read about Young Thug being sued and was quite surprised by the news. It's always unfortunate to hear about legal issues involving artists, as it can potentially impact their career and reputation. I hope that the situation is resolved fairly and quickly for Young Thug, and that he is able to continue creating music and entertaining his fans.

Marsha Kaplan said...

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