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Sunday, December 27, 2020

How to Use Twitter


New to Twitter? Haven't used it for a while? In this video, we will cover everything you need to know about using Twitter and everything the social media platform has to offer.

Twitter is one of the original social media platforms, launched back in 2006. It has over 300 million registered users and is a publicly-traded company.

Until 2017, Twitter was limited to 140 characters per post (per tweet).

That limit increased to 280 in 2017.

You can create a Twitter account on Twitter.com or the Twitter mobile app on iOS and Android.

Saturday, May 6, 2017

Get Your Status Up Grinding

Are you playing to increase your stats? As opposed to leveling up the character overall and giving them a boost to your presence. Get your status up in the streets while making a online presence of yourself to help get known.

1. Establish profiles on the major social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest). Before launching any social campaigns, take time to figure out which social media site or sites your target customers frequent. Then set up pages or profiles on those sites -- and post content regularly, at least once a week. To centrally manage your social media posting, consider using a service such as Hootsuite

2. Create fresh, shareable content. "Business blogs are the most cost effective way to boost your organic traffic," says Lisa Chu, owner, Black N Bianco Children's Formal Wear. "Google loves original and valuable content. By [creating] informative articles, not only will Google reward your site, but people will organically start sharing your blog posts. [Just] remember: Write for your target audience not for Google.

3. Offer influencers/bloggers free product(s) in exchange for mentions and/or reviews. "When you first start your business, it can be difficult to direct traffic to your site," notes Chu. "A simple way to start a buzz around your product and website is to send out free samples to influential bloggers. Most bloggers will be happy to take your free sample and review it on their blog," she says. "Once the review goes up, there will be a link directly to your site. That link will give you a nice SEO boost on search engines" and will drive traffic to your site.

4. Follow and engage industry influencers on Twitter. "Build a Twitter following by favoriting and retweeting key people in your industry," suggest Amir Tarighat, founder & CEO, Superdense, a Web design and development firm. "Use Twitter's advanced search to find people located within a specific area related to your market and engage with them. You can also create Twitter lists of people in the markets you are trying to reach. Many times they'll engage with you or follow you back."

Sunday, June 3, 2018

Where Most People Discover New Music

Radio has the biggest slice of the pie, but its still just a slice. A vast majority of people (65% to be exact) rely on sources outside of AM/FM radio to discover new music.

35% of people discover new music through radio but... an equal percentage can be reached by combining Word of Mouth (21%), Youtube (10%) and Facebook (4%). All of which are more accessible for an independent without a huge budget.

Many artists are sleeping on the power of Pandora. It trails Youtube by only 1%, but is a platform inherently built to help music listeners discover new music and doesn't require the added expense of producing a music video.

Twitter doesn't even show up on the list. Couple that with the recent shutdown of music.twitter.com (a project started just a year ago to help Twitter users discover new music through Twitter) and one could assume that Twitter is not an effective medium for promoting new music.

Thanks Makin' It Magazine for this article

Monday, April 25, 2022

Elon Musk to Acquire Twitter for $44 Billion


According to an announcement from Twitter, the company revealed they entered a deal to be acquired by the billionaire for $44 billion. Twitter shareholders will reportedly receive $54.20 per share, and the social media network will become a privately held company upon the finalization of the deal. As a result of the news, trading for Twitter was halted. 

Friday, January 25, 2019

Portland Artist Eso.Xo.Supreme Drops The New Single Facts | @EsoXoSupreme @RecklessG4B

New single release from Portland-based R&B artist, Eso.Xo.Supreme, is now available on all streaming platforms. Lacing auto-tune vocals with mellow, atmospheric beats, Eso's latest single, "Facts" explores the grim realities of a toxic relationship. Streaming of "Facts" is available on Spotify, Apple Music, Itunes, YouTube, SoundCloud, Google Play and Amazon.

To learn more about R&B artist, Eso.Xo.Supreme and listen to his music, visit: http://www.esoxosupreme.com/

Stream: Eso.Xo.Supreme - Facts (Produced by Reckless)

Social Media

Monday, September 9, 2019

#MusicVideo @dree_mc Ft @stupid_silent, @chunglifufu and @michaelpolnaya - Bomber

Indonesian artist Dree MC releases music video "Bomber" featuring Silent Stupid, Chungli Fufu, and Michael Polnaya. Record by: Paradox Records and Directed by : Prc Records, this video will sure have you off your feet. 

Thursday, July 9, 2020

POPOFF & Wyatt Woodley Release The New Single "Black Room" | @POPOFFWORLDWIDE @WYATTELIAS_

Press play on new music from up and coming artists POPOFF and Wyatt Woodley. “Black Room” is the first of many collaborative songs to be released by POPOFF and Wyatt Woodley. Their juxtaposed approaches in both production and writing clash in a brilliant textural, synthesized landscape. Anthemic in structure, “Black Room” is a pop ballad for any time of the day, but best after dark.

POPOFF is set to continue dropping singles throughout the rest of this year while Wyatt is in the final stages of his self-produced project. Two LA-based artists in their early 20’s, POPOFF is originally from Europe and draws inspiration from French House, Electronic, and R&B music. While Wyatt is originally from Northern California and inspired by LoFi Hip Hop, Synth Trap, and Cloud Rap.

Monday, August 16, 2021

The Lil People Share New Project 'Randemic 2: Bandemic’ Along with Official Visual for "S**t About It"

After grabbing Detroit heavyweight, Icewear Vezzo, for their "Tesla Stocks" banger, Chicago duo The Lil People keep the momentum going with their new mixtape, 'Randemic 2: Bandemic' and the official visual for "S*** About It." 

The project boasts features from Z Money, Lil Chris, DDW Nick, Bowl King and of course, Icewear Vezzo. Packed with face-scrunching, braggadocious rhymes, Weasel Sims and Jae Haze prove to have an undeniable chemistry throughout the 12-track body of work.

“The first Randemic, we made a decision to finally drop a project together and we recorded a bunch of songs in one day...it had trap and hip hop beats. This time around we’re introducing a style we call Boom Trap. It’s current day trap style beats but with hip hop style bars and a mixture of cadences...

If you’re looking for bars you won’t be disappointed but I must admit there is a little more style in this project than something like coke raps or our regular efforts. We decided every Summer we would show our versatility on beats but just make sure we don’t lack on the bars. We wanted to show more of our song making ability,” The Lil People shares with us.

Listen to 'Randemic 2' and watch the official video for "Sh**t About It" off the project below.

The Lil People: Instagram / Twitter
Weasel Sims: Instagram / Twitter
Jae Haze: Instagram / Twitter

Thursday, March 28, 2019

Portland R&B Artist 3AM Drops "Off A Perc" Directed by Puurple | @Real3am_ @Puurple__

Portland R&B artist 3AM returns with more new fire after teaming up with TYuS for "Booth On Fire." Taking listeners on another psychedelic adventure, 3AM drops the official visuals for "Off A Perc" directed by Puurple, produced by PLIV, and executive produced by David Ferguson. Looking like a GQ spread, 3AM steps his game up on "Off A Perc," showing us the finer side of things of life. Sex, drugs, and soul are three words that come to mind to describe this rising star's style. With Portland, Oregon not always known for R&B, artists like 3AM, TYuS, and more are starting to redefine what the Rose City is best known for. Now available on Spotify, iTunes, Tidal, and more "Off A Perc" is just the start of what is coming from the highly prolific artist bubbling out of the Northwest. Watch the official visuals for "Off A Perc" by 3AM and be sure to tap in with him on Twitter.

3AM - Off A Perc (Official Music Video)

3AM & TYuS - Booth On Fire

Social Media

Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Mikey Polo Connects With 5IVEDAKID For The New Single "Pink" | @MikeyPoloLG

Buzzing artist Mikey Polo is back again with more heat to keep on repeat before summer ends. Connecting with Atlanta-based artist 5ivedakid, Mikey releases the infectious new single "Pink." As usual, Mikey glides on the track flexing his one of a kind melodic vocals, but this time pairing with 5ivedakid to complement each other's styles perfectly. Produced by Philgotanthoner1, "Pink" is equipped with an instantly classic chorus that will be stuck in your head after one listen. Following up the recent release of his mixtape Slimeworld, Mikey Polo has been making a name for himself in the music industry with multiple major name cosigns, including Trippie Redd, XXL Mag, Hip Hop DX, Elevator Mag and more, plus streaming numbers topping 1 Million+ in the last 12 months. Keeping up the momentum "Pink" is a perfect strip club anthem to round out this Hot Girl/Boy Summer with. Stream Mikey Polo's "Pink" now available on all Digital Streaming Platforms and be sure to tap in with this rising artist on Twitter as well his recently Verified Instagram account: @OfficialMikeyPolo

Music Videos
"Toxic" Music Video
"Rakks" Music Video
"Slime World" Music Video

Monday, April 27, 2020

Nieman Marcus Social Media Sites

A'lot of people don't understand what social media means. Social media refers to the interaction of people in which they create, share, exchange and comment contents among themselves in virtual communities and networks. 

South Carolina's Newberry College has added a social media major, because of the apparent skyrocketing number of jobs in that field. Social media encourages contributions and feedback from everyone who is interested. it blurs the line between media and audience.

Social media marketing refers to the process of gaining website traffic or attention through social media sites. Social Media Marketing is the premier thought leading agency for brands looking to maximize ROI driven social media marketing campaigns. Using Social media strategies to grow traffic and increase sales for your business. Facebook, Twitter, Google+ news and other social media management tools.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Amanda Bynes Calls Kid Cudi Ugly

Amanda just might be passing up LiLo when it comes to plummetting public perception, especially in light of the celeb’s recent rant targeting ex-boyfriend and The Voice guest star Kid Cudi. She feels that she has been unfairly attacked — both in words and in the posting of photos she perceives to be unflattering (never mind the far less flattering pictures she herself has posted to her Twitter account). 

All this frustration has come out in the form of angry Twitter posts, the most recent of which was targeted at Complex Media. In a long Twitter rant, the celeb complained at length about “fake articles,” demanding that these pieces be taken down immediately.

Complex Media’s negative coverage of the celeb is largely a result of the publication being “d*** whipped” by hip hop artist Kid Cudi, referred to as Amanda’s “ugly ex.” Amanda complained at length about Complex constantly quoting the “ugly duckling” and taking professional shots of him for their featured covers. And all this, even though, as Amanda claims, “his best photos are not compared to mine at my best.” +Amanda Bynes +KiD KuDi +Kid Cudi 

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

20 Blogs For $15

We offer a broad brand of services which varies from website promotion, email blast, website creation, artist pages, graphics, and more. We only give out packaged deal that fits your budget. I guarantee the cheapest prices the internet has to offer.

Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Music Video: B3hree & Nump Drop The Fire Visuals For "Broke Hoes" From 'The Pare Tape'

Bay Area artists B3hree and Nump team up for an instant club anthem "Broke Hoes," produced by 2MORE - appearing on the recent compilation album The Pare Tape now available on all streaming platforms. Two veterans of the Bay Area music scene, Nump is best known for his classic "I Got Grapes" and B3hree has been making waves recently with his debut project Death Of A Salesman. Uptempo and packed with energy, "Broke Hoes" is the perfect anthem to get a bag to this season. Gaining buzz through the Bay Area with club and radio spins, "Broke Hoes" has become the guidebook for how to move with these fast women in 2019. Not only do Nump and B3hree make great music for the club, they both have been putting in work within their own community to bridge the gap between Filipino culture and Hip Hop. If you live in the Bay, or pay attention closely to the culture at all, you'll most likely realize how strong the Filipino community puts on behind the scenes of the rap scene but often the recognition for that work gets lost in the mix. The Pare Tape is a compilation of over 25 Filipino Hip Hop artists coming together to put on for their community and culture, while showing everything that Filipino rappers have to offer and celebrating Filipino Heritage Month at the same time. Giving their fans just a taste of what their new music has in store, B3hree is currently putting the finishing touches on his new project Truth Hurts, while Nump prepares his new album LaPu-LaPu due out November 1st. Be sure to tap in with B3hree and Nump on Twitter and press play on Broke Hoes and The Pare Tape both available now on YouTube and all digital streaming outlets!

DJ Sonz - The Pare Tape

Friday, August 21, 2020

Video: DJ Milticket Ft. Prince Hotboi - "6 For 6"

Chicago's own rising DJ Milticket shares his official new visual, "6 For 6." 

Shot in studio, the Milky Made It-directed "6 For 6" certainly feels like an intro of what's to come, with DJ Milticket adlibing between Prince HotBoi's slick rhymes. Watch the video below, and support the song on Apple Music here.

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Stream The New Single "I Found You" by Oregon Producer @TheClectik ft @Ze_Rox_Music & @JayTablet

Listen to "I Found You" from Oregon musician TheClectik featuring gust vocals from Ze Rox and Jay Tablet! Be sure to add this to your Sumertime Playlist. 

Currently residing in Bend, OR THECLECTIK has played in various styles of bands on multiple instruments since the start of his musical journey. Guitar, Drums, Keyboards were a main outlet of creativity, later to be armed with the MPC 2000. All instruments are typically self-produced unless otherwise noted.

Monday, April 25, 2022

Will Marvel Replace Chris Pratt?


Chris Pratt's Christianity is once again at the center of a debate on social media, following calls for Marvel to replace him with Patrick Wilson.

The discussion appeared to stem from the release of a clip from the upcoming movie Thor: Love and Thunder on 18 April, which showed Pratt's character Star-Lord, also known as Peter Quill, giving his team a pep talk.

Thursday, May 4, 2017

You Can Become Our Next Model

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Please have your publicist or representatives contact us if need be at 419-913-3445. Not only will featured models be featured on our website, but they will have the chance to be noticed on over 50 websites for models and musicians.

Here at "The Wrap-Up Magazine", we believe in doing the work, while your taking the photos. Lets us be one of the websites that gives you email blast and post to various sites. With the cheapest prices on the internet, i'm sure we can help find the right modeling home for you.

The prices below are listed as you feel fit. How far do you wanna go with your talent? Our $14.99 package gives you a start off. Place on the front page, 20 blogs, twitter re-tweets, facebook pages, and 100 email blast. Our featured prices takes you to another level. For 29.99, the package includes placement on main page, 50 blogs, twitter re-tweets, facebook pages, and 300 email blast. So make sure you pick the best option for you.

Model Submissions
Model Submissions

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Nude Photos Of Female Trump Supporters

The account, that is run by men, houses dozens of images of conventionally-attractive women baring it all in the name of supporting Trump. The photos range from women covering their nipples with Trump stickers, to others where support for Trump is expressed through campaign slogans Sharpied onto women’s butts.

There are also a number of photos posted on the account that make no reference to Trump at all, but viewers can glean the subjects’ political preferences based on the accompanying hashtags: #babe4trump #babes4trump #babefortrump #babesfortrump #trump #trump2016 #trumpgirls #donaldtrump #bootypics #bootybootybooty.
 The four college men behind Babes For Trump, which is also on Snapchat and Twitter, wouldn’t disclose their names, but told The Huffington Post their goal was to “create a unique platform for college students, primarily women, to express their political views.”

When asked how posting pictures of almost-naked women helps to elevate female voices, the guys said that simply drawing attention to their account, which has over 3,000 followers and only posts photos that were submitted to them, does just that.

Donald Trump has a long and storied history of equating a woman’s value with her looks. Most recently, the GOP frontrunner retweeted an image of his wife Melania juxtaposed with an unflattering shot of Ted Cruz’s wife, Heidi — presumably to prove that Melania is hotter. One post on Babes For Trump seems to echo that meme, showing a split-screen image of a female Bernie Sanders supporter and the butts of two Trump supporters. The caption charmingly reads, “You decide. We know who we’re going with.”

Friday, April 24, 2015

Why Kids Should Not Use Facebook And Twitter

I don't know what has happened to the world and the internet, but something or someone needs to help make a change. With so much nudity and profanity going on, do you really want your kids exposed to this society? When the internet gods created internet, maybe they didn't realize that one day, kids would use Facebook to smother themselves.

This not only include the critical concerns about their online safety, and what they see. Some parents will use their own email accounts to make their kids' Facebook page, but how far will that go? Average kid over the age of 10 probably has a Facebook, Twitter, or some kind of social media account.

As long as kids don't abuse the use of facebook there is nothing wrong with them having it, but teens minds are to weak these days to handle what they see. Just as our kids have to wait to be the right age to drive, drink and vote, the same should be for social media. Facebook for kids should not have ads and there need to be "extra privacy".

When people start talking about changing the Facebook limits, it's important to note that there is already a tremendous amount of kids who are members. Use of Facebook and Twitter among children ages 8 to 12 is skyrocketing. Even Mary Kay Hoal says kids deserve a healthier social networking experience than Facebook.

Facebook is hugely distracting kids school performance and how they respond to things. Parents letting kids have Facebook pages, with parental supervision, is a good first step toward learning safe online behavior.

Young kids need unstructured play, outdoor time, hands-on activities, and face-to-face interactions with other kids. It's part of their development. Getting them involved in the addictive world of Facebook too young may stunt their growth in more ways than one. It also opens the door to a more sedentary lifestyle, which contributes to childhood obesity.

There are lots of ways for your computer to get infected with viruses, spyware, and other malicious software on social networking sites like Facebook, and kids who haven't even hit their teens yet have little to no understanding of what malware is or how to avoid it.

Young kids are very susceptible to just going with the crowd, and that goes double when the anonymity of the Internet is involved. Preteens may be more likely to follow the lead of peers who are making rude comments online.

In elementary school, kids are developing skills like how to study and do homework. Introducing Facebook during this critical time could disrupt solid study patterns and get them in the habit of trying to social network and do homework simultaneously.

The majority of Facebook's users are older teens and adults who may post suggestive photos or use inappropriate language for your under-13 child to see or hear. If your preteen absolutely needs to social network, many parents prefer more child-oriented sites like Togetherville for this reason.