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Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Get Your Music Posted Into Major Blogs

"The Wrap-Up Magazine" would like to invite all musicians to send the music to be featured on our list of websites and places. We do not accept phone calls. Not only can we help you sell your music and get you placed into itunes, amazon, and more, well can help market your mixtape also.

We offer a broad brand of services which varies from website promotion, email blast, website creation, artist pages, graphics, and more. We only give out packaged deal that fits your budget. I guarantee the cheapest prices the internet has to offer.

I'm sorry to say, but we do not sale friends or twitter followers. Nor do we sell to boost plays on your player. We only deal with real traffic and real people. People will only listen to your music if they like what they see or hear. None of this is generated by a bot.

The beginners package comes with all listed below. Priced at $14.99, it comes with:
1. 300 Email Blast
2. Music posted in 10 websites that promotes what it is you present and gives you a chance to be featured.
3. Placement on main page of the site.
4. Post to Twitter and Facebook.

Our unsigned artist package comes with all listed below. Priced at $29.99
1. 600 Email Blast
2. Music posted in 20 websites that promotes what it is you present.
4. Facebook and Twitter re-post and re-tweets.
5. Forum post in various hosting sites.
6. Annual mixtape slots.

Music Marketing
Music Marketing Package

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