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Friday, July 4, 2014

Do It For Lima

Lima, Ohio has always been names baby Chicago or lost in middle America. It is a city filled with unsigned rappers trying to make a name for themselves. With rappers like Soulja Simp, Them Ohio Boyz, Nieman Marcus, Yung Tragic, and more, the city is sure making a name for themselves in the rap community.

The Wrap-Up Magazine has been presenting all the unsigned hip-hop artist out of Lima, Ohio. The artist with the most content and music online is Nieman Marcus. The most favorited hip-hop artist is Soulja Simp. Each of these artist have been putting on for their in news ways and new styles for entertainment.

We stay steady grinding trying to get the world to shine a light on our city. The promoted itunes music is listed below for critics viewing and purchasing. If you like amazon, then it is avaible also. We need support helping to grow our city and create small jobs for the young up and coming.

Help The Wrap-Up Magazine to build their dreams of being the biggest online promotion company in Lima, Ohio. Everyone is claiming the king of the city, but none of them are working together to get the city heard. Thats where we come in.

Follow our promoted artist on twitter and facebook to help us grow our outreach. The more fan base we have, the more we could become a music generator. The post on twitter generated do not concist 100% of the artist material. Watch yourself as this twitter feed grows.

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