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Sunday, June 3, 2018

Where Most People Discover New Music

Radio has the biggest slice of the pie, but its still just a slice. A vast majority of people (65% to be exact) rely on sources outside of AM/FM radio to discover new music.

35% of people discover new music through radio but... an equal percentage can be reached by combining Word of Mouth (21%), Youtube (10%) and Facebook (4%). All of which are more accessible for an independent without a huge budget.

Many artists are sleeping on the power of Pandora. It trails Youtube by only 1%, but is a platform inherently built to help music listeners discover new music and doesn't require the added expense of producing a music video.

Twitter doesn't even show up on the list. Couple that with the recent shutdown of (a project started just a year ago to help Twitter users discover new music through Twitter) and one could assume that Twitter is not an effective medium for promoting new music.

Thanks Makin' It Magazine for this article

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