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Friday, December 25, 2020

JamesDatWayyy (@JamesDatWayyy) - "Chosen" (Deluxe) EP

Portland, Oregon artist JamesDatWayyy delivers us a new “Deluxe” project on Apple Music, iTunes & more. This new project is a whole vibe and something to ride to on a late night in my opinion. Oregon based artist is on the rise & is someone to definitely follow, good music great vibe! Jamesdatwayyy from Portland,

Saturday, January 30, 2021

#NowPlaying #MusicVideo Prxscott Feat Tony Ro$e - Wassup @_Prxscott


Portland, Oregon rap artist Prxscott hits the music industry with a new music video titled "Wassup" featuring Tony Ro$e to kick off the new year. Prxscott keeps it 100 while letting you into the life he lives.

Hailing from Portland, Oregon comes dynamic, multi-talented author Marlon "Prxscott" Abah. He's been a rapper, music video director, photographer and screenwriter. He's put out well-received projects such as the gritty "Northeast Legends" EP & has several features on fellow artists projects. More information can be found at

Watch the official video below!

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Listen To The New Album "If I'm Lying, I'm Dying" From Oregon's Own @PeacoatGang

Eugene, Oregon based duo Peacoat Gang has been hard at work since breaking onto the scene in 2012. After dropping the official music videos for their singles "Lil Baby," "No Pigeons," and "Referee Official" - Peacoat Gang announces their debut album "If I'm Lying I'm Dying..." Boasting production from KamoshunDrumdummiePharaoh Vice, and more "If I'm Lying I'm Dying..." is filled with aggressive uptempo beats and the gang's unique in your face flow. Kicking things off with the neck-breaking track "Big Blue K's," the gang starts off their album on a high note and are yet to come down. Along with their debut album Loyal To The Soil's own Peacoat Gang announces their new tour with one of rap's hottest names SOBxRBE. A perfect pairing of high energy live shows, the upcoming Strictly Only Brothers Tour will definitely be a must-see tour when it stops in your town. 

Be sure to catch up on Peacoat Gang with all three of their new official music videos and the new album "If I'm Lying I'm Dying..." official available 3/8/19, as well as the blockbuster tour with SOBxRBE!

Full dates and advance tickets:

Stream: Peacoat Gang "If I'm Lying I'm Dying..."

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Stream The New Single "I Found You" by Oregon Producer @TheClectik ft @Ze_Rox_Music & @JayTablet

Listen to "I Found You" from Oregon musician TheClectik featuring gust vocals from Ze Rox and Jay Tablet! Be sure to add this to your Sumertime Playlist. 

Currently residing in Bend, OR THECLECTIK has played in various styles of bands on multiple instruments since the start of his musical journey. Guitar, Drums, Keyboards were a main outlet of creativity, later to be armed with the MPC 2000. All instruments are typically self-produced unless otherwise noted.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

CTS - City God

Oregon-based label C.T.S. (Connectin Tha Streets) presents "City God", the new single from their forthcoming album Last Of A Dying Breed. Originally from the Bay Area, Day Day founded the label shortly after a three-year prison stint during which he wrote more than 400 songs, soon drafting Southern California rapper Ese Chango and Oregon emcees Just Joe and Savage Watson into the click. "City God" features Day Day and Chango, and is produced by Dean.

Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Drae Slapz Travels To Morocco With His New Visual "Been Around" | @WowSlapz

Portland producer and DJ Drae Slapz goes global in his latest visuals for “Been Around.” The second track off his first full-length solo project NRG, Slapz is in a groove, cooly riding the atmospheric, hazy beat(a trademark of his work, to be sure) as espouses about his trials, tribulations, and triumphs. Full of quotables like “Never Scared, I done put that BoneCrusher on,” and “we navigate this Field of Dreams, you follow the moves,” but at less than two minutes long, “Been Around” previews the formula found on the rest of NRG: short, catchy trap-inspired tracks that create a litany of “vibes”—from brash to standoffish to vulnerable.

Monday, April 12, 2021



By Seth Ferranti
“If a person has done even a couple of years in prison and possess even the most basic means to obtain literature, there is a 99 percent chance that they’ve heard about Mike Enemigo and The Cell Block,” says Damaneh Abdolah, who plans to produce a podcast and documentary on Mike’s book Conspiracy Theory. But, make no mistake about it, things were not always this way. “Getting to this point has been a very long and arduous process,” says Mike about his journey to becoming America’s #1 incarcerated author. “Everything I’ve done, I’ve done from inside my prison cell. No Internet, computer, phone, text, e-mail or other fancy, helpful devices. Just a few pennies for a budget, and a bunch of ink pens, paper, stamps, envelopes, coffee, adversity, failures, determination, dedication, resilience, creativity and hard work. Oh, and a lot of time. In fact, several years.”


 See, Mike’s plan was never to write books, it was to rap. He started rapping back in 1993. Unfortunately, he got caught up in the streets, was arrested in February of 1999, and in 2002 was sentenced to Life Without the Possibility of Parole – LWOP, as it’s called – for a 1998 murder. Despite this, in 2004, after he’d been incarcerated for about 5 years, he decided he was going to do what he had to do to record his vocals, even if he had to do it over the prison phone, have his songs produced in the style of mixtapes, and distribute them independently –”maybe have my folks slang ‘em out the trunk, put ‘em in some local stores, etc. – nothin’ too fancy.” And though he hoped to make a few bucks, he didn’t expect to get rich and famous and become a huge rap star: “My primary objectives were to break my story out of prison, give my brain something to focus on other than my confinement, and at least make the money back I’d spent producing the records,” he says. He contacted some people he knew from the streets who were in the rap game and got the ball rolling. But though progress was made, things moved extremely slow. “Being that my resources were very limited, it took a long time to get the simplest of things done.” And by the time he’d accomplish one thing, the music game would change and make what he’d just gotten done less significant. In addition to that, as the years went on, people bought music less and less, due to things like file sharing and illegal downloading, and artists had to start depending more and more on things like live performances to make money; something he obviously couldn’t do from his prison cell. With that, the hope of making any profit got smaller and smaller. However, “I didn’t want to give up because I figured I could create my own little lane, and I’d use my music to promote it, feel me? I’d give my music away by way of downloads to promote myself, then I’d make my money off of something else that couldn’t be illegally downloaded or need to be performed live: maybe I’d learn to draw really well, become a ‘famous’ prison artist and sell my artwork, start a T-shirt line, or maybe even ghostwrite rhymes – something like that.”


 He continued on, but so did the problems. In addition to the rapid game changes, coming up on a recorder (something prisoners are not allowed), then recording his vocals and smuggling them out, was a near-impossible task (though he did manage to record and get the vocals to over 100 songs to the streets). And if that wasn’t enough, he began having problems with unreliable industry people and producers who didn’t put his music together the way he wanted, being that he wasn’t able to be present during his studio sessions. In the end, “It got to be too costly for me to do it myself, with my resources, or lack thereof, and I had to pull the plug because it was just to economically foolish to continue,” he explains. So, though it was tough, Mike shut everything down; even to the point of distancing himself from most of the world. “I had to strategize and figure out what my next move was going to be.” He began to research. He began to study. He began to learn, and he began to plot...

Welcome to...The Cell Block

In 2010, while in the hole, Mike decided it was time to redirect his efforts from that of the rap game to the book game. He’d been flirting with the idea for nearly two years already, so when he was given his property in the hole, he made sure to grab the English Grammar for Dummies book he’d bought for this very reason – so he could tighten up his grammar game. “I was always creative ‘cause I’d been writin’ raps. But writin’ raps and writin’ books is a whole different game. I knew if I was gonna do this, I needed to learn to write properly, and I had to master it,” he says. “So I began studying English Grammar for Dummies, while also working on my first book, which was Surviving Prison.” (This book wouldn’t be published until 2018.) Eventually Mike got out of the hole, where he was able to buy a typewriter and other supplies, and he began typing the books he’d written by hand, as well as figuring out how he was going to publish them, under the new publishing company he was building, The Cell Block, which he planned to run just like a record label. “When first trying to figure out how I was going to publish my books, I had no idea what I was gonna do,” he says. “My people were taking the Directory [The BEST Resource Directory for Prisoners] to Kinkos, trying to have it printed up. I think it cost us around $17 to have one copy printed and bound with one of those plastic strips. And with the leading directory at the time priced at $18, there was no way we were going to be able to sell ours at a profit,” he explains. “But one thing I knew for sure, I wasn’t gonna quit or give up. So I kept reading everything I could find, and eventually I saw something about CreateSpace. This was a game-changer for me.”


Mike launched The Cell Block officially in 2014 with five books – The BEST Resource Directory For Prisoners, The Art & Power of Letter Writing for Prisoners, Thee Enemy of the State and Conspiracy Theory, all of which he wrote; and Loyalty & Betrayal, a book he did with Armando Ibarra – with a promise of many more to come. And, though things did not go exactly as he hoped (what else is new, right?) in 2014, he learned a lot and built upon his team. In January 2015 he dropped four more books – BASic Fundamentals of The Game, by Mac B.A.$.; Lost Angels, a book he did with Alex Valentine; and Money iz the Motive, a book he did with TCB author Ca$ciou$ Green, plus the revision of his Directory. He continued on, and in 2016 dropped seven  books: How to Hustle & Win; Sex, Money, Murder Edition, and Underworld Zilla, with TCB author King Guru; Money iz the Motive 2, MOBSTAR Money and Block Money, with TCB author Ca$ciou$ Green; The Millionaire Prisoner: Special TCB Edition, with incarcerated author Josh Kruger; and A Guide to Relapse Prevention For Prisoners, with inmate Charles Hottinger. In 2017 he dropped the newest edition of The Best Resource Directory for Prisoners, and Kitty Kat, a non-nude adult entertainment resource book he did with Freebird Publishers. In 2018 he dropped several more books: Surviving Prison: The Secrets to Surviving the Most Treacherous and Notorious Prisons in America!; The Art & Power of Letter Writing for Prisoners, Deluxe Edition;  and the revised edition of The Best Resource Directory for Prisoners. He dropped Pretty Girls Love Bad Boys: An Inmate’s Guide to Getting Girls and How to Write Urban Books for Money & Fame with TCB author King Guru. He dropped Get Out, Get Rich: How To Get Paid Legally When You Get Out of Prison! (also titled Hood Millionaire: How to Hustle & Win Legally); The CEO Manual: How to Start Your Own Business When You Get Out of Prison! (also titled CEO Manual: Start a Business, Be a Boss!); and Money Manual: Underground Cash Secrets Exposed, all with self-made hood millionaire Sav Hu$tle; and he dropped Prison Legal Guide with Freebird Publisher. He also completely revamped his website,


In 2019, the hustle didn’t stop, or even slow down. He tapped in with Wahida Clark, the Official Queen of Street Lit and worked a distribution deal for TCB books Underworld Zilla; How to Hustle & Win: Sex, Money, Murder Edition; and Money iz the Motive: Special 2-in-1 Edition. Then he dropped The Prison Manual: The Complete Guide to Surviving the American Prison System and The Ladies Who Love Prisoners, both of which he wrote; Loyalty & Betrayal: Special Deluxe Edition; OJ’s Life Behind Bars: The Real Story, a book he did with incarcerated author Vernon Nelson;  Get Out, Stay Out: The Secrets To Getting Out of Prison Early, and Staying Out For Good! with Shane Bowen; and Raw Law For Prisoners: Your Rights And How To SUE When They Are Violated! with TCB author King Guru. He also dropped two e-shorts:  The Mob, with author PaperBoy; and Angel with incarcerated author Tre Cunningham. As you can see, the hard work, determination, and perseverance has paid off. When asked about his drive: “I’ve always been a hustler. Above all else, that’s what I am – a hustler. My desire’s always been to get the bag [money]. Before, I put a lot of effort and drive into negative things – thuggin’, basically. So, the things I was doin’ to get the bag was, essentially, just getting me further into debt, you feel me? I knew I had to transform my hustle if I wanted to truly be successful, and this writing thing is a major part of that. I also knew that if I put the same drive and energy into this as I did the gimy shit I was doin’, I’d win. “So, I went from dope dealer to hope dealer. I dreamed of slangin’ birds, but now I’m achieving my dreams slangin’ words, you feel me? I’m shippin’ boxes of books like I wanted to ship bricks. And not only am I completely legit, I’m making more money now than I ever did with my grimy endeavors. “I found my lane – my frequency. I want to be the best, and I’m willing to do whatever it takes to ensure that happens.” Not only has Mike been making noise inside prison, the streets are taking notice, too. He’s received praise from bestselling authors like JaQuavis Coleman and Kevin Deutsch, and he and/or The Cell Block have been featured in magazines like Straight Stuntin, Kite, State V. Us, Street Money, Prison Legal News, and others, and on websites like The Huffington Post, Gorilla Convict, Thizzler, Rap Bay, Hood Illustrated, and many more. “I promise you I’m just gettin’ started,” he says.


 What’s next? Well, more books, of course. “For years prisoners have written me, asking how to go about doing what I do in regards to publishing books, so I wrote a book on jailhouse publishing that I’ma drop sometime this year [2020]. The book contains everything I’ve learned over the last ten years the hard and expensive way. I have several more books in the works, including audio books, something I plan to take to the next level. I also have some things in the works with the big homie, Dutch, the OG of the street lit game. I have a bunch of projects going on right now that I’m excited about.” But something he’s especially proud of? “I launched a new blog on my website where me and other TCB writers provide raw, uncensored news, entertainment and resources on the topics of prison and street-culture. It’s connected to all social medias, as well as book platforms like Amazon, Goodreads, etc. It’s a game-changer. I’m building The Cell Block’s own digital platform so we’re not at the mercy of anyone else. This is going to increase our power and presence dramatically. Everyone needs to tap in to our website,, and follow us on all social medias.” And when asked about the possibility of getting out of prison? “Laws are changing in my favor. In addition to that, I’m not sittin’ around waitin’ on somebody to just let me out. I’m taking aggressive, proactive measures to earn my freedom. I have a 5-year plan and a 10-year plan. I’d say I’ll be out in about eight. It took me a minute to understand how all this works, but if one wants to get out bad enough, and is willing to do what it takes, it can be done. At least in California. And though I’m not certain, probably most everywhere else, too. The secret is to identify what it is you need to do, then do double that.” And Mike’s been inspiring prisoners all over the country, as evident by the mass amounts of letters he gets, thanking him for what he’s done. “I’m in prison in Tennessee. I’m a huge fan and receive knowledge and wisdom from your teachings,” writes one prisoner. “Thank you for all you do to make life easier for us prisoners,” writes another, from California. “I have bought every book that you’ve published and I encourage you to keep serving it like you’re doing,” says prisoner Ethan McKinney. And Jorge Cabrera from Oregon says, “I have to say, I’ve been incarcerated for 20-plus years, and this is the first time I’ve invested money into something that’s profitable.” Literally, the list goes on and on. “I’m proud of all that’s been accomplished,” says Mike. “Not only have the years of hard work paid off for me and the TCB team, I’m proving that, despite our situation, we can still achieve success if we’re willing to do what it takes.


 “I’m very grateful to the prisoners who’ve been rockin’ with us. It’s because of them – their loyalty – that we’ve been able to get to where we’re at. You can be the dopest writer in the world, but if the people don’t fuck with you, you ain’t ever gonna get anywhere. Fortunately, for me, the people fuck with me. They understand I’m talkin’ their language, and for that, they embrace me.” And when asked what kind of advice he’d share to other prisoners? “Stay positive and motivated. When you live inside a box, you must learn to think outside of one. Be creative. Confinement can cause a man to tap into the deepest parts of the mind. Take advantage of that, be dedicated and determined, and you’ll be surprised at what you can pull off. This is proof. My story is a testament that you must never give up. You’re first idea is rarely your best one, and the road to success is not a straight shot. “Now get to work and hustle hard.” Indeed.  

To learn more about Mike Enemigo and The Cell Block, visit, where you can also subscribe to the Official Blog of The Cell Block. And be sure to follow Mike on IG @mikeenemigo and FB/thecellblockofficial.

“This author has a unique voice and his versatile pen is refreshing. Mike has my stamp of approval.” – JaQuavis Coleman, New York Times Best Selling Author

“My man Mike represents the west coast like a literary OG! I respect his grind and pen game! Look out for The Cell Block!” – Dutch

“Mike Enemigo’s work is raw, authentic, and powerful. It’s made all the more remarkable by the fact that Mike’s books are written from inside a California prison. His work gives hope to incarcerated writers everywhere struggling to get their voices heard.” – Kevin Deutsch, Award-winning True Crime Writer, Author of Pill City: How Two Honor Roll Students Foiled the Feds and Built a Drug Empire

Wednesday, March 24, 2021

La Familia & Jim Jones Drop The New Single "Family Business" | @jaseycordeta @jimjonescapo @swiggle_mandela @1nikeboy

Prominent Portland Oregon Hip Hip group “La Familia” release a classic street anthem with Harlem New York’s own Jim Jones. “Family Business” was produced by New Mexico producer Nike Boy, accompanied by a plethora of different styles both melodic and bar-heavy verses from Timmi HendriXXX, Jasey Cordeta, and Swiggle Mandela.

Jasey and his brother Swiggle Mandela had the opportunity to meet the CEO of vamp life himself Jim Jones when he came to Portland to do a sold-out show. Since then Jasey had begun building with Jim Jones's team and eventually would solidify the feature.

The record means a lot to the city of Portland because it is not common for artists from the city to work with entertainers at that level of someone like Jim Jones who had an extensive career with Dipset and is now with Roc Nation.

Monday, March 1, 2021

B3hree Enlists Cool Nutz & TOPE For The Run It Up Remix | @CoolNutz @B3hree454 @itsTOPE

San Francisco rapper B3hree follows up the release of his new EP, TRUTH HURTS with the remix for his lead single "Run It Up" featuring Northwest Legend Cool Nutz and a rare verse from TOPE. Filmed in Portland, Oregon and directed by Diondre Collins - B3hree, Cool Nutz, and TOPE take time breaking down the methods to their hustling over the hard-hitting production provided by TOPE. 

Saturday, February 6, 2021

#Stream Prxscott Feat Tony Ro$e - Wassup @_Prxscott


Prxscott is a mutli-talented artist who has dipped into as many different trades and skills as he can. He’s found success in rapping, directing music videos, photography, screenwriting, and has even wrote a book – “Black People In Oregon?” which comes with an accompanying sound track.

He grew up in a three bedroom house with with 10 siblings and several cousins, defying the odds of his predicament and flipping his experiences to focus on his goals. Prxscott discovered his love of music in the early 90s by listening to his brother’s NWA and Eazy-E record collection. It would be another 10 years before he realized music was his passion and what he wanted to do as a career.

Tuesday, October 6, 2020

WATCH: Vursatyl The Great & Lunden Benard Collaborate On "I Don't Want You Anymore" | @Vursatyl @BenardLunden


Portland Rap legend Vursatyl The Great drops the Official Music Video for his smooth new single "I Don't Want You Anymore" featuring Lunden Benard with production by Jake One. 

A founding member of the iconic Portland group Lifesavas, Vursatyl has long been known for delivering heavy-hitting bars and well-crafted verses but the real fans know Vurs also has some vocals in the tuck! On "I Don't Want You Anymore" Vursatyl links up with another North West Hip Hop GOAT - Jake One and reinvents himself with smooth R&B vocals, setting the mood for up and coming artist Lunden Benard to the slam dunk his feature. 

Never afraid to share the spotlight Vursatyl tells the story of a lover sneaking out to find what the single life has to offer, all while leaving enough room for Lunden Benard to come through with his slick 16. A true student of the Golden Era of Hip Hop, Lunden is not only a rising wordsmith but also a producer crafting his art with influences of 90's East Coast rap with an updated 2020-feel.

"I Don't Want You Anymore" gives us a nostalgic feel while still staying highly original in the storyline and delivery of lyrics. Lunden Benard would make Slick Rick and Q-Tip proud with his vivid lyrics and timely cadence, giving room for the beat to complement his lyrics at multiple points throughout the song. 

Jake One delivers a classic soundscape for Vursatyl and Lunden to each tell their story of a wandering lover and how to move on from a toxic partner. A soulful and playful single, "I Don't Want You Anymore" marks over 20 years in the rap game for Vursatyl The Great and shows, like a fine wine, his art is only getting better with time. 

Press play on "I Don't Want You Anymore" and be sure to subscribe to Vursatyl The Great on YouTube for new music updates! 

Friday, May 29, 2020

Masonn Deforest (@MasonnDeforest) - "Holding On"

Coming from Oregon is MASONN DEFOREST and his new single “Holding On”. The alternative R&B artist has been on the rise since the release of his “Remember, I Was There” LP as it’s spread his name throughout the U.S.. Still he shows he is not content as he comes with this new record which addresses the need for closure with his muse.

Saturday, October 26, 2019

Album: Shallow Al Drops The New Themed Project "Shallow Aloween" | @AlOneTheRemedy

Portland veteran Rapper Al-One dips into his alter ego, Shallow Al, for the dark and twisted new themed project titled Shallow Aloween. Recorded in a little under 10 days, Al taps into his creatively-evil side with his new project - filled with eerie melodies, chanting choruses, and enough bars to bring the dead back to life. Calling on the legend, DJ Wicked to lace every song with exclusive cuts, Shallow Aloween shows Al's attention to detail from the graveyard inspired artwork to individual interludes for every song scored by "Insane" Wayne Anderson. With all the smoke and mirrors included, Al's flow is truly the star of the show, standing out on every track with the confidence and comfortability of a true veteran to the game while displaying his ability to transition from classic boom bap to today's more trap-influenced soundscapes. With the lead singles "You Got Me Fucked Up" and "Your Own Funeral" already making noise throughout the Northwest and beyond, Al pushes the boundaries creatively to show a new side of him lyrically. 

A founding member of the legendary Portland supergroup Sandpeople, Al-One aka Shallow Al continues to reinvent himself with new flows and projects from his days with The Chosen, Alphabet Stew, and more to his latest cult-classic release, Shallow Aloween. From rocking stages with battle rap legend Illmaculate to collaborating with some of the industry's top names, there's not much Al has proven he can't do in the music game. Now releasing independently on his own label, Stand Alone Records, Shallow Aloween is just the first of many releases planned, including a label compilation coming up next. 

Not only a Halloween themed project, Shallow Al's new album is something to keep on repeat through all the cold months of the upcoming winter season, playing out solidly from beginning to end and also available on a very Limited Edition Vinyl LP. Marking Al's first vinyl release, Shallow Aloween is a true art piece from the themed production, to handcrafted artwork, and even two exclusives mix and mastering processes for the digital versus physical release. With exclusive production from Rey Holiday, $imple, and Pele Won, Shallow Aloween is guaranteed to be like no other project you press play on in 2019. 

Tap in with Shallow Al on Twitter at @AlOneTheRemedy and if you're in Portland, Oregon be sure to mark your calendar for the official Shallow Aloween Listening Party with DJ Wicked October 30th at Beulahland! Also, be sure to use our exclusive hashtags #PrepareForDarkness #ShallowAloween when you share Shallow Aloween!


The NBA’s Highest-Paid Players 2019-20

At $92 million, including salary and endorsements, James is the NBA’s highest-paid player for the sixth straight year. It is a record haul for an active basketball player. Nike is his biggest backer, and the company is naming a new research lab at its Beaverton, Oregon, corporate campus after James.

The four-time NBA MVP added a pair of endorsement deals in 2019 with Rimowa luggage and Walmart, which joined Coca-Cola, Beats By Dre, Blaze Pizza and NBA 2K in his sponsorship stable. He also has a budding digital media company, Uninterrupted, and a production firm, SpringHill Entertainment, which will release a sequel to the 1996 Michael Jordan vehicle Space Jam in conjunction with Warner Bros. in 2021. All of the off-court work is worth an estimated $55 million for James this season.

Stephen Curry comes in at No. 2 on the earnings list this year and is expected to generate $85 million this season, including $45 million off the court. Under Armour represents nearly half of his off-court income.

Curry’s $40.2 million salary from the Golden State Warriors is the highest in the history of the NBA; he’s in the third season of the five-year, $201 million contract he signed in 2017. Curry’s production company, Unanimous Media, has a development deal with Sony Pictures. Unanimous’ first movie, Breakthrough, was released in April, with Curry playing a role in marketing the Christian-oriented film, which grossed $50 million on a $14 million budget.

Durant has the NBA’s second-biggest annual shoe contract after James’ at an estimated $26 million this season. His total earnings from his playing salary and endorsements is $73 million. Nike sells more KD shoes in China than in North America, according to Durant’s business partner Rich Kleiman.

Like James and Curry, Durant has his own production company, which is co-producing a new basketball-themed drama, Swagger, that is inspired by Durant’s youth basketball experience and will air on the Apple TV+ streaming service.

Read More

Monday, September 2, 2019

Danny Sky Teams Up With Mat Randol For "Ever Wanted" | @DannyxSky @MatRandol

Oregon / Georgia artist Danny Sky drops off the high energy single "Ever Wanted" featuring a guest appearance from Mat Randol. Smooth and soulful guitar licks lead the way as Danny and Mat catch a vibe on their new collaboration breaking down how life is treating them as rising stars in their city. Danny Sky lets his Southern roots shine through on "Ever Wanted" delivering a beautifully melodic chorus and flawless raps to match. There is an unmatched energy that goes with Danny Sky's newest music, showing an artist that is truly comfortable with themselves and could care less what a critic has to say. Teaming with Portland label Burn Money Music, Danny Sky drops "Ever Waned" on the heels off his latest music "Lotta Love" and burning up recent Bridge City Cypher #9. Tap in with this rising star on Twitter and be sure press play on "Ever Wanted" featuring Mat Randol now available on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, and more!


Monday, July 1, 2019

Portland Rapper Sour Deez Drops "4th Of July" (Music Video) | @SoxrD33z

Up and coming artist Sour Deez is back with Official Music Video for his new single "4th Of July." Filmed in Portland, Oregon by Sound Lapse Media, Sour Deez gives us the black and white treatment for his new visuals, filled with plenty of scenic views from his hometown. Slowing things down and getting personal on "4th Of July," SDZ calls on Buckmouth Beatz for the soothing and introspective production. Keeping it solid through the ups and downs, Sour Deez lets listeners know the pain and struggle he's been through to get where he's at today as an artist and adult. Flexing his vocal ability, "4th Of July" gives us another look at this rising star's come up - the long nights, the grind, and eventually the payoff. Recently linking up with Harlem's Smoke DZA and getting love from the legendary Source Magazine for "Black Bidness", Sour Deez is emerging as one of the top artists to look out for in his city and beyond. Stream "4th Of July" available on all digital streaming platforms and be sure to hit play on the Official Music Video below! 

Sour Deez - 4th Of July (Official Music Video)


Thursday, March 28, 2019

Portland R&B Artist 3AM Drops "Off A Perc" Directed by Puurple | @Real3am_ @Puurple__

Portland R&B artist 3AM returns with more new fire after teaming up with TYuS for "Booth On Fire." Taking listeners on another psychedelic adventure, 3AM drops the official visuals for "Off A Perc" directed by Puurple, produced by PLIV, and executive produced by David Ferguson. Looking like a GQ spread, 3AM steps his game up on "Off A Perc," showing us the finer side of things of life. Sex, drugs, and soul are three words that come to mind to describe this rising star's style. With Portland, Oregon not always known for R&B, artists like 3AM, TYuS, and more are starting to redefine what the Rose City is best known for. Now available on Spotify, iTunes, Tidal, and more "Off A Perc" is just the start of what is coming from the highly prolific artist bubbling out of the Northwest. Watch the official visuals for "Off A Perc" by 3AM and be sure to tap in with him on Twitter.

3AM - Off A Perc (Official Music Video)

3AM & TYuS - Booth On Fire

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Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Walgreens Will Now Be Selling CBD Products

Well I guess now Walgreens will be joining others in the push for marijuana legalization as they will now be selling CBD products over their shelves.

Walgreens will sell CBD creams, patches and sprays in nearly 1,500 stores in select states. The drugstore chain will sell the cannabis-based products in Oregon, Colorado, New Mexico, Kentucky, Tennessee, Vermont, South Carolina, Illinois and Indiana.

Rival drugstore chain CVS introduced CBD-containing tropicals, including creams and salves, to stores in eight states earlier in March. As the non-psychoactive cannabis compound becomes one of the hottest ingredients in consumer products.

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Thursday, March 14, 2019

Watch 3AM's New Visuals For "Booth On Fire" ft TYuS | @Real3AM_ @Txyxuxs

Portland music is currently at an all-time high. Specifically for Hip Hop and R&B, there has never been a more exciting time to be an artist in PortlandOregon. One of the names that has helped push PDX music to new levels is none other than R&B star TYuS. Releasing music via Warner Bros Records, collaborating with some of the industry's top names, and more, TYuS is a great representation of the artistry that has been bubbling in the Rose City for some time now. Next up in line to inherit the throne just might be another rising R&B artist by the name of 3AM. With hypnotic melodies and catchy hooks galore, it's easy to see the potential for 3AM to become a household name.

Teaming with TYuS for his eye-catching new visuals, 3AM drops the official video for his single "Booth On Firedirected by Mike Tate and produced by David Ferguson. Psychedelic visuals shot in Portland, OR set the mood for TYuS and 3AM to take you on a trip through their hometown. Letting us know it's his time to shine 3AM flexes on his new single giving listeners a taste of his lifestyle from the all white Tesla to the iced out chains. With a touch of retro fashion, 3AM and TYuS bring us fully into 2019 with future-like visuals and a catchy chorus "Booth On Fire" available now on all digital streaming platforms, get to know one of Portland's rising artists 3AM and he's set to make 2019 his year.

Watch "Booth On Fire" by 3AM and tap in with him on Twitter.