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Saturday, September 21, 2019

The Truth Behind Cash Money Vs No Limit Records Beef

Cash Money Records and No Limit Records were both two of the largest hip-hop powerhouses in New Orleans. What people don’t know is that the beef started before both camps really started blowing up.

Anybody that been a follower of deep dirty south music knows about the history or the turf rivalry that been going on between Cash Money and No Limit Records.

Artists such as U.N.L.V., and BG started off the war by going at Mystikal on songs like Drag Em in the River and Fuck Big Boy. The beef would take a turn for the worst on the street level when one of the artists was killed sitting in his car.

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Mystikal waited until he released his 2nd album Mind of Mysikal to retaliate to the Cash Money disses and he did in a major way putting out one of the best songs of his career with Beware: The track not only showed that Mysikal wasn’t a punk but he can also get down and dirty with the best of them as well.

The Mind of Mystikal ended up opening up doors for Mystikal and his career as he would go on to find bigger success by signing to Master P and No Limit Records in 1997. Cash Money meanwhile would continue to build their underground following with releases from B.G, The Hot Boys, and Juvenile.

The beef would die down briefly but 1998 was the breaking year for both camps. Master P after all of the hard work that he’s put in with his consistent releases from himself and his camp would finally catch the big break as he released Ghetto D with his smash Make Em Say Uggh.

Cash Money Records signed a deal with Universal worth 30 million records along with keeping 85 % of their royalties and 50% of their ownership and publishing. This was the big break Cash Money needed and now with the big financial backing, They could finally compete with Master P and No Limit.

The rivalry started heating up once again starting with Juvenile’s album as they would take subliminal shots at No Limit on Rich Niggaz, UPT, and Welcome 2 the Nolia. No Limit artist retaliated with the songs Beef and The Empire where he speaks on the Industry and other labels hating on No Limit for their success.

1999 was the year Cash Money truly reached their peak and No Limit started to lose steam. P was focusing more on doing movies, managing athletes, and trying out for the NBA while in the meanwhile Cash Money was continue to steamroll into 1999 developed from the previous year.

Cash Money continued to crank out the hits while the No Limit sound was starting to fade away. P has never been the type to really battle on wax. He was more of a street type of guy or the type of guy that would send his soldiers to handle his dirty work like a mob boss.

The beef took a very controversial turn when this group called Da Wild Boyz released a diss song/Video on the whole Cash Money camp. Its been said that these guys were affiliated with No Limit and the song ended making some local noise.

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The beef would take more violent turn as there have been rumors of physical altercations between both camps. There have been instances where the beef went violent as C-Murder stuck a gun in juvenile’s mouth and had Cash Money artists tuck in their chains.

Both Mystikal and B.G. would end up having personal issues with P and Baby respectively. Mystikal got caught slipping and started sleeping with C-Murders girlfriend at the time Monica. Master P heard about it and sent his goon squad to stomp Mystikal out thus leading to his exit. B.G and juvenile on the other hand left Cash Money claiming that Baby stole royalty checks and tour money.

As for who won the overall rivalry, Many would say Cash Money since their still around but nevertheless this rivalry would go down in hip hop history as one of the most violent in hip hop.

CMR was responsible for launching the careers of Lil Wayne, Juvenile, B.G., Drake, Nicki Minaj, among others and NLR was responsible for catapulting the 504 Boyz, C-Murder, Fiend, Kane & Abel, Master P, Mia X, Mystikal, and Silkk the Shocker to stardom.

Turk was quick to state that no tensions existed between the artists on the respective labels, instead pointing the blame to label heads Master P and Bryan “Birdman” Williams.

Cash Money vs No Limit! How did Bird make his artists last longer than P's Nolimit artists? Some say Bird and some artists were heroin users and heavily caught up in the street life while still keeping secure hood and industry connections 1hunnid.

Now others say Master P was a ball playing finesser that went to the Bay area and learned some things about independent rap sheets and came back home and secured the start of the New Orleans major rap scene.

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