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Wednesday, April 24, 2024

JP Morgan Chase Provides $1.7M for Black Businesses


In a bid to promote equity in Black neighborhoods, JPMorgan Chase has awarded the Atlanta Wealth Building Initiative and the Center for Community Progress a $1.7 million grant, according to a new press release shared with BLACK ENTERPRISE.

“We are proud to support Atlanta Wealth Building Initiative and Center for Community Progress as they work to increase the supply of affordable commercial and residential properties to stabilize Atlanta’s historically Black businesses and neighborhoods.”

The AWBI plans to continue its efforts to address knowledge gaps surrounding affordable commercial spaces and enact policies designed to protect small business owners. The organization also hopes to help community leaders implement anti-displacement measures within private and public sectors.

“In Atlanta and across the country, community developers are at the heart of successful revitalization,” said Kathleen J. Guillaume-Delemar, President & CEO of the Center for Community Progress. “These small-scale developers have to overcome additional hurdles created by systemic barriers in financing real estate development to build a portfolio of projects. The Center for Community Progress is committed to changing how neighborhood-scale developers of color are connected to land and opportunity to unlock their full potential.”

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