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Thursday, May 4, 2023

Understanding Mississippi - The US Explained


How did a little state that rests alongside the banks of a mighty river make so many contributions to American letters and literature? "There's so much that you can learn about the world, and I would say about this country, from studying what Mississippi writers have done and written about this place, which I think telescopes onto our larger national issues, and even some of our larger international ones."

Monday, January 20, 2020

Gansta Marcus Talks Yo Gotti, Roc Nation, And Mississippi Prisons

In case you haven't heard, Jay-Z and Yo Gotti is out to sue Mississippi prison systems for all the wrong doing the system has encountered throughout the years.

Yo Gotti and Jay-Z's Team Roc, Roc Nation's social justice department, announced they joined forces in order to hire legal representation for 29 inmates in Mississippi. Those inmates criticized the prison conditions they and others have to endure and have called for change.

Ohio rapper Gansta Marcus instantly praised this notion and for good reason. Read the questions and how he answered each one with a home run answer.

Monday, January 13, 2020

Will Yo Gotti And Roc Nation Be The Change Of Mississippi Prisons?

Jay-Z and his Roc Nation artist Yo Gotti are teaming up in an attempt to improve prison conditions in Mississippi. The pair reportedly sent a letter to two top officials in the state on Thursday (January 9) demanding change.

A recent outbreak of deadly gang violence in Mississippi prisons has left five dead and brought the state’s long-running institutional problems under scrutiny and into the national spotlight.Related Article

Thursday, January 2, 2020

#MississippiHipHop Stand Up For @siphop662 And The #Producer @ganstamarcus #Artist

Stand Up Mississippi as the underground king and the swag master lets you know they are still here, alive and ticking.

One of Mississippi rising stars career was cut short when he was killed in a Mississippi county jail. E Wade was showing growth in his community and surrounding areas. With Gansta Marcus behind his as his mentor and manager, they were making moves all over.

Friday, October 27, 2017

It Has Begun

Nieman Marcus is the stage name for the artist/producer Gansta Marcus. Nieman Marcus real name is Lemarquis Washington born Cleveland, Mississippi, raised in Lima, Ohio. Nieman Marcus graduated from "Lima Senior High School," then furthered his career in "Job Corps" as an "Electrician Apprentice."

Sunday, April 28, 2019

Mississippi Flag Removed From New Jersey Park

Why is the Mississippi state flag such a big problem? Why is everything in America so racist? Gov. Phil Murphy has ordered the Mississippi state flag removed from a display that includes each of the 50 state flags and overlooks the Statue of Liberty.

On Saturday, Mississippi’s governor, Phil Bryant, said he’s disappointed in the decision and that his state’s voters should decide what is represented on their flag and what is not. Mississippians, who voted in a 2001 statewide election, chose to keep the flag.

Several Mississippi cities and counties and all eight of the state’s public universities have stopped flying it in recent years amid criticism that the battle emblem is a racist reminder of slavery and segregation. Supporters of the flag say it represents history.

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Gansta Marcus Bio

Nieman Marcus is the stage name for the artist/producer Gansta Marcus. Nieman Marcus real name is Lemarquis Washington born Cleveland, Mississippi, raised in Lima, Ohio. Nieman Marcus graduated from "Lima Senior High School," then futhered his career in "Job Corps" as an "Electrician Apprentice."

After "Job Corps" Gansta Marcus began producing artist from around Lima, Ohio. Which led to him later moving to his home town of Cleveland, Mississippi which he then presented his first digital release titled "419 To The 662." The releases has various artist produced by Gansta Marcus from Lima, Ohio and Cleveland, Mississippi.

Before leaving Mississippi, Nieman Marcus learned to create and manage his own website while administrating others. The art of promoting artist came in play just before his head artist Lil Reese (Edward Wade) was killed due to violence.

Now Gansta Marcus is back in Ohio and making a new life through social media. With a new house paid off, 2 cars owner of "The Wrap-Up Magazine.com", and now ready to present his new production studio, this artist/producer has sure made a name for himself.

Sunday, July 12, 2020

Jay-Z, Yo Gotti, And Team ROC File Lawsuit Over Conditions In Parchman Penitentiary

Jay-Z, Yo Gotti, and Team ROC have helmed legal action on behalf of 227 Mississippi inmates at Parchman Prison, Pitchfork can confirm via legal documents. The class action lawsuit has been brought against the new Mississippi Department of Corrections Commissioner Nathan Burl Cain and prison healthcare provider Centurion. The complaint urges Cain and Centurion to address allegedly subpar living conditions at Parchman.

In addition to the lawsuit, Yo Gotti and Team ROC’s attorneys had several Parchman inmates submit sworn COVID-19 questionnaire forms detailing the lack of COVID-19 testing protocol at the prison. The returned questionnaires describe a lack of social distancing, PPE, and more at the penitentiary.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Its Hard To Rebuild

The Wrap-Up Magazine has done an exclusive over the phone interview with Nieman Marcus (The Rapper Formally Known As Gansta Marcus.) This was a very memorable moment for him as he almost came to tears over the death of his rapper Edward Wade.

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Cleveland, Mississippi Presents: Yung Dillard

Watch the new Famous Animal TV with Cleveland, Mississippi up and coming artist Yung Dillard, as he talks about the Mississippi Delta rap scene, rappers doing shows in the delta and speaks about the rapper Finese2Tymes situation with his chain getting took on stage.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Gansta Marcus Ft Sip Hop - Mississippi

Represent your subourbs and small towns, Mississippi is my birthplace so it's also our time to shine. @siphop662 joins in with @ganstamarcus to drop the new hip-hop album from two point and views. In GM own words! "The streets of Mississippi was new to meet because of the club scene and radio play it brought to me.

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Sip Hop Named New Arthor

Sip Hop was born in Cleveland, Mississippi Feb. 17 1984, always had two things that he always love was basketball and love for Hip Hop. He fell in love with Hip Hop as a child for rappers like Rahkim, Kool Moe Dee and KRS-One but it was emcees like Nas inspired him to be a rapper.

At the age of 13 Sip started to really go for the rap flow as this was the time when rappers like Bone Thugs and Twista was running the rap show, so at eight grade Sip start joining the cypher rapping even though it was just for fun at that time. By tenth grade Sip started to put the basketball down and go for the rapping thing even though from the delta in Mississippi was really hard to get heard. So then I had to move elsewhere just to connect with the right musicians.

after completing High School That's when i met Shockhouse Productions in Chicago, IL from a rapper name Sleepy Boy. He was forming this group called Face Off with 2 more fellas in the group, sleepy asked if i can join with the group even though i was with the group going to a month. After the situation with leaving the group he decided to go solo in the booth at The Shockhouse. Feeling like a real rapper in this booth Sip reply.

After that moment, thats when i started to link up with this Promoter and rapper Gansta Marcus. Every since then, independent minded thats known in hits like Swag On 100 with Reese Feat me on the track and also with the mixtape  titled Cool Fresh and Versatile with Songs like Mississippi Time To Shine, Still Hustling and Hold Up Feat..Gansta Marcus. The rest is history..

Facebook: siphop662

Twitter: @siphop662

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Police Officer Killed By Machine Gun Fire

Right outside my hometown of Cleveland MississippiPolice Sergeant Gale Stauffer was shot and killed by machine gun fire, and another officer was seriously wounded in Tupelo, Mississippi. A Tupelo shooting has left one family without a father, just days before the Christmas holiday. The small town of Tupelo, Mississippi, is mourning the death of a Police Officer.

A passer-by, Kenny Steen, heard a racket coming from a pawn store in Tupelo: “We heard some, just a real, ‘burr, burr’ real fast, so we came running out of the store.“ The search for a suspect in the shooting death of Tupelo police officer Gale Stauffer continues, comprised of a task force of federal, state and local officers.

The Tupelo mayor's office says that police Corporal Gale Stauffer, 38, has died after the shooting. A father of two is dead after he was shot along with a fellow officer while responding to a bank robbery in Tupelo.

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

#NewMusic Sip Hop - Rep Mississippi @SipHop662

It's "Mississippi" time to shine says Sip-Hop. "I told myself i need to make it for the better days, cause my homies saying that i'm rising in better ways."

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Young Cardo Ft O2 - I'm Thuggin

Mississippi rapper Young Cardo gives more music off his "Mississippi Boy" mix-tape titled "I'm Thuggin" featuring Lima, Ohio rap artist O2 of the group Kings Of Tha Bean. This track is produced by Gansta Marcus.

Thursday, March 12, 2020

What Roc Nation And The NFL Is Doing For Hadiya Pendleton

It's a good thing how Jay-Z is getting involved in our African American culture. It's time we slow down gun violence in our black communities. He is really using his voice to stand out behind his music while having the NFL to back him up.

Jay-Z's Team Roc and the NFL debuted a public service announcement that honors the life of Hadiya Pendleton, a young girl who was fatally shot in Chicago in 2013.

Hadiya Pendleton's family has continued to keep her legacy alive. The Chicago teen is the subject of Team Roc's latest PSA about putting an end to gun violence.

Pendleton is one of many stories of kids being killed by gun violence from all over the world. Pendleton was gunned down as she was spending time with friends at the city's Harsh Park.

The video titled "Hadiya's Promise" is narrated by her mother Cleopatra Cowley-Pendleton, who shared her daughter's hopes and dreams as well as her own efforts at social justice in her young years.

Tuesday, December 31, 2019

What Happened To Gansta Marcus @ganstamarcus

Gansta Marcus was once on the rise then everything just crashed! What happened to the artist and his music? What made him quit doing what he was doing? These are questions that has been asked by many in Lima, Ohio.

Many of you have heard of the name but don't know the artist. Gansta Marcus never put out a visual video but still was able to put out 100k streams on digital outlets.

The Wrap-Up Magazine was able to sit down and have a talk with the producer/artist to get his story behind what really happened.

Thursday, January 4, 2018

Ride To The Ghetto - Streams On Spotify

 "Ride To The Ghetto" was a unnoticed track that slips through the Mississippi Boy album by Mississippi artist Young C. This song also features the producer and artist Gansta Marcus on the track.

Saturday, August 3, 2019

Dero Mane - I Go

New Joint of the day from Cleveland Mississippi's finest himself Dero Mane with his new hit track titled I GO going hard in the Mississippi streets like, comment and even share the single for music lovers to get they day going.

Thursday, June 28, 2018

The Story Of Sip Hop

Sip Hop AKA James L. Dillard Jr born and raised from Cleveland, MS known as the Mississippi delta. Sip fell in love with hip hop when he was a child raised off of rap legends like Rahkim, Kool Moe Dee, LL Cool J and more to come.
He started freestyling at the age of 14 when Bone Thugs and Do Or Die was running the rap game even though he wasn't serious with at the time until at the age of 16 going on 17 years old when he was a sophomore at high school. At the age of 19 he went and locate to Chicago, IL that's when he met himself going to Shock house studios, where he some tracks of his own until things with the music wasn't going in the right path. After while he met up with his brother as you would know as Gansta Marcus(The Wrap Up Magazine), that's when singles like Swag On 100, Mississippi Time To Shine, Still Hustling, Gotta Be a Dime, Hold Up and not to mention his first mix tape Cool, Fresh and Versatile.

Sip kept the music flowing after his mix tape with more freestyles and mix tracks but at the same time he was making his songs like Chillin Like A Villian, Undastandabo and Swisha Sweet Blunts until now coming soon his new mix tape The Blue Tape will be available by fall or winter.