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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Amazon To Start Selling Groceries

Some reports suggest that the online giant retailer is going to build real corner stores to sell food products in order to further expand into the grocery marketAmazon has grown into a $400bn company in the 22 years since its founding by multibillionaire Jeff Bezos in 1994. Now the company is reportedly going to build convenience stores and drive-through locations for customers to pick up their groceries ordered online. The company itself refused to comment on the rumors, which would follow its launch of a physical bookshop in Seattle last year. By the way, bookshops will also reportedly open in 4 other locations across the US.

According to speculations, the brick and mortar stores will be designed for customers signed up to Amazon Fresh food delivery service. The latter is currently available for $15 a month on top of Amazon Prime’s $99 annual fee. Amazon has been offering its Fresh food delivery service in a number of locations across the United States since 2007 and now is rapidly expanding the service. For example, new cities across the United States were added: the service isalready available in its home Seattle, New York, Washington, Boston, New Jersey, Philadelphia, Stamford, Baltimore and California.

Amazon has also gone international in grocery delivery: this past summer the company launched outside of the United States for the first time and started offering grocery delivery in north and east London. Amazon Prime members can get this service in the United Kingdom for extra £6.99 per month. Financial experts report that Amazon collected annual sales of more than $100bn in 2015 – more than double the amount it could get just 4 years earlier. Amazon’s net income totaled $600m.

Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Will Amazon Buy MGM Film Studio?


Amazon is reportedly in talks to buy MGM, the vaunted film studio that was a staple of Hollywood's Golden Age. A tie-up would give the tech firm a big brand to wield as competition in streaming grows fiercer by the day.

MGM's iconic logo of a roaring lion has played before tons of classic films, including the "James Bond" series, and the studio could be valued at between $7 billion and $10 billion.

Thursday, March 19, 2020

Amazon Worker Test Positive For Coronavirus

An employee at a Amazon hub in Queens, New York has tested positive for the flu like killer disease coronavirus. said that one of its associates had tested positive for coronavirus at its Queens, New York delivery station and it will temporarily shut down the hub for additional sanitation.

The company said it will send associates home with full pay. Amazon packing containers are seen stacked for supply within the Manhattan borough of New York Metropolis.

Friday, February 1, 2019

Man Makes Millions Buying From Walmart and Selling on Amazon

This shows how you can make money any kind of way is willing to put the time into it. Ryan Grant, a 30-year-old entrepreneur whose company notched over $6 million in sales last year, in part by buying items at his local Walmart and reselling them on Amazon.

“My initial goal with this was just to replace the income that I was making from my accounting job, which at the time that I quit was $50,000 a year,” he said on Yahoo Finance’s live show YFi PM. “This has definitely exceeded what I thought possible and it has definitely exceeded my initial goals.”

“At the very beginning it was just me doing this out of half of a duplex that I was owner-occupying so there was product literally in every room of the house,” he said.

When he started making just as much through his side hustle as he was from his accounting day job, he decided to quit in 2013.

“It’s turned into a lot more than that today,” he said. “We’re still doing the retail arbitrage where we’re buying in retail stores and it’s expanded into buying from manufacturers and distributors of existing brands as well but it really all began with retail arbitrage.”


Now, Grant has moved his flipping operation to a 3,800-square-foot office with a staff of about 10 employees helping ship in bulk to Amazon. Selling through Amazon’s “Fulfilled by Amazon” program means individual orders are processed by Amazon out of their own warehouses, sparing Grant and his team the pain of shipping each individual order. He’s also started to branch out into selling on eBay and Jet, as well as his own e-commerce sites rather than relying solely on Amazon.

That said, sales continue to grow — from about $3.5 million in 2017 to $6.1 million in 2018. Despite the sales increase, Grant has dialed back his own annual salary to around $60,000 to instead opt to reinvest profits into the business. While that seems low, Grant said he’s only spending about 15 hours a week on the project as his staff handles day-to-day logistics, and is free to travel and work remotely.

Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Amazon Raises Minimum Wage For It's Employees

Amazon announced on Tuesday (October 2) that they will be raising the minimum wage for their U.S. full-time, part-time, seasonal and temporary employees to $15 starting on November 1. There are currently 250,000 people that work for Amazon with plans to hire another 100,000 for the upcoming holiday season.

CEO Jeff Bezos commented on the decision, stating, "We listened to our critics, thought hard about what we wanted to do, and decided we want to lead. We’re excited about this change and encourage our competitors and other large employers to join us."

Jay Carney, senior vice president of Amazon Global Corporate Affairs, also revealed that Amazon will be lobbying to raise the current $7.25 minimum wage. He explained, "The current rate ... was set nearly a decade ago. We intend to advocate for a minimum wage increase that will have a profound impact on the lives of tens of millions of people and families across this country."

Amazon To Start Selling Groceries

$15 Minimum Wage Raise For Seattle Wa

Monday, May 18, 2015

Itunes And Amazon Music Links

Were asking all nations and countries around the world to bear the weight of stress and uphold on one of hip hop's most finest unsigned artist in the underground industry. Help to encourage the Ohio rap artist to maintain his act of operation by buying his single or album released via Itunes and Amazon mp3. Let help to keep another talented artist from sinking to the pits of the gutter. I'm sure we all can maintain an conversation or give an effort to show our support. Please don't let this turn into a loss hope and cessation of effort.

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Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Ageezie - Street Life

Street Life Is Just All Our People Know. Stay On Your Grind And Hustle For Your Dough. If You Were Brought Up In The Streets, Or Raised By Some Hustlers, Then This Song Is For You.
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Monday, October 28, 2013

Itunes And Amazon Holiday Price Drop

+iTunesPlus4u has decided to do some revising to some prices on certain items. Prices have been lowered due to the holiday approaching rapidly. +iTunesQ8  is the world's easiest way to organize and add to your digital media collection. There are also great gift ideas for stockings such as +iTunes GiftCards.

+Amazon Web Services has also lowered the prices on selections of music. Prices now sell from $4.99 to $7.99. +Amazon Promotional Codes & More! are now offered to shoppers looking for a bargain on their next deal. Share your thoughts with other customers and leave a product review.

Monday, September 21, 2020

Watch The Full Length Documentary "Dream Big" By International Recording Artist @TheRealHeatwave


International Recording artist Heatwave takes fans along for the ride as he recaps his most recent Heatpack Tour with fellow artists Axel Muco, Eba Mob, and more.

Directed by Davané and co-directed by Heatwave himself, the group travels across Canada from Vancouver B.C. to Montreal, Toronto and many other cities while breaking down doors and gaining new fans through their non-stop hustle and grind. From city to city, Heatwave and the crew knockout video shoots, studio sessions, and more in between bringing high energy performances to every stage they touch. Showing the true work it takes to become an independent touring Hip Hop artist, Heatwave takes time in the Dream Big Documentary to explain the business moves behind the scenes that allow him to fund a tour and music career in 2020. Hitting the streets in every city they stop in approaching fans to come to their show, Heatwave's hustle and approach should be motivating for any artist on the rise. Asking fans "if they like Drake '' then explaining to them that his music is better, Heatwave shows the confidence it takes to break through the hate and doubt that will arise on the way to the top.

Packed with as many shenanigans as there are gems of knowledge The Heatpack Tour showcases a number of rising artists doing whatever it takes to achieve their dreams and goals. Over a 45 minute period, you get to witness the growth and confidence boosts of young musicians finding their lane and realizing their own potential. With a nonstop grind and work ethic, it's easy to see why Heatwave continues to expand his fanbase and grow as an artist every year. Spending most of 2019 getting his business endeavors in order, 2020 will be the year that Canada and the world hear from the Heatpack!

Already receiving praise from indie filmmakers worldwide including being accepted into the San Francisco Black Film Festival you can now get to know these rising stars in the uncut full-length documentary "Dream Big" available on YouTube, Apple TV, and available to rent through Amazon! 

RENT: Apple TV

Saturday, December 1, 2018

Top 5 Online Stores To Shop This Christmas

This is the power house of online stores for the best bang for your buck. Online stores are taking over just as quick as shopping from home blew up.

The Wrap-Up Magazine love Online Shopping for gadgets and all the latest in fashion. With so many stores to choose from on the internet, we have narrowed down the Top 5 best powerhouses their is to shop from.

Top 5 Gifts To Get Your Husband For Christmas

Saturday, October 6, 2018

Amazon Music Unlimited Now #Streams Lemarquis

The rap artist Lemarquis out of Lima, Ohio is sure making a splash in the music industry. Although he is a unknown artist, he has popped up in some of the biggest music apps for digital streaming.

The Wrap-Up Magazine is proud to pronounce fans can now stream songs from every album using Amazon Music Unlimited.

Amazon Prime Music and Music Unlimited both offer ad-free on-demand music listening with offline playback. Listen to your favorite songs online from your web browser.

Changes are now undergoing as the name change to Lemarquis is under going construction. Be sure to follow below as we continue to pump out new music.

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Friday, March 30, 2018

Itunes To Shut Down All Music Downloads

An Apple executive has officially announced that all iTunes MP3 music downloads will be terminated by early 2019. Apple Music executive and Beats creator Jim Iovine announced today that paid downloads on the iTunes platform will be phased out in an attempt to shift users toward Apple Music's online streaming.

Thursday, March 29, 2018

Music Discography Of Gansta Marcus

Gansta Marcus of Lima, Ohio is a well known unknown artist who was on the rise in 2010. With "Swag On 100" doing well over 100k free downloads, the producers first album release brought him to the forefront of his city.

Discover the largest music database and marketplace of Gansta Marcus (Here). Please note that all single-artist album articles may have subcategories here, even if it's the only album the artist has released himself.

 The 2010 album "419 To The 662" was a smash hit. Released: March 1st, this album sure brought Gansta Marcus name into the production world. With hit songs such as Overtime, #1 Fan, Bean City, and Im Sick, this album is great for purchase.

 After spending time behind bars, Gansta Marcus returns to the music industry in 2015 with his self titled album "Slick Rick". The Slick Rick album shows arrogance and strength in numbers as Marcus began to spread his voice throughout different cities. Released:  July 7th, 2015

 On April 2nd, 2016 Gansta Marcus returns as the producer with the release of "The Vault". This was a surprise album released with various artist throughout Ohio and Mississippi. Featuring co labs from cities like Oklahoma and more.

Gansta Marcus has been with Catapult Music since 2010.

Sunday, June 18, 2017

For The Love Of Music

Were asking all nations and countries around the world to bear the weight of stress and uphold on one of hip hop's most finest unsigned artist in the underground industry. Help to encourage the Ohio rap artist to maintain his act of operation by buying his single or album released via Itunes and Amazon mp3. Let help to keep another talented artist from sinking to the pits of the gutter. I'm sure we all can maintain an conversation or give an effort to show our support. Please don't let this turn into a loss hope and cessation of effort.

We do it for the love of music. With more funds means more shows, better equipment, and much more. Were looking to grow a wide variety of fans through music and hard work.
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Tuesday, August 31, 2021

[Single] Zario 'She Don’t Know Love' (Klubjumpers Remix)

FreeWorldEmpire/Bungalo Universal Music Group Release

ZaRio is an extremely talented artist, producer, and songwriter. Often being compared to music geniuses such as Michael Jackson, Marvin Gaye, and Brian McKnight, due to the likeness in musical style. The singer, songwriter was classically trained and is educated in the field of R&B by vocal coach, Cynnamyn.

Friday, April 23, 2021

Clippa Cartier - Wine Dark

Honesty meets catchy vibes on new album from Clippa Cartier 

EUGENE, OR – For most of his adult life, Clippa Cartier has been a professional barber. But like many people hit hard by COVID in 2020, he found himself without a job and looking for something different to fill his life. Enter a career in music, something that had previously only been a hobby he and his brother had dabbled with from time-to-time. 

Clippa has a natural gift for rapping and singing, and though he’s always dreamed of becoming a professional musician, he admits he needed the extra push of desperate circumstances to make him fully take the leap. 

Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Will Microsoft Buy Discord?


Microsoft Corp. is in talks to acquire Discord Inc., a video-game chat community, for more than $10 billion, according to people familiar with the matter.

Discord has been talking to potential buyers and software giant Microsoft is in the running, but no deal is imminent, said the people, who asked not to be identified because the discussions are private. Discord is more likely to go public than sell itself, one person said. Representatives for Microsoft and Discord declined to comment. VentureBeat reported earlier on Monday that Discord was engaged in sales talks.

Monday, March 22, 2021

[Album] G Canady 'F.E.A.R Reloaded'

Gregory Keith Canady Jr. (born August 5, 1992), known professionally as G.Canady, is an American rapper, songwriter, and entrepreneur. Born in Fayetteville, NC. G. Canady gained his recognition from his hometown while being a part of the rap group, Bang Out Squad (B.O. $). In 2010 he took his talents to Texas, where he released his first series of Beast Mode mixtapes as a solo artist. Now residing in Atlanta, GA, G.Canady released his mixtape Urban Greatness in 2016. Less than a year later in 2017, he released his highly anticipated F.E.A.R (Face Everything And Recover) project. The F.E.A.R project created a lot of traction down the East and West coasts with his hit singles Hustling Women and Letter to God. His biggest influencers for music are hip-hop artists UGK, Ice Cube, Twister, DMX, Nipsey Hussle, and Nas.

Amazon Music:

'Hustling Women' Music video links:

Social Media Handles: • Twitter: @gcanadyofficial • Instagram:@g.canady • Facebook: @officialg.canady • Email:

Lawsuit Dismissed Against Jay-Z & Meek Mill


Jay-Z and Meek Mill have reportedly settled a lawsuit with a Philadelphia police officer who sued both of them along with Roc Nation after a depiction of her in the 2019 Amazon original doc ‘Free Meek.’

The documentary spoke on Meek’s incarceration, and how the rapper shifted his focus on calling out the injustices of the U.S. prison system and criminal justice system in Philadelphia. Crooked police officers in Philly were highlighted as well, but it was revealed that one of the officers—Saqueta Williams, was reportedly proven to be innocent of any wrongdoing as a cop. Williams ultimately sued Roc Nation, Jay-Z, and Meek for invasion of privacy and defamation as a result after she was labeled as a crooked police officer.

Saturday, March 13, 2021

Is Nas The Next Billionaire?


We now know that Nas is a smart guy. We always knew he was gonna do, but traditional standards suggested maybe he isn’t the smartest guy, because he didn’t finish traditional school institutions. We also know about “they” schools. We have been able to ascertain that NAS is about to be the next billionaire!

It’s been made public for quite some time now that Nas is an investor in many tech companies and has a vast portfolio. That portfolio has resulted in numerous deals, which have lined the rapper’s pockets. So, Nas will invest in a company and the company gets sold, kind of like Tidal or Verzuz, and then those that helped that company get a higher valuation get paid in full.