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Saturday, December 10, 2022

Don't Forget to Add Upgrades to Your Studio This Holiday Season

The countdown to Christmas has begun and holiday shoppers are already out on the prowl for that special gift. In the middle of you taking care of everyone else, be sure to do something nice for you.

Upgrading your office space, studio, or mancave would be a relaxing way to get over the stress of spending money after the holiday season.

The Wrap Up Magazine has piled a small list of goods below to help you upgrade your home studio or office space. Good luck and have fun shopping this holiday season.

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Studio Monitors

Studio monitors are loudspeakers in speaker enclosures specifically designed for professional audio production applications, such as recording studios, filmmaking, television studios, radio studios and project or home studios.

There are studio monitors designed for mid-field or far-field use as well. These are larger monitors with approximately 12 inch or larger woofers, suited to the bigger studio environment. They extend the width of the sweet spot, allowing "accurate stereo imaging for multiple persons".

Have a look at the stores below! These are some of related shopper's favorites and are under budget for the quality.

Computer/Bookshelf Monitor Stands at Walmart

Adjustable Field Monitor Stands at Amazon

Clamp-On Studio Monitor Stand at Best Buy

Spring Monitor Arm

This desk monitor mount with sturdy steel design, very sturdiness. Compared to other computer monitor mount, this single arm monitor mount is more than three times stronger. Monitor arms achieve more suitable viewing by allowing for appropriate monitor positioning, monitor rotation, tilt, and precise monitor distance adjustment.

The single monitor desk mount attaches to the back of the desk it leaves virtually no footprint on your desk, which means more space for a document holder, tablet stand, diary, and any other essential equipment.

Don't forget to shop below for the right adjustable computer monitor for your studio.

Dual Monitor Stand, Fully Adjustable at Amazon

Single Monitor Arm, Adjustable on Ebay

Swivel Monitor Stand, now at Walmart

Led Lights

Decorating your studio with led lights is cool way to set off the attraction you need. No matter if it's neon signs, or glow in the dark fixtures, led lighting is a sure way to light up the holiday!

There are all kinds to choose from. So be sure to choose the best opinion that fits you!

Led Floor Lamp with Music at Amazon

Led wall panels available at Etsy

Monster Multi-Color USB Light Strip at Walmart

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