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Showing posts sorted by relevance for query marijuana. Sort by date Show all posts

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Trump Wants To Combat Marijuana

Donald Trump

Over the course of the past few years, eight states have legalized recreational marijuana while thirty others have legalized it for medicinal use. Unfortunately, it looks like the U.S. government is trying to change that as a new report indicates the Trump Administration has secretly formed a committee to combat the positive narrative surrounding marijuana.

Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Since When Did Smoking Marijuana Start Causing Health Problems

Every since loud, and Government produced Marijuana hit the streets, it has become a epidemic like Crack. I was born in the early 80's and we have never had a problem with Marijuana until now.

Recently: Marijuana ER Visits Spike

Researchers reported that emergency departments across the state saw a sharp spike in marijuana-related visits after recreational use of pot products was made legal.

I'm not trying to say that this is something that's being pushed by a higher power, but people need to open there eyes up.

While nearly 11 percent of emergency visits were attributable to edible marijuana, only 0.32 percent of total marijuana sales in the state were for edible products. Emergency department visits for psychiatric events and cardiovascular symptoms were more likely to be due to edible marijuana than inhaled marijuana.

They said that the slower rate of absorption of THC in edible products compared with inhalable products makes it harder for users of edible cannabis to gauge the doses required to get the desired high.

Future research into the effects of marijuana should focus on THC and cannabinoid content, how it's taken, doses consumed, sex, age, body mass index, and the medical conditions for which it might be prescribed.


Friday, June 7, 2019

Possible First-Ever Marijuana Overdose

Recently, we did a article on marijuana causing health problems and now according to the New Orleans Advocate, Coroner Christy Montegut claims that he's recorded the first-ever case of a marijuana overdose.

A police report noted the woman allegedly visited the emergency room with a chest infection three weeks before she died, with Montegut adding that nothing in the toxicology report pointed to other causes of death. He stated, "It looked like it was all THC because her autopsy showed no physical disease or afflictions that were the cause of death. There was nothing else identified in the toxicology—no other drugs, no alcohol. There was nothing else."

Former senior policy adviser at the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy, Keith Humphreys, questioned the report, saying there would be more recorded marijuana overdoses if humans were able to consume that level of THC.

Marijuana has been used for years by smokers from all over the globe, but now THC is used in various new ways than before. Not only that, the Government is also experimenting with marijuana in ways we have never seen.

Who is to say what the future of Marijuana holds for household that use cannabis as a supplement. While the fight to legalize marijuana is still on going, there is another fight behind closed doors to keep it from becoming legal.

Thursday, February 28, 2019

Will Marijuana Become Legal Nationwide?

Titled the Marijuana Justice Act, the bill is being co-sponsored by other candidates seeking the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination, including Sens. Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, Kamala Harris and Kirsten Gillibrand.

Sen. Cory Booker introduced a bill Thursday that would legalize marijuana nationwide.

“The War on Drugs has not been a war on drugs, it’s been a war on people, and disproportionately people of color and low-income individuals,” Booker said in a press release. “The Marijuana Justice Act seeks to reverse decades of this unfair, unjust, and failed policy by removing marijuana from the list of controlled substances and making it legal at the federal level.”


In recent years, 10 states and Washington, D.C., have passed laws legalizing marijuana use for adults over the age of 21. A total of 33 states have passed laws legalizing the drug for medical use. But marijuana is still considered a Schedule 1 drug by the Drug Enforcement Agency, setting up an enforcement conflict between federal and state law enforcement agencies.

President Trump offered his support in February to a separate bill introduced by Warren and Sen. Cory Gardner, R-Colo., which seeks to block the federal government from enforcing federal drug charges in states that have legalized the drug.

Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Why Is Smoking Marijuana More Dangerous Than Drinking Beer?

Lets forget about this being a topic! Why is beer in every store used as big money profits, while marijuana is pushing to fight for something legal. Drinking beer is far more dangerous in various ways than smoking weed.

Drinking beer has holidays such as St. Patrick's Day, and OctoberfestMarijuana comes with 4/20. In my observation, drinking beer has caused more bar fights, drunk driving deaths, and abuse on children. smoking marijuana seems to calm the nerves and open a third eye for some.

See Also: News On CBD Oil

The question of whether alcohol or marijuana is worse for health is being debated once again. Each substance has different effects on the body.

In 2017, it was rated that more than 30,000 Americans died from alcohol-induced causes in 2014. There have been zero documented deaths from marijuana use. Drinking beer is more harmful for the brain than using marijuana.

Saturday, April 2, 2022

House Passes Bill Decriminalizing Marijuana


The U.S. House of Representatives have reportedly voted to approve a bill decriminalizing marijuana

The Marijuana Opportunity Reinvestment and Expungement Act (the MORE Act) was approved Friday by a 220-204 vote. Three of the 220 votes in favor of passing the bill were Republican lawmakers. 

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Donald Trump To Fight Marijuana Laws

The president issued a 'signing statement' Friday, signaling that he may ignore a congressional ban on interfering with state medical marijuana laws. It does not apply to recreational marijuana, which was legalized in eight states in direct violation of federal law. Sean Spicer suggested Thursday that the Trump administration will enforce federal marijuana laws in states where recreational pot is legal.

Trump Administration's position on weed has forced Democrats to stick up for state's rights, and Republicans to call for greater federal interference. Jesse Ventura says it is completely wrong, unethical and unconstitutional for Trump to reverse state law on marijuana. The White House said Thursday it expects law enforcement agents to enforce federal marijuana laws when they come into conflict with states

Friday, March 22, 2019

Florida Legalizes Smoking Medical Marijuana

The legalization of recreational marijuana in Florida will likely be on the ballot in upcoming elections, where it's been assumed that it will likely pass over the next few years. It should be noted that ten US states and the District of Columbia already allow recreational sales of marijuana, while 34 states have authorized medical marijuana use.

The new law allows patients to receive 2.5 ounces of whole flower cannabis every 35 days, while patients under the age of 18 can smoke medical marijuana if they have a terminal condition and get a second opinion from a pediatrician.

"Over 70 percent of Florida voters approved medical marijuana in 2016," DeSantis said in a statement. "I thank my colleagues in the Legislature for working with me to ensure the will of the voters is upheld. Now that we have honored our duty to find a legislative solution, I have honored my commitment and filed a joint motion to dismiss the state's appeal and to vacate the lower court decision which had held the prior law to be unconstitutional."

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Monday, January 6, 2014

Colorado Say's Over $500 Million In Marijuana Sales Annually

The Huffington Post spoke with owners at many of the roughly 30 dispensaries that sold legal weed on New Year’s Day, and they all said the same thing: an eighth of an ounce of marijuana, which would have normally sold for as low as $25, was fetching anywhere between $35 to $70, after taxes.

Prices were also increased by the new 25 percent tax — 15 percent excise and 10 percent sales — on all marijuana purchases in the state that voters approved in November, along with any other local jurisdictional taxes on top of that. Marijuana sales are expected to generate nearly $70 million in tax revenue for Colorado in 2014.

Recreational marijuana is now legal to buy in Colorado, and it’s not cheap. But pot smokers who waited in five-hour long lines weren’t necessarily looking for a deal on Green Wednesday. Many shops raised prices or enforced a purchasing cap of one eighth-ounce in order to mitigate against a possible marijuana shortage.

Monday, January 30, 2017

Maine Legalizes Recreational Marijuana

Maine became the 8th state to legalize recreational marijuana for adults over the age of 21. Citizens will be allowed to possess up to two and a half ounces of marijuana and to grow up to 18 plants at home after voters narrowly passed a ballot last November.

Maine joins seven other states in passing marijuana reform, keeping the restrictions over recreational pot consistent with that in the other states; smokers will not be allowed to indulge in public settings.
Maine will begin collecting tax revenue on new marijuana products sooner rather than later, with the Office of Fiscal and Program Review estimating marijuana products to generate $2.8 million in 2017-2018.

Saturday, July 2, 2016

Police Seize $24 Million In Drugs

An accused brother-sister drug trafficking team is behind bars after Miami-Dade police seized at least $24 million in cash during a home raid. In what is being called the largest cash seizure in department history, detectives found bundles of $100 bills in heat-sealed bags stuffed into five-gallon orange buckets and hidden in a secret wall compartment of a Miami Lakes home, according to the Miami Herald.

Hernandez-Gonzalez — who is being held on more than $10 million bond, according to jail records — is now facing charges including money laundering, marijuana trafficking and possession of a firearm while committing a felony. Gonzalez was held on $12,500 bail for conspiracy and drug-related charges.

The alleged pot peddler, who runs a Miami gardening store called The Blossom Experience, was targeted by police who believed he was involved in trafficking marijuana in Tennessee along with two other men. The store is believed to cater to the illegal marijuana-growing industry and was raided by police and federal agents Tuesday.

Authorities found marijuana, marijuana seeds and $180,000 cash in a safe. Next, police raided his cushy home and found the buckets of cash along with a Tec-9 with an extended clip. The DEA began investigating Hernandez-Gonzalez back in 2010, after he dished to a confidential informant about the secrets of drug trafficking.

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Denver Legalizes Weed in Bars, Clubs and Cafes

The state’s capital is working to pass legislation that will allow recreational marijuana use in bars, clubs and cafes, according to Reuters. More specifically, private businesses will have the option of allowing adults to use marijuana on their premises. This would make Denver the first U.S. city to allow its citizens to use marijuana in public social settings.

The measure, known as I-300 is expected to take effect in late January. If all goes according to plan, citizens of Denver will be able to get high in their favorite social setting without any legal repercussions. Other states that have already legalized recreation marijuana use are currently working to pass similar measures.

California, Massachusetts, and Nevada legalized recreational marijuana use in last week’s election. Arizona rejected it. Major cities in all of those states could follow in Denver’s footsteps if all goes well with the new measure. Maine also had a vote on recreational pot use, but the ballots are currently being recounted.

Friday, March 17, 2017

60 Ounces Of Weed Donated To Goodwill

Employees at a Washington Goodwill center were sorting through donations earlier this week when they came upon a cooler containing 60 ounces of marijuana.

Goodwill workers often attest to discovering odds and ends, at times recovering cash left in the pockets of pants and bags, but rarely is anything found in such abundance as was on Monday [March 13], in Monroe. "This is a reminder to check your purse, pockets, or cooler to make sure you're donating the items you mean to," Goodwill spokesperson Katherine Boury said following the incident.

Recreational marijuana is legal in marijuana, but can only be carried in one-ounce quantities, by persons over 21 years old. Thus, whoever left the five large bags containing the drug would have stood to be prosecuted if they were busted with it in their possession. According to authorities who've attempted to track the cooler's owner down, many have suggested that the donation might have been theirs, but none have come forward with the admission. "There are many people on social media claiming it's theirs, but we have yet to have one walk through the door," said Debbie Willis of the Monroe Police Department.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Marijuana Experiment Blows Up

Anthony Gambale, 19, and girlfriend Gabriella Katanov, 17, were critically injured with second- and third-degree burns at 2:20 a.m. inside a Marine Parkway garage in Brooklyn, police said. The massive blast occurred when one of the couple lit a cigarette while trying to evaporate off the gas.

The explosion rocked the sleeping residential neighborhood and sent the garage up in flames. Gambale and Gabriella were rushed to Staten Island University Hospital, where they remain in serious condition. “Their lungs are good . . . but from the waist up, all burned. Her hands, too. She could be in the hospital for a year. She needs surgery. The doctors said it will get worse every day.”

Cops found a “large amount” of marijuana, including pot plants, plastic storage containers, plastic tabs, coffee filters, glass pans and butane. The couple had filled a blue 30-gallon tub with cannabis and covered it in butane.

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

South Africa Legalize's Marijuana

South Africa’s constitutional court ruled on Tuesday that the private use of marijuana must be legal. “It will not be a criminal offense for an adult person to use or be in possession of the drug." South Africa's top court says adults can use marijuana in private.

As reported by News24, the decision was originally made in 2017 in the Western Cape High Court that the possession, use, and cultivation in small amounts is legal. Pro-marijuana activists cheered in the public gallery and chanted when the Constitutional Court gave its landmark ruling.

South Africa joins Zimbabwe which in April became the second country in Africa, after Lesotho, to legalise the use of marijuana for medical use.

Friday, January 20, 2017

Atlanta's Largest Drug Bust

More than $9 million worth of marijuana was seized Monday; it could be the biggest marijuana bust in Atlanta history, according to narcotics officers with decades of experience fighting drugs on the streets.

It was a tip that led to the nearly 6,000 pounds of marijuana. A call came in around 5 p.m. Monday to report a shipment of drugs moving through the city.

Saturday, April 7, 2018

Migos Tour Bus Raided

Three men — who are not members of the Grammy-nominated group — were charged with drug-related offenses after 420 grams of marijuana was seized by the Boone Police Department.

Monday, March 26, 2018

Most Effective Way To Pass A Drug Test

This process takes an estimated 30 Days depending on your toxin levels, metabolism an overall health.

Sunday, May 20, 2018

Be On The Look-Out For Fake Marijuana

25 people has been hospitalized in New York from what police suspect was synthetic marijuana. Among those hospitalized, 15 people were treated at NYC Health + Hospitals/Woodhull in Brooklyn. As of Sunday morning, about half of them had been released and the others were in the emergency room “under observation.”

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

100 Pounds Of Marijuana Found

Giant bundles of marijuana, apparently containing individually wrapped five-kilo bricks, have been washing up on the shores of Flagler Beach, Florida since the approach of Hurricane Florence last week, possibly from a boat that was either capsized by the storm or an airplane drop gone wrong.

The Flagler Beach Police Department said that about 10:55 a.m. Wednesday, citizens reported finding a large package that had washed ashore in the area of 6th North Street and North Oceanshore Boulevard. When officers opened the package, they found it contained six smaller 12-inch by 12-inch packages stuffed with marijuana.

Hours later, the Flagler County Sheriff’s Office said a beachgoer in the area of North Ocean Shore Boulevard found four circular bundles and 13 brick-style packages of narcotics and called authorities.

It’s unclear if the two incidents were related, but the U.S. Coast Guard was contacted to investigate both cases. Officials from the Coast Guard told deputies that similar packages have washed ashore from St. Augustine to New Smyrna Beach and they are trying to determine from where the narcotics originated.

Flagler County Sheriff Rick Staly said the department has collected about 100 pounds on marijuana from beaches just on Wednesday alone.

On Thursday, he said even more marijuana washed up, this time on the beach in Jungle Hut Park. Before deputies arrived, beachgoers were arguing over whether to keep the drugs or turn them into law enforcement.