Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Why Is Smoking Marijuana More Dangerous Than Drinking Beer?

Lets forget about this being a topic! Why is beer in every store used as big money profits, while marijuana is pushing to fight for something legal. Drinking beer is far more dangerous in various ways than smoking weed.

Drinking beer has holidays such as St. Patrick's Day, and OctoberfestMarijuana comes with 4/20. In my observation, drinking beer has caused more bar fights, drunk driving deaths, and abuse on children. smoking marijuana seems to calm the nerves and open a third eye for some.

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The question of whether alcohol or marijuana is worse for health is being debated once again. Each substance has different effects on the body.

In 2017, it was rated that more than 30,000 Americans died from alcohol-induced causes in 2014. There have been zero documented deaths from marijuana use. Drinking beer is more harmful for the brain than using marijuana.

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