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Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Dave Chappelle Is No Fan Of Staten Island

One thing is clear from watching Dave Chappelle’s new Netflix special: He’s no fan of Staten Island.

In addition to calling the borough an “awful place, Chappelle said: " F– everybody on Staten Island except the Wu-Tang Clan" in the special, dubbed “8:46” that can be viewed on YouTube.

In addition to bashing Staten Island, Chappelle addresses rallies and issues surrounding the death of George Floyd, killings of African Americans and police brutality in the 27-minute show. He commended the youth for the demonstrations, and expressed his outrage over Floyd’s death.

Monday, July 29, 2019

Taylor Swift Is The World's Highest-Paid Celebrity

Touring continues to play a crucial role in Taylor Swift’s road to the top. The Reputation Stadium Tour surpassed her own 1989 World Tour as the highest-grossing in the U.S., raking in $266.1 million domestically, according to Billboard Boxscore.

Taylor Swift begins the Lover era at No. 1 on the Forbes Celebrity 100 list, pulling in pretax income of $185 million over the past year, her biggest earnings total yet. Her estimated pay grew 131%, after clocking in at $80 million in 2018.

In 2018, Netflix brought the Reputation Stadium Tour to living rooms on New Years Eve, after acquiring the exclusive rights to the tour for a live concert special. The streaming giant’s payout and endorsement deals with Apple, AT&T and Diet Coke added millions to Taylor Swift’s coffers.

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Disney Acquire Fox in $71.3 Billion Deal

It seems as if Disney will be challenging Netflix with gaining ground in the streaming world. In a deal that will have a seismic effect on entertainment and television, Disney has finally completed negotiations to acquire Fox.

The deal is worth a reported $71.3 billion with assets such as Fox film and TV studios, National Geographic, FX Networks, a number of international channels, and a third of Hulu. In addition, Disney also acquired the rights to such film franchises such as  X-Men, Deadpool, The Fantastic Four, and Avatar.

Fox will function as a standalone corporation which will continue to oversee the broadcasting channel as well as Fox News and Fox Sports. It is being reported that 4,000 layoffs could be imminent as the companies finalize the consolidation.

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Thursday, January 31, 2019

Was Sam Cooke’s Murder An Apparent Cover Up

His family have always maintained his death was part of a larger conspiracy theory. Cooke was a staunch supporter of the civil rights movement. His hit record “A Change Is Gonna Come” was inspired after he and his  entourage were turned away from a whites-only motel in Louisiana.

His beautiful and timeless records still hold a special place in millions of hearts. But Sam Cooke’s life was cut tragically short. Now the singer’s life and death is to be the focus of a Netflix docu-series. Cooke was shot dead at the age of 33 by motel manager Bertha Franklin.

Motel manager, Bertha Franklin, said Cooke broke into her office and attacked her. Because of this, Cooke’s death was deemed a “justifiable homicide.” Franklin claimed Cooke demanded she tell him the whereabouts of a woman who had accompanied him to the motel.

Franklin said the woman was not in her office and that she told Cooke this. But an angry Cooke did not believe her and “violently grabbed her.” According to Franklin, she fought with Cooke, managed to break free, get a gun and shoot him.

According to Franklin, Cooke shouted , “Lady, you shot me.” She said she beat him over his head with a broomstick before he finally fell and died. Late singer, Etta James, viewed Cooke’s body before his funeral. She claimed the injuries she saw were extremely different to the official account.

James says Cooke was so badly beaten, he was almost decapitated. His hands were broken and crushed and his nose was broken. In the new doc,’ one source claims the bigger a star Cooke became, the more White people thought he was “dangerous” because he was in “every American living room.”

Thursday, January 3, 2019

Roku Streaming Service Now Challenging Amazon Prime

Roku just unveiled new streaming TV changes that sound a lot like what Apple is planning. The change gives Roku's media partners a chance to include ad content inside of the Roku app instead of leaving it inside separate apps where fewer viewers can see the ads.

The Roku Channel, a separate section of the Roku user interface on TVs with Roku software and Roku products, will soon let users subscribe to paid content from Showtime, EPIX, Starz and a handful of other, lesser-known networks. Customers will be able to see all of the shows and movies available on those platforms before they subscribe, and can access the movies and TV shows from other devices, such as phones and tablets. They'll also be able to pay for all the services through one bill paid to Roku, instead of a separate bill for each service.

But there's a lot of missing content in Roku's new offering. HBO, Hulu and Netflix aren't available. Those apps are still available outside of "The Roku Channel," but users will need to navigate to the home screen and away from "The Roku Channel," which is clearly where Roku is going to try to keep its users' eyeballs.

The move also sounds similar to what Apple is planning. CNBC reported in October that Apple will mix its free original content with subscription channels inside of the TV app , which is available on iPhones and iPads. Apple may introduce its service as soon as this year.


Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Marvel Developing TV Shows

I know this is going to make many Marvel fans happy! Disney is going to lean on the Marvel Cinematic Universe to give its upcoming direct-to-consumer streaming service a superhero-sized jolt when it launches next year.

As it ramps up competition against Netflix, Disney is planning on making its upcoming ad-free service the only place to stream its movies as well as those from its subsidiaries Marvel, Pixar and Lucasfilm.

Source: Marvel Developing TV Shows Featuring Loki, Scarlet Witch for Disney Streaming Service

Aside from its ambitious Marvel plans, Disney's streaming service will become a prime hub for remakes and reboots of familiar IP. In February, the company announced that The Muppets would be rebooted for the streaming service.

Saturday, June 30, 2018

Action Bronson To Get An Acting Role In Movie @ActionBronson

He sings. He raps. He cooks. He smokes a lot of weed. Now, Action Bronson can add “seasoned actor” to his resumé after scoring a role in the new film The Irishman, according to Billboard. Directed by Martin Scorsese, the Netflix film stars Robert De Niro, Al Pacino, Ray Ramano and Joe Pesci.

Based on Charles Brandt’s book I Hear You Paint Houses, The Irishman follows Frank “The Irishman” Sheeran (played by De Niro), a mob hitman allegedly involved in the death of Teamsters boss Jimmy Hoffa (played by Pacino).

When reached for comment, Bronson’s manager told HipHopDX they “can’t really talk about it right now,” so it’s unclear what role he’s been given.

The Queens MC hit up Instagram last week to share a photo of himself with De Niro and Scorsese, which he captioned, “Religious Art.”

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Monday, April 3, 2017

Drake Buys Rights To New Show

Drake's relationship with the British underground scene has been a very fruitful one for not only himself but for many of the U.K. grime artists he's worked with such as Skepta, among many others. Now, he's pushing further with the news that he's recently bought the rights to the London-based drama, "Top Boy."

The Toronto rapper not only intends to own the show but to also play a starring role. Being a longtime fan of Top Boy, he expressed his love as a fan for the hit series over the years with various shout outs in raps like "Know Yourself", and even tweeted about it before, saying "@AshleyWalters82 is too incredible!! Everybody on Top Boy gives such incredible performances. That show is just too good."

He purchased the show after it was dropped by Channel 4 and was picked up by Netflix.

Ashley Walters, who plays Dushane on the show tells The Daily Mirror that the producers intend on making him a "significant" character.

"We met up to start talking about the show and we are working out a role for him," he said. "He loves acting, of course he wanted a part. He's going to be really hands on and is getting stuck into it.

The rapper has maintained his acting chops occasionally with various, but memorable Saturday Night Live appearances and his extended music videos and short films such "Hold On We're Going Home", "Jungle", "Please Forgive Me" and several cameos in films like Think Like A Man Too, Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues, and Ice Age: Continental Drift. He has yet to play a significant character in a television show or movie since his "Degrassi" days.

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Did Diddy Have Tupac Killed?

(The Wrap-Up Magazine) Rumors are that a former cop that's been investigating the Tupac death has reportedly cracked the case. The music mogul formerly known as Puff Daddy offered Crips member Duane Keith (Keffe D) Davis $1 million to whack Shakur and his manager, Suge Knight, former LAPD detective Greg Kading boldly alleged in a documentary, according to the Huffington Post.

Kading, who once led a task force investigating the shooting deaths of Shakur and Smalls, supposedly wrangled a confession out of Keffe D after the Crips member feared facing charges for a different crime. “If his intention was to just get away with it, so to speak, it would have been very easy for him to not include all the details that he did,” Kading told the Huffington Post.

Knight, 50, is currently serving jail time on charges he ran over two men with his truck, killing one, outside a Compton burger restaurant last January. The documentary in which Kading makes his case — called “Murder Rap” and based on a book he wrote in 2011 — will stream on Netflix this spring.

Monday, October 12, 2015

Young Thug Named The Real Life Gangstalicious

Young Thug’s sexual orientation has been one of fascination to both his fans and detractors for quite some time. Thug, born Jeffrey Williams, habitually, and with a supreme sense of I-don’t-give-a-f**kness, indulges in behavior that many in the hip-hop community have seen fit to deem “sus.” For example, he has a fondness for calling his closest friends “hubby,” and also recently shared that around 90 percent of his wardrobe is comprised of women’s clothing. Of course none of these things are indicative of Thug’s sexuality or gender identity, and by his own admission, there should be no question that he identifies as a heterosexual male. Nevertheless, his gratuitous displays of affection towards his male friends, and unfettered love of blouses and skinny jeans, have managed to generate substantial dispute.

 Last week, producers London on da Track and Beatmonster Marc, who are affiliates of Thug, added fuel to the fire when they suddenly found themselves embroiled in a gay porn scandal. During a studio session that allegedly included Thug and rappers Kid Ink and Tyga, Marc posted an Instagram video intended to showcase the crew hard at work. The innocent recording quickly attracted the biting commentary of idle twitter fingers when a few keen eyes noticed what appeared to be a bit of male-on-male action taking place on an oversized television screen.

The conclusion many jumped to was that the group had been participating in some sort of group Netflix and chill scenario that had somehow turned 50 shades of homoerotic. Marc quickly refuted the claims, stating they had simply been watching Game of Thrones, which to be fair, has been known to feature its fair share of same-sex loving.

However, given the curiosity surrounding Young Thug’s sexuality, some took the incident as confirmation that Thug was indeed hiding his true preferences. Even if he is, that is of course his right and prerogative. However, that is only one possibility. Another is that Young Thug is simply so comfortable being Young Thug that heteronormative gender distinctions mean nothing to him.
It all combines to make Young Thug something of an anomaly to many. In the same way Riley was forced to reevaluate his perceptions of masculinity and its role in hip-hop, those who come into contact with Young Thug often subconsciously or consciously do the same. With each new outfit or Instagram post, Thug manages to incite debate around what is acceptable as a man, and as a hip-hop artist; he’s also unintentionally (or intentionally) made people question what these supposed acceptable patterns of behavior even have to do with an artist’s ability to make music (nothing, really). And despite, or maybe because of his non-conformist attitude, Thug is successful.

Seeing Thug blur and at times flat out erase the lines of what many perceive as appropriate masculine behavior, and in turn seeing the confusion it causes, is like watching an episode of the The Boondocks play out in reality. But instead of desperately clinging to the status quo in order hide a secret like Gangstalicious, Thug gleefully flouts the status quo. The outcome is still the same in that both the ficitional Gangstalicious and the very real Young Thug cause people to question pre-conceieved notions about gender and sexuality.