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Monday, May 31, 2021

Omari Hardwick And Halle Berry To Star In Netflix Film ‘The Mothership’


Power and Army of the Dead (Netflix) star Omari Hardwick have joined Hollywood Diva Halle Berry, in The Mothership, a sci-fi adventure feature coming from MRC Film, Automatik, and Netflix.  

Written and directed by Matt Charman, best known for Bridge of Spies, the film sees Halle Berry portraying the role of Sara Morse, a woman picking up the pieces following the mysterious disappearance of her husband when she discovers an extraterrestrial object beneath her farmland home. Sara and her children race to decipher the connection between this strange object and her husband’s disappearance.

Hardwick signed on to the drama that will feature Oscar award-winning actress Halle Berry playing Sara Mose. It is not yet clear what role Hardwick will assume in a cast that also boasts John Ortiz and Molly Parker.

Hardwick has not yet commented on his new role but is no stranger to roles that stray from the norm. He can currently be seen in Zach Snyder’s Netflix zombie drama Army of the Dead as Vanderohe. He explained to Collider what went through his mind as he filmed his character being bit.

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