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Sunday, May 30, 2021

Who Wore It Better? Jennifer Lopez or Beyonce?


Celebrities now and days like to make a statement when they dress. Some use dressing up as a way to express themselves. In this edition of "Who Wore It Better" we bring in the red dress contest between Jennifer Lopez the triple threat entertainer and the Beyhive Beyonce.

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Recently, Jennifer Lopez has stunned in a red dress with a major, thigh-high split after her recent Montana getaway with former flame Ben Affleck. Lopez wore a dramatic red minidress from Christian Siriano’s spring ’21 collection for the occasion to accept an award once.

It’s been 18 years since Jennifer Lopez made jaws drop across the world in her now-infamous green Versace plunging, side-slit dress. Today, she still makes you crave for more of her.

Beyonce wore a jaw-dropping red ball gown with a hip-high leg slit by Valdrin Sahiti for Clive Davis' and the Recording Academy's Pre-GRAMMYs Gala and boy did she look good. BeyoncĂ© has outdone herself by wearing a gorgeous red dress with an even higher high leg slit.

BeyoncĂ© knows exactly how to make a lasting impression, and her recent outfit choices have been nothing short of flawless. Beyonce sizzled in a backless red gown as she discussed motherhood and being a businesswoman with British Vogue also.

So who do you think looks better in red, or who wears the red dress the best? Comment your answers below in the comment section.

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