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Saturday, May 15, 2021

Mike Jones vs Paul Wall - Celebrity Deathmatch


These two rappers may have cut tracks together in the past, but tonight, it's cutthroat action as Paul Wall takes on Mike Jones to see who will be the king of Houston in another episode of Celebrity Deathmatch.

Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Key Moments In Hip-Hop History


Hip hop is more than music; it’s a cultural movement that incorporates different elements of art. Before there was Lil Yachty, Young M.I.A., or YNW Melly, there was a world of hip hop artist who's name rain supreme even still today.

Back when music was real, artist had the opportunity to shine in their own distinctive way. Rap is one of the most distinctive features of hip-hop. Rappers use rhythm, lyrics, and vocal tone to express themselves. The best rappers are distinguished by their “flow” – the way the words run together without the performer getting tongue-tied.

Take this journey with me into the world of hip hop as we define all the odds to our culture. Note: When I mention hip hop, I don't mean rap music. They do not fit into the same category as each other.

Monday, February 1, 2021

Big Trip (@RealBIGTRIP) - "INTL (Sleep When You're Dead)"

Denver, CO rapper Big Trip released his latest single "INTL (Sleep When You're Dead)" along with the official video on Friday. Formerly one-half of Colorado rap outfit, Low Hanging Fruit, Big Trip is stepping out as a brand new solo act with his debut single "Pack" and this new offering. The visual shot pre-quarantine by Zay Jones finds Trip wheelin' and dealin' out of Luigi's Body Shop. Premiered via and featuring an 808-heavy bassline coupled with slick rhymes, "INTL (Sleep When You're Dead" is available everywhere now.. “The lyrics in the song speak to my mindset that I’ve acquired throughout my journey of becoming a strong, hard-working, independent man," Big Trip explains to "Once I heard the aggressive beat from Dirty Harry, I knew I had something gritty and authentic to say. The simplistic flow and cadence created space for me to really let people know how I’m feeling. I’m tired! My mind’s always going, and my phone’s always ringing. My body aches for rest but my mind is strong enough to realize: all that resting can happen when I’m dead! Crazy thing is, I actually had a close call when I was shooting the video for the song. I had a seizure while on set and almost died. Doctor said I wasn’t taking good enough care of myself or getting enough rest. But the only thing I’m focused on is getting my money and expanding my network internationally while being the flyest dude to do it.” Big Trip was originally destined to become a professional baseball player. Instead, he paved his own way to becoming a dedicated musician and executive. Now twenty-five years old, Trip applies those same sports practices and ideologies to the art of leading a successful business and career in music. One night, an overdose on college fun led to a near-fatal experience that left him in a coma.

Wednesday, December 9, 2020

Big Trip (@RealBIGTRIP) - "Pack"

Denver, CO rapper Big Trip released his debut single "Pack" along with the official video on Friday. Formerly one-half of Colorado rap outfit, Low Hanging Fruit, Big Trip is stepping out as a brand new solo act with "Pack". The visual shot pre-quarantine by Zay Jones finds Trip alongside beautiful women in Miami, lounging with libations perfectly underscoring the track's braggadocious energy. "Pack" is available everywhere now. Big Trip was originally destined to become a professional baseball player. Instead, he paved his own way to becoming a dedicated musician and executive. Now twenty-five years old, Trip applies those same sports practices and ideologies to the art of leading a successful business and career in music. 

One night, an overdose on college fun led to a near fatal experience that left him in a coma. After miraculously surviving what should have been a death sentence, Trip grew more spiritual and in tune with the universe around him. One night in 2016, Trip had an intense dream about the mountains and when he awoke the next morning, without ever visiting the state, he booked a flight to Boulder, Colorado. 

Sunday, July 7, 2019

What Happened To Lil Flip?

Texas had a big impact on the music scene in the mid 2000's and Lil Flip was a big part of the movement. Lil’ Flip these days is perhaps most well known for his feud with fellow rapper T.I.

Flip started rapping for Suckafree Records out of Houston, Texas, when he was 18, in 1999. He released his first album, The Leprechaun, the next year. Eventually selling more than 200,000 copies, it featured the hit single “I Can Do Dat.”

The single, “The Way We Ball,” helped propel Lil’ Flip into the national spotlight. The rapper was also able to work with Yung Wun, Ludacris, and Three 6 Mafia that year. This gave him the clout necessary to create U Gotta Feel Me, a double-disc album released in 2004, distributed by Sony Urban Music.

Lil Flip went on to start his own record label, which he named Clover G Records, after Cloverland, Lil’ Flip’s home neighborhood in Houston.

While T.I. was incarcerated for parole violations, Lil’ Flip used the opportunity to object to T.I. calling himself “King of the South.” The heavily publicized feud led to T.I. going to Cloverland, to expose Lil’ Flip as a fraud. When T.I. arrived in the neighborhood with his crew, Lil’ Flip approached him with his respective crew.

Friday, June 14, 2019

What Music Fans Are Talking About

The Wrap-Up Magazine newly listing page Fans Favorite has been having music lovers buzzing over articles that are being created. To make sure you didn't miss out on any of the hottest topics, we created these links below for you to have a look at.

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Saturday, March 16, 2019

What Happened To Mike Jones?

Mike Jones was on top of his game in 2005 before things started to take its downfall. For a hot minute, Houston rapper Mike Jones was everywhere. Mike Jones was once a prominent DJ and rapper, with numerous albums under his belt. What caused him to fall out of the limelight?

With song like "Back Then" and features on tracks such as "Still Tipping" Mike Jones was destined for fame. Mike Jones is a rap artist with a net worth of $6 million. He achieved his net worth by acting and singing.

He owns his own rap record label, Ice Age. He is well known for his album “Who is Mike Jones? So how did he fall off in the music industry with numbers like these to begin with?

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

DJ Navi (@nastynavi) Presents: "Huzzle" (Mixtape)

An 80’s Baby from the Get Go, DJ Navi’s ear for music is universal, His Timing incredible, and his crowd control undeniable. He dominates the state with his dynamic energy and easy confidence, capturing your attention from the first track to the last and engaging the audience in a way that keeps them coming back for more. A Trail Blazer In the Midwest region, DJ Navi, Has formed Doughgetta DJ’s. He has found great success with this group of self-employed DJ’s. Navi is continuing to build his loyal fan base with his parties for frats and sororities. Wedding from every size and birthday parties from 10-75 years of age. When it comes to concerts DJ Navi has spun for some of the top acts in the nation including: Chamillionaire, Katt Williams, Nelly, Trey Songz, Tone Loc, Mike Jones, Bun B, & the Youngbloodz, to name a few. DJ Navi is a Star that continues to rise.

Sunday, November 25, 2018

Brittney Carter releases new song "Paper Crowns" @_BrittneyCarter

Born and raised in Chicago’s south side, Brittney Carter arrives to bring a message of hope and perseverance in her music. Finding her voice while writing in the journal her mother gave her as a child, Brittney combined her love for writing and passion for music to become the artist she is today.

With an honest and genuine approach to her music, Brittney invokes a sense of humility, but also relentless confidence. Her voice and message are necessary in today’s culture.

Brittney just released "Paper Crowns" produced by Mike Jones where she displays her smooth lyricism on the track with heartfelt & thought provoking content that is woven with a effortless flow and texture. It's a beautiful combination she offers as an artist.

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Sunday, July 29, 2018

Stevioo (@_LiSteve) - "Determined" Hosted by @kingdjtonytone & @DJKingDream | @TeamNoPressure

Team No Pressure presents the debut mixtape if Jackson, Mississippi artist and Team No Pressure member Stevioo's "Determined" hosted by DJ King Dream and DJ Tony Tone. "Determined" is a nine track project that is lead by the single "Sunday", which is a tribute record to slain Jackson, Mississippi artist Lil Lonnie, featuring Team No Pressure and his freestyle over the classic Houston artist Mike Jones' track "Still Tippin". Production on this mixtape includes TrellGotWings, D Starr, Suplex and Hershey Blakk.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Mike Jones New Interview

Exclusive Say Cheese interview with Mike Jones talks on the mike jones chant in his songs plus the 281- 330 - 8004 number with the history behind it.

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Entrepreneurs Summit With Jermaine Dupri

For over 20 years, the rapper, producer, songwriter, author and CEO of So So Def Recordings has been an entertainment trailblazer, especially when it comes to discovering the next big names in music and creating chart topping hits.

It’s rare that entrepreneurs get access to insight directly from music moguls like JD, but at the Black Enterprise Entrepreneurs Summit in Atlanta, May 13-16, Mr. So So Def will be in the building, sharing gems that you don’t want to miss. Get your tickets, mark your calendar, and come hear all that Jermaine Dupri has to say about his empire.

In an age where artists can go from being the biggest voice flooding airwaves one day, to a forgotten talent the next, much is to be learned from those who’ve mastered longevity and maintained social relevance through the years.

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Top 5 Bow Wow Videos

The Wrap-Up Magazine has just released the top 5 hottest visual videos of +Bow Wow of +106 and Park. This was hard for us to decide out of. Over the years, his collection has gotten great with hits. The first video we posted is "Fresh Az I'm Is" featuring +Mike Jones.

The next video comes in second with "Shorty Like Mine" featuring +Chris Brown. The producer +Jermaine Dupri of +Global 14 was not playing back in the days making some of the biggest hits that you listen to today.

+Soulja Boy came into the industry with a storm and +bow wow joined in on the movement. These two young men are making more money than what I have in my bank account. +Sony Music Entertainment must have been proud to release this hot visual video.

This "Puppy Love" track with Bow Wow and +Jagged Edge took the music industry by surprise. +Jagged Edge was the hottest in the RnB scene during the time. +Bow Wow was just a baby during the time, +Jermaine Dupri was behind the scenes.

Hat had to go off for +Curtis Blow famous track "Basketball". The track and video was hot and was given almost all the rhymes it was given. Bow Wow was so young during the time. Jermaine had something on his hand when +Fabolous stackhouse got in on the track. +Jermaine Dupri also joined in on the visual.

Monday, January 5, 2015

Mike Jones - Money Train Mixtape

Texas rapper +Mike Jones is back with a brand new mixtape titled "Money Train". The Train is in Motion! I'm going to drop this movement called the Money Train.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Jim Jones Ft Lil Wayne And Camron - 60 Racks Remix

Listen To New Music: Jim Jones Ft Lil Wayne And Camron - 60 Racks Remix. Jim Jones' buzzing single, "60 Rackz," is sure to make even more noise with this remix including Cam'Ron and Lil Wayne.

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Big Boi Ft Killer Mike And Jeezy – Kill Jill

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