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Monday, May 6, 2019

Did Machine Gun Kelly Murder Eminem?

Everyone by now have chosen there side on who won the rap battle between Eminem and Machine Gun Kelly. Last year, Machine Gun Kelly and Eminem exchanged diss records in a battle that seemed to have came out of nowhere.

Many people say that Eminem won, but that's only due to his high famed status. Lyrically and entertaining wise, the Wrap-Up Magazine chose MGK as the winner. Not only did MGK win, his career took off on new heights due to the rap battle.

The feud between rappers Machine Gun Kelly and Eminem has become a hot topic that everyone seems to keep talking about. The beef with Eminem did help Machine Gun Kelly to get millions of views.

Eminem's 'Kamikaze' takes on everyone from Trump to Harvey Weinstein. Will this feud ever end? Only time will tell.

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In more recent news, Young Thug has taken to Instagram and revealed who he thought won the back-and-forth between the two rappers. Young Thug was at an event where MGK seemed to be DJing posted a video of the rapper in the mix along  with the caption “The one guy that murdered ‘M’.”

Well last week, Justin Bieber posted this on his Instagram story, calling out Eminem: "I just like Em's flow, but don't like that he's dissing new rappers. I like the new generation of rap. He just doesn't understand it."

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Jessica said...

Mgk did good, but eminem is the rap God.

Xentiment said...

Wait. MGK lyrically killed Em? I recommend this site called genius, it has explanation of lyrics but its not very popular, little to no one knows ot exist. Just kidding you dont need to understand eminems triple meaning bars, even their primary meaning is way better. Plus killshot has little to no filler bars, rhyme scheme is in 10 leagues above rap devil, delivery and flows, beat... You can suck it Eminem is best selling male artist of decade again as it stands and Kamikaze was best selling rap album by mile. Where is mgks binge, and his high in carrer? In garbage where it belongs. I dont see how its his prime, i havent seen him in news ever since killshot. Dude is dead.

Jessithapromoter said...

Eminem fans are holding strong and supporting. They trying to stop MGK but Machine Gun is making new moves

Jessithapromoter said...

he has been doing comedy. he has popped up in multiple news feeds. He may take off and become the first rapper to defeat Eminem

Unknown said...

And mgk is rap devil

Unknown said...

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Faiza Jee said...

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Jessithapromoter said...

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