Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Common Reveals He Was Abused

In an interview with Good Morning AmericaCommon explained the title of his new tome. “I’m talking about love for God, love for community, love for self and love in action,” he explains. “If we look at things and put love in our core, if we work from that place, that things will shift and change.”

Common gets deeply personal in his new memoir, Let Love Have the Last Word, in which he writes about his relationship with his daughter, his desire to be a husband and reveals that he was allegedly molested as a child.

In the interview, Common admits that work often got in the way of his relationship with daughter Omoye, who called him out for it. “I believed that I was doing a good job, right? And when she told me those things, it kind of shook me, because at first I was defensive,” he said. “I was getting angry at some of the things she was saying.

Common also opened up about his alleged sexual abuse while he was a child, which he had not previously revealed prior to the book. The interview ends with Common humorously freestyling why people should read Let Love Have the Last Word. The book is out now.

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