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Friday, April 19, 2019

Why Fans Once Loved Gansta Marcus And The Music He Presented

The underground legend Gansta Marcus was also a artist just like the people he promotes today. He is probably one of the few artist who was able to pull off 100 streams with no visual behind them.

Gansta Marcus has stayed quiet for some time now and their seems to no mentioning on his return. Once one of the biggest artist in the underground scene, the artist remained quiet after the self release of his album produced with various artist "419 To The 662."

On his return to the music industry, Marcus decided to put together a website that would not only connect him to other sites, but give him the opportunity to give other artist their time to shine.

Gansta Marcus has always worked with the young. From giving them there first jobs, to letting them have a voice through music. Many have respect for the artist and what he does. He is a self motivated individual who keeps things moving.

I say it's time for Gansta Marcus to get back what he does best for his community. It's time for him to take the throne as the leader of the new culture in his City of Lima.

Gansta Marcus has put together a slew of collaborations with various artist from various states. Many of them whom he has never met.

In his own words: "Back when I first began, it was Myspace and that all my city knew. I began to venture early into relevant sources and new websites to promote my music on. It was a big world out there and here i come." The full Interview will be coming soon!

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