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Thursday, March 28, 2019

Where Did Musical Groups Like Jade Go?

Before there was Destiny's Child or Aaliyah, there was a female music group named Jade. For a brief time in 1992, these girls were the future of R&B that came to a abrupt end.

They represented the last of a dying breed- R&B groups that we will probably never see again. They were beautiful, they were wearing box braids, and most importantly- they could sing! That’s another thing that seems to be a dying breed in the mainstream music scene.

Jade was one of my favorite groups from  the 90s, their hits “Mr Do Right” and of course “Dont Walk Away” were in constant rotation. But as quickly as they were in rotation, they were gone.

Their debut album Jade to the Max was an urban crossover success with the lead track “Dont Walk Away ” selling over 1 million copies.

So what happened? Where are they now? Why don't they release any new music?

After a break from the industry turned into a hiatus; the group eventually disbanded officially in 1996. While one of three has maintained a steady pace in the music industry the other two have regrouped and have launched new material.

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