Thursday, March 28, 2019

Name Your Favorite R. Kelly Song

The Wrap-Up Magazine is doing its own poll on your favorite R. Kelly song. Out of all his albums and singles created, which is your most loved track?

Through all the controversy going on with the R&B singer, his music will still on in our homes. The documentary Surviving R. Kelly brought increased scrutiny to the alleged crimes of the singer, but people still want to hear his hit songs.

After evaluation of Chicago's star R. Kelly, it was really hard for us to decide our most loved song. With hit tracks like "I Wish" and "Bump N Grind" how could you choose.

The Wrap-Up Magazine came up with their favorite track from Kellz, and it was "I'm A Flirt Remix." This track related to our lifestyle and that's the kind of music we like to listen to. Second up came "Fiesta (Remix)."