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Sunday, December 26, 2021

Future or Jay-Z?


In recent news, after Jay-Z’s comments that nobody could go toe to toe with him in a Verzuz, many people on social media and artists alike have been trying to dispel Hov’s claims. One of the artists who thinks they could beat Jay is Future. Future tweeted that he’s bigger in the streets than Jay-Z.

Monday, October 28, 2013

Ciara And Future Engaged

Future surprised the Grammy-winner with a 15-carat diamond ring over the weekend. Future and Ciara have been dating for a year. No wedding date has been set. She was already celebrating her 28th birthday in New York when he proposed. Future is also a producer who has collaborated with Rihanna and his future wife. He’s currently on tour with Drake. Everyone mentioned in this post get a big thank you +Drake Bell +Rihanna 

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Future - Mask Off Remix Ft Kendrick Lamar

Listen to Future’s ‘Mask Off’ Remix ft. Kendrick Lamar. Future released the remix due to high demands. Be first to listen here.

Sunday, December 19, 2021

Future Thinks He Has More Street Cred Than Jay-Z


Atlanta rapper Future history with Jay-Z is a checkered one, as the two have collaborated in the past but also exchanged shots at one another on various songs. Now, Future has taken to social media to say he’s bigger than Hov.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

The Kardashians Sign $100 Million Deal With E!

This has to be one filthy rich family. The Kardashians have signed a record-breaking, $100 million-plus deal to remain with E! for another four years, sources have exclusively confirmed to Page Six.

Momager Kris Jenner recently secured the astonishing deal for herself and daughters Kim, Khloé and Kourtney Kardashian and Kendall and Kylie Jenner. Bruce Jenner is not part of the deal, having previously agreed that he will be leaving after the upcoming 10th season of “Keeping Up With the Kardashians.” Bruce has his own show at E! based on his sex transition.

The Kardashian deal, the highest in TV history for a reality brand, is being kept strictly under wraps. E!’s parent company, Comcast, says it plans to save by spending less on content if its proposed merger with Time Warner Cable goes ahead.

The deal covers at least four more seasons of “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” as well as spinoffs, which have included “Kourtney and Khloé Take the Hamptons.” E! executives also believe the family’s huge social media following will fuel future digital projects. Jenner had previously been rumored to be in talks about a Kardashian YouTube channel.

There will be further opportunities for the sisters under the new package. Khloé has been hosting red carpet coverage as well as post-Oscar and Grammy specials for E! Kim is also expected to produce her own future shows. Kanye West is not part of the deal, we’re told, but he will continue to appear on “Keeping Up.” Show creator Ryan Seacrest is also believed to be getting a sizeable fee.

E! also has an eye on future vehicles for the youngest generation of the Kardashian clan. Kendall has quickly risen to become one of the world’s top fashion models. Kylie has had success in modeling and TV hosting, but wants to become an actor. Our source added, “You’ll be seeing a lot more of the Kardashian family. This is a huge deal, which will see their involvement with the network and its digital properties expand well into the future.”

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Future Ft Young Thug – All Da Smoke

Future drops off a new visual featuring Young Thug titled "All Da Smoke". Future & Young Thug have deiced to drop their latest visual for All da Smoke produced by Richie Souf and directed by Spike Jordan.

Sunday, January 24, 2021

Is Aaron Rogers Finally Leaving The Packers?


Aaron Rodgers walked off Lambeau Field feeling “gutted” after losing the NFC Championship Game for the fourth time in the past seven seasons and wondering about his future with the team.

“A lot of guys’ futures that are uncertain – myself included,” Rodgers said following the Green Bay Packers’ 31-26 loss to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Even as he’s likely to receive his third NFL MVP award in 13 days, Rodgers hinted that the unthinkable – he won’t be back for his 17th season with the team and 14th as the team’s starter – isn’t so unthinkable, after all.

Thursday, November 11, 2021





From the album “Hall Of Fame 2.0”, available 12.3.21
Polo G is bringing us fire for the winter with his new record, Bad Man (Smooth Criminal) which is sure to be all over in the immediate future!
As soon as the room-shaking 808s hit, you know this is a party record,  and when the synths start vibrating in the background you know you are listening to the sound of the future. This is what happens when True, Old school, POP meets rap!
Polo G is making a statement with this record. Pay attention!
Lil Cap A Lot is dropping funny and attention grabbing lines like how he describes the color of his gun, earning the title of “Bad Man”. 

From the album “Hall Of Fame 2.0”, available 12.3.21
Polo G is bringing us fire for the winter with his new record, Bad Man (Smooth Criminal) which is sure to be all over in the immediate future!
As soon as the room-shaking 808s hit, you know this is a party record,  and when the synths start vibrating in the background you know you are listening to the sound of the future. This is what happens when True, Old school, POP meets rap!
Polo G is making a statement with this record. Pay attention!
Lil Cap A Lot is dropping funny and attention grabbing lines like how he describes the color of his gun, earning the title of “Bad Man”.


Friday, November 23, 2018

Ways To Patch Up Your Relationship

Now this is starting to be a touchy topic all over the globe. Why are so many relationships not going in the right direction? Are you stuck in a unhappy relationship? Or is your relationship having problems you may not know how to solve?

We think we have came up with some of the best solutions from some of the top minds on dating. No this is not a Dr. Phill section, but this is ways to help you patch up your relationship with your love one.

When your relationship is on its way out, there is often a shift in the language used related to the one you once loved. It's sometimes difficult to know when a relationship is over even when it's obvious.

Love that lasts is the result of partners embedding themselves in each other’s brains in a positive way. Memory circuits and pleasure get all wound up together so that the other person becomes integral to the very structure of your brain, and you become part of the structure of his.

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There is no shame in a relationship that “has no future.” When you meet someone you click with, it often seems like nothing else matters to you – it’s you and them figuring things out, and you couldn’t care less what anyone else thinks.

A relationship between two people is one of the most important parts of human life. When we meet someone who conquers our heart and awakens the desire to spend the future with him, suddenly everything around us begins to look better and more beautiful.

You can never say that a relationship has no future when one still believes in it. You can never get out of it without hurting them. If both think that there is no future then you have already lost the relationship, its just a formality left.

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Even though every relationship has its ups and downs, successful couples have learned how to manage the bumps and keep their love life going. All relationship problems stem from poor communication.

They hang in there, tackle problems, and learn how to work through the complex issues of everyday life. Many do this by reading self-help books and articles, attending seminars, going to counseling, observing other successful couples, or simply using trial and error.

Monday, February 27, 2017

Ariana Grande Ft Future – Everyday

With Ariana Grande, Future, Michael Canetty, Jeremy Fiorentino. The clip features Grande singing in the streets, in a laundromat and on the bus while couples of different races, ages and sexuality are kissing. Future raps his verse in an office surrounded by employees.

Ariana Grande links up with Future for her latest visual for Everyday directed by Chris Marrs Piliero. Taken from the album Dangerous Woman.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Top 5 Hottest Photos Of Ciara

I don't know what they have been doing over there at The Wrap-Up, but whatever they have been doing, things sure have been heating up. This time they come with the top 5 hottest photos of Ciara. Ciara Princess Harris (born October 25, 1985), known mononymously as Ciara 1] is an American singer, songwriter, record producer, dancer, and actress.
 Ciara and Future are trying to work things out and reportedly living together again after the singer called off their engagement. Ciara seemed willing to give Future a second chance following the Tyrina Lee incident.
 Ciara is an American singer and song writer who has a net worth of of $15 million. Ciara was born in Austin, Texas. Ciara Net Worth Could Double in 2014. Ciara blonde hair It's been an amazing year for the beautiful Ciara. The singer is expecting her first child with rapper fiancé Future. Singer Ciara has given birth to a baby boy and named him Future Zahir. 
 Ciara has a tall and lean athletic build with minimal curves. These were the words recording artist Ciara spoke Wednesday night to ... gays and lesbians is creating awareness about the reality of their identity and lifestyle.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Kym Cartel Ft Future – Dat Turn Up

+kim cartel releases new music titled "Dat Turn Up" featuring Future. DJ Junior is gearing up for more mixtape releases, but he decided to drop off a new song. Boasting ties to a lot of people in the industry, he has ties to Kym Cartel. She dropped her new single with Future, “Dat Turn Up,” exclusively through him.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Gansta Marcus Talks The Future Of Rap Music

(The Wrap-Up Magazine) Music has changed inn many way. When I was growing up, we had +Rap City and then went to +106 and Park. Now +BLACK ENTERTAINMENT TELEVISION is doing reality t.v.

I don't know what the future holds for the rap game. Rappers in the gay community is having there time right now, but if the trend of change continues, then this will also come to pass. Not only have we had rap, but swanger music from Texas, snap and dance types from Atlanta, and swing music from the Midwest.

We don't know what the future holds for the music industry or how it will change. I feel the next thing coming is Swagger. It's something that's always been hot and I believe will remain.

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Top 5 Cars Coming In 2018

Give it a few years and the car you drive now will look like the vehicular equivalent of a flip phone in 2016. And that cheap '90s beater that gets you around today will look like the Bakelite rotary dial phone your grandparents had. So considering today's car's forthcoming obsolescence, what will your auto be able to do in the future?

To those of us still driving cars built in the '90s, a 2016 edition vehicle can seem like something out of Star Trek. Automatic lights and wipers, integrated touchscreens, tire pressure monitors, independent passenger climate control, seat-back entertainment, automatic parking.

While the current BMW 7 series allows you to control stereo volume and answer phone calls with a movement of your finger, in the near future you will be able to do a lot more. Integrating movement sensors with a large screen, BMW's "AirTouch" will allow you to interact with car systems with hand gestures as if you were using a touch screen.

BMW will be revealing a "vision car" at the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas in January 2016 that will offer a preview of what the system will look like. But you will have to wait a little longer before you can wave hello to one in your own car.
Hands-free driving might not sound like a giant leap—cars are already parking themselves after all. But in the not too distant future, your car will be able to take over a much larger share of the driving. Several manufacturers are developing systems that will allow the vehicle to be aware of its position in the road and automatically provide control inputs. Volkswagen is working on a system that uses cameras to monitor your car's road position.

The closest thing to a traditional superpower on this list, laser headlights would provide you with unprecedented vision at night. Audi and BMW are both developing headlights that bounce lasers off mirrors to create a diffused white beam and light the road up to 600 yards ahead.
Driving in convoy, or "platooning" as the technique is known, offers a number of advantages over standard driving. But this isn't just a bunch of people driving in a line. Rather, by using a system of radar and WiFi technology, all the cars in the line could rapidly communicate and coordinate speed changes.

Using advanced synthetic fuels would allow companies to produce highly efficient engines and reduce the impact on the environment created by both the production and consumption of fuels. All this will make your car more efficient, quieter, and cleaner—or alternatively faster and louder if that's your thing (but still with reduced emissions).
As early as 2017, you might start seeing technology on your car that allows it to communicate with the cars around it. Dubbed V2V (vehicle to vehicle), the technology allows cars to track each other and communicate location and movement information. A trial is being run in Ann Arbor, Michigan by the University of Michigan, and the Department of Transportation has 3000 vehicles equipped with prototype devices.
Cars may soon be equipped with technology that can monitor your physical condition, from heart rate to blood alcohol content, and much more besides. A system being developed by Ford can monitor a diabetic's blood sugar level and warn if it drops too far.

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Future Robbed For $2 Million In Jewelry

Future has been traveling with Drake as the opening act of what has burgeoned to be the hottest tour of 2016. He was reported to have been performing inside of Phoenix's Talking Stick Resort Arena when the heist is believed to have taken place. Police described the missing contents to comprise of pricey jewelry that was being kept in a briefcase. Surveillance video is being reviewed for clues as to whether anyone within the premises between 10:00 and 10:15 p.m. can be identified.

After weeks of highs marked by A-list cameos and riveting feuds, Drake's Summer Sixteen tour suffered a setback Tuesday night, [September 6] particularly for Future, when nearly $3 million worth of property belonging to the Atlanta rapper was reported stolen from his tour bus. Video of Drake's reaction to news of the incident has surfaced to show him blowing a fit as members of his camp attempt to settle him down. An investigation into the theft is ongoing.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Rocko Ft 2 Chainz And Future – U.O.E.N.O. Remix

Rocko Ft 2 Chainz

Listen to Rocko Ft 2 Chainz And Future – U.O.E.N.O. Remix. I remember when this track first came out, the world went nuts. "U.O.E.N.O." is a song by American hip hop recording artist Rocko. It was released on March 5, 2013, as the first single from his sixth mixtape Gift of Gab 2 (2013).

Thank You Rocko, +2 Chainz and Future

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Thursday, August 27, 2015

Uncle Murda Ft Future – Right Now

Uncle Murda releases new music titled "Right Now" featuring Future. Uncle Murda brings along Future for ‘Right Now’. Uncle Murda gets back to the music and unleashes a brand new single.

Monday, May 9, 2022

Drake’s Links New Deal With Universal Music Group


Nearly $400 million is the price tag of doing business with Drake in 2022. Sir Lucian Grainge revealed an expansive, multi-faceted deal with the Certified Lover Boy that covers recordings, publishing, merchandise, and visual media projects. hit a few industry insiders to see how much that deal could be. 

While one referenced “LeBron-sized,” possibly alluding to one of his league-leading contracts or his massive business deals with Nike or more, Drake’s lyrics stand out. “Three-sixty upfront, it all comes full circle,” he spits on “Lemon Pepper Freestyle. UMG announced a new deal with The Weeknd. 

Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Rockstar Rodie (@RockStarRodie) - "Rockstar"

Recently Rockstar Rodie released the audio for his critically acclaimed and aptly titled track, "Rockstar." The track traces Rockstar Rodie's past experiences on the road after having been on sold out tours with popular artists like Future, Kevin Gates and Chief Keef to name a few. "Shout out to Future, he let me come rock out on his tour, I've been on tour with Kevin Gates, I was on the Chief Keef tour and I even did a solo tour last year," Rockstar Rodie said. "I want everyone to know about the music that is out now, so I want people to check out the songs with Future that's got 4 million views, Kevin Gates, OT Genasis and I got songs with a bunch of up-and-coming artists in Chicago. I got tracks with Money Man and a bunch of others, I've been putting in the work and I got the co-signs." Shunning any comparisons to rappers in Chicago and rappers in general, Rockstar Rodie believes his music is beyond the scope of what typical rappers are putting out. "I don't even follow up in the rapper category, much respect to all the artists from Chicago but I'm a rock star. I don't pay attention to any of the beef these cats are involved in, I'm more focused on the positive vibes and the music," Rockstar Rodie explained. "Please don't call me a rapper / I am more like a rockstar," he raps in his lyrics of "Rocksta,r" echoing his thoughts of not wanting to be called a rapper. "Rockstar is a feel good record a record that’s meant to motivate or even uplift whoever listens to it. The Rockstar record is produced by Ronny, he does beats for the stars and he's worked from Keyshia Cole to Drake to 2Chainz so I was really happy to do an album with him - he co-produced this one," Rodie said. The new music comes on the heels of Rockstar Rodie undergoing a name change, to refresh his movement and brand. "I changed my name from Joe Rodeo to Rockstar Rodie, I just felt it was time for a change, I had been doing music under that name for a while and I felt like this was more of an artist's name," Rockstar Rodie said. "I think the visuals are going to put a fresh face on it because everyone is trying to figure out what's up with the song." Rockstar Rodie's "Rockstar" is a release from Synergy Jaz Records and will be featured on his Rockstar Status album.