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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Man Jumps Off Bridge

An undocumented immigrant who was deported back to his native Mexico for what was a third time on Tuesday, February 21, committed suicide within an hour of his release on the other side of the U.S./Mexico border.

Guadalupe Olivas Valencia, 45, was declared deceased at a local hospital, but is said to have died of a heart attack triggered by a concussion he suffered from his leap off of a bridge. According to a source close to Valencia, he had been experiencing bouts of anxiety from feeling depressed over his departure. Aside from being left at the El Chaparral border crossing between San Diego and Tijuana, which is an area he was unfamiliar with, he was said to dread the idea of returning to his hometown of Sinaloa, where for years El Chapo oversaw a reign of terror atop the narcotics trade.

Tensions have been on high in the Mexican migrant community, ever since President Trump took office with a vow to rid the nation of immigrants living in the States illegally. But their fears were all the more exasperated earlier this week, when the passing of stricter Department of Homeland Security guidelines are being instituted to allow for authorities to have more leeway in identifying and expelling immigrants.

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