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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Man Screams In Court Over Mistreatment

A man linked to the murder and dismembering of a woman nine years his junior in 2005 was formally charged with the heinous crime on Wednesday, February 22. But authorities had a difficult time handling him throughout much of the afternoon, as he is reported having resisted from the moment he was pulled into the courtroom; so much so that they were unable to fingerprint him.

In a video that leaked from Kwauhuru Govan's court proceeding, he insists that he wants to stand, as those in the pews behind him had been standing, but his request is denied by the judge and a crowd of court officers put their weight on him to ensure that he successfully obeyed the Judge's demand that he remain seated.

"I would like to stand. I would like to stand in court. I have a right to stand in court," Govan repeatedly insisted, as over a half dozen law enforcement officials wrestled to keep him still. "I want to stand up so the American people can see my clothes. Can see how they've been treating me."

According to court reports, Govan, 38, came into the courtroom hollering that he had been framed. But forensics says that his DNA was found on Rashawn Brazell's belongings. Last year Govan was put away when his DNA turned up on another young woman, 17-year-old Sharabia Thomas only one year earlier. Brazell reportedly lived across the street from Govan. Investigators say they are now looking into exploring the possibility that they may have nailed a serial killer, whose involvement in other murders has yet been unearthed.

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