Monday, May 25, 2015

TWUM Talks Lima, Ohio

The Wrap-Up Magazine is a family residence at 742 West Wayne Street in Lima, Ohio. The website brings your worldwide entertainment, new, event, celebrity, news, and more. It is home and music hub to Lima, Ohio producer Gansta Marcus who goes by the stage name of Nieman Marcus. Take a look at news, music, and more out of the city of Lima.

The new Lima, Ohio football stadium will be receiving a new name. The newly renovated Lima Stadium will also be getting a new name, Board of Education members decided. The board members chose the name Spartan Stadium, a name they feel will create even more school pride...More (CLICK HERE)

 A Lima, Ohio teen had died due to injuries after a SUV flipped in a fatal car crash. Kataira Gordon, 14, of Lima, died from her injuries, said Major Chip Protsman from the Lima Police Department...More (CLICK HERE)
 Lima, Ohio: Devontae Williams died early Friday after another vehicle eluding police ran a red light and struck the car. Devontae Williams, 21, of Lima, was transported from the scene of the accident. He later died from his injuries there, according to a press release from Major Chip Protsman of the Lima Police Department...More (CLICK HERE)
 Lima, Ohio is not a city in major known countries, but this city has all that it takes to grow and prosper for thriving businesses. Drug dealers have also been known for million dollar runs of major distribution. Being on I75 Interstate made this city a hot place to visit and live...More (CLICK HERE)
 In this case, it must suck having tattoos.  A man who survived a shooting that killed his friend identified the shooter by a star tattoo on his neck. That identification by Eric Irons was enough to send the case against 20-year-old Valdis Stapleton Jr. to a grand jury for consideration...More (CLICK HERE)
 Lima, Ohio producer Gansta Marcus also know as the rapper Nieman Marcus has been going around the city doing good deeds for the elderly. Nieman started by going to his teenage neiborhood on West st. and started helping neibors of the community with their yard work...More (CLICK HERE)
 The Lima, Ohio police department have their hands tied up right now with two homicides in the same week. 24 year old Carlton Martin was found dead in a house last Tuesday night on 844 Oak st. The bullet that killed him traveled from his arm into his body...More (CLICK HERE)
 Shots have been fired at all Lima, Ohio rap artist who is not on the team of +Nieman Marcus and his crew. The producer is declaring a local rap war against any rapper who wants to step up and claim the position of king. He took to twitter and posted "A King makes a scene, no-one does it like me in my city. Ego's up, this is shots fired to all rappers."..More (CLICK HERE)
 Bean City (Lima, Ohio), we bean boyz, not bean gags. Just body bags with tote tags, in the streets is where your find meat. Posted up like stree signs, just make sure I eat right. I want that money coming all night, change, fives, tens, twenties, fifties, and hundreds. I love money, they ate it when I miss it, the women, hate it when they miss it...More (CLICK HERE)
 The West Central Ohio Manufacturing Consortium will offer its Basic Manufacturing Pathway class April 14-30 at Rhodes State College. This 40-hour class will be held 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays...More (CLICK HERE)
 Sir Charles C of Lima, Ohio has been signed to +Motown Records since 2008. Since that time, he’s made singles and done shows and tours, all to build up his buzz. Sir Charles was recently in Dayton, Ohio a few weeks ago to participate in a video shoot with Indiana-based Rap artist Mr. Perfect (who also has a deal pending with Def Jam). He took time from his busy schedule for a Q&A...More (CLICK HERE)
 The Wrap Up has released their first business to hit the local streets of Lima, Ohio titled "DVD's Ny Demand." They claim to have high quality DVD's at rock bottom prices. Get all your favorite DVD's, movies, and T.V. shows by demand...More (CLICK HERE)
One person was arrested in Lima, Ohio after an investigation by the West Central Ohio Crime Task Force into sales of crack cocaine from a Lima residence. The task force, with the aid of the Lima Police Department SWAT team, executed a search warrant at 642 E. Third St., Lima...More (CLICK HERE)
 A Lima, Ohio man who drove his car through a fence and plummeted into the icy Ottawa River overnight was lucky to be alive. Friday to reports of a man walking on East Elm Street with his face covered in blood and wearing wet clothing. They came across 35-year-old Robert Smith III, of Lima. It was so cold, Smith’s wet clothes had frozen to his body...More (CLICK HERE)

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