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Monday, April 13, 2015

Top 5 Hottest Women On The Globe

The Wrap-Up Magazine has just released its top 5 hottest women on the globe post. With so many models in the world today, its hard to choose between them all, but we have made that happen because of our viewers. In the above photo is +Diosa Canales. She is placed as the featured model. Everyone has been asking what happened to the top 5 hottest women list! Well we decided to give the world a taste of some new talent on The Wrap-Up Magazine. (Click Here) To view all Top 5


Ab Soul has to be a happy man these day with a girlfriend like +Yaris Sanchez. Even if your rap name isn't Ab-Soul, any human with eyes can appreciate Yaris Sanchez. This model is hot +Yaris Sanchez. (Click Here) To See All Top 5.


I don't understand why +Jeneva Diaz has not been introduced to a broader platform already! With booty like that, she is sure to please millions of fans. The Wrap-Up Magazine has decided to release the top 5 hottest photos of this rising star to show you how good she looks.


Oh My Gosh! Amber Rose stepped out in her bikini with major sex appeal. She had to shut down the internet with these hot bikini poses. With an ass so fat and a body to kill for. Amber Rose is well-known for owning her sexuality, whether it be twerking or posing. (Click Here) To See All Photos.


The Wrap-Up Magazine is keeping it sizzling with some of the hottest models and celebrity photos on the net. This time they introduce +Angel Cruz to the collection. (Click Here) To Find Out More From This Model.

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