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Monday, April 13, 2015

Niykee Heaton Top 5 Hottest Photos

There is a new model taking rise rapidly. +Niykee Heaton has just been featured in our top 5's on The Wrap-Up Magazine. If you’re familiar at all with Niykee Heaton, you know this girl generally wears next to nothing.
 They like to call her, The Queen Of The Thirst Trap Model. She has been nominated as the internet's new vixen. She has starred in various artist video played worldwide.
 Niykee Heaton was discovered through her YouTube channel. In 2011, while still enrolled in high school, the suburban Chicago native began uploading clips of herself.
 Niykee Heaton is an amazing singer and songwriter from Chicago. Her hips and waist leaves every girl in the room jealous.You should check out her pics!

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