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Sunday, April 12, 2015

The Push To Save Africa's Elephants

Elephants are on the verge of going extinct in Africa due to mass killings of the beast. 96 elephants are killed each day in Africa, according to one estimate, and nowhere is that clearer than in Zakouma National Park.

Every day, in this remote wildlife refuge in the Salamat region of southeastern Chad, park rangers risk their lives to protect elephants that have managed to survive the poaching massacres of the last decade.

A handful of men throw themselves flat to the ground, aim, and fire their Glock pistols, hitting distant targets. They jump up, run, and fire again from standing positions, repeating the drill with Kalashnikovs.

Duboscq leads the men through a rallying cry for Zakouma; the rest of the exercise is all business. They're capable of taking on armed poachers, handling sniper rifles, and engaging in a firefight. They're trained in making arrests, judicial procedures and presenting evidence in court.

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