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Thursday, October 4, 2018

Why Youtube And Facebook Video Sharing Is Not The Same

Youtube And Facebook
Facebook is doing it's best to compete with Youtube over video sharing to the public. Maybe in the near future, Facebook will gain the potential it needs if it keeps pushing Youtube off it's platform.

The growth of Facebook video over the last two years has been widely documented. Its rapid expansion has placed it squarely in the running for top social video platform. To earn that title though, Facebook has to dethrone YouTube, which has long been synonymous with online video.

At the same time, even if someone shares a video on YouTube, that will go to their Google Plus profile and I don't think Google Plus is as active as Facebook. Even if they share YouTube video on Facebook or any other social networking sites that mean you are combining 2 different channels.

YouTube and Facebook have become popular online destinations for sharing information and connecting with others, so it's no surprise that the two sites are compatible. There is not much to say about Youtube, the have been around for years and have the credit to prove it.

Facebook uploads more than Youtube, but Youtube does the most views overall. As a indie artist, best suggestion is to upload to both. Don't know how to share Facebook on other social media platforms, but you know what to do with your Youtube videos!

Friday, April 30, 2021

YouTube TV Pulled From Roku


The dispute between Roku and YouTube has escalated.

On Friday morning, Roku said that the YouTube TV app has been removed from its platform, as the contract between the companies has expired. New subscriptions will not be possible until an agreement is reached between the companies.

That being said, the company says that existing YouTube TV subscribers will be able to continue using the service for the time being. YouTube TV is the multichannel video service that provides streaming access to traditional pay-TV channels. The regular YouTube app is not impacted.

Sunday, March 12, 2023

#Stream #NewMusic MURS x Wiardon - Starting Lineup


California emcee Murs & Texas beatsmith Wiardon present "Starting Lineup", featuring Larry June & ICECOLDBISHOP, the lead single from their collaboration EP speak n spell. Murs is a trailblazer of first the West Coast then the global underground hip-hop scene, going from selling cassettes of his music around the world with Living Legends to releasing albums with Warner Music Group, Def Jux, Rhymesayers, Strange Music and Dame Dash to name just a few.

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Youtube Goes Down Temporally

Maybe there trying to show the world how things would be without Youtube in the presence. We don't know why this is happening, but i'm sure Google and Youtube will resolve the issue soon.

Could it me because of the new Music Modernization Act that was just singed by President Trump that could have changes going into effect?

Answers will soon be given out as reports come in. YouTube tweeted that it was aware of the disruption to YouTube, YouTube TV and YouTube Music and was working to fix it as soon as possible.

Thursday, April 11, 2019

YouTube Raises Its TV Prices

The Google-owned service, not to be confused with the free version of YouTube, also announced that it's adding Discovery channels including Discovery Channel, HGTV, Food Network, TLC, Investigation Discovery, Animal Planet, Travel Channel, and MotorTrend. 

YouTube TV, a live TV streaming service designed to replace a traditional cable TV package, will raise its monthly price from $40 to $50. Subscribers billed through Apple will have to pay $55.

YouTube TV is one of a handful of new subscription options aimed at cable TV cord cutters who want to stream live TV channels such as ESPN, TNT and CNN, as well as local channels including ABC, CBS, Fox and NBC.

Apple takes a 30 percent share of subscription revenue made through iOS apps or iTunes, with that cut dropping to 15 percent if the app holds onto the member for subsequent years.

YouTube TV's official twitter feed says current subscribers will see the increase in the first billing cycle after May 13. Unlike DirecTV Now, which allows subscribers to keep the older, lower pricing if they don't cancel service, there's no so-called grandfathered pricing with YouTube TV.

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Monday, March 1, 2021

Vinnie Dewayne Drops His New Album "Curbside Pickup" + Collision (Music Video) | @VDewayne


Portland raised, Chicago-based rapper Vinnie Dewayne makes his return with the release of his new project “Curbside Pickup.” The first official release since 2016 brought us the classic full-length project “St. John’s Scholar” as well as the “Duality” EP. Now living in Chicago, Vinnie Dewayne takes time to breakdown all the drama life has been handing out since we last heard from him. Having to bury his best friend Grump, fighting depression, dealing with relationship issues, substance abuse, and so much more - Vinnie finds a way to document all this on his latest release. Not many artists can express their emotions and thoughts like Vinnie Dewayne can on a song, a gift that has helped separate him from the pack since his earliest releases.

Monday, November 15, 2021

Mitchell Heaton - Don’t Know Why

Mitchell Heaton of the HiCats Find His “Mount Hope” in First Solo EP

HAMILTON, ONTARIO – The Canadian group, The HiCats, are well known for their versatile hip hop lyrics and strong musical confidence, as each song gives listeners a special message. The loyal fan base of the group can rest easy; The HiCats are not breaking up. However, member Mitchell Heaton is gearing up to release his debut solo EP, “Mount Hope,” which promises to give HiCats fans something more to love.

Wednesday, April 14, 2021

This Will be The Concert to Reunite the World


SoFi Stadium in Inglewood will play host to an all-star concert that will be broadcast and streamed worldwide as part of a global effort to inspire confidence in COVID-19 vaccines and encourage people to be inoculated, organizers announced today.

Vax Live: The Concert to Reunite the World will be pre-taped at SoFi Stadium and air May 8 as part of a worldwide event broadcasting on ABC, CBS, Fox, YouTube and on iHeartMedia radio stations. Selena Gomez will host the event, which will include performances by Jennifer Lopez, Eddie Vedder, Foo Fighters, J Balvin and H.E.R.

Friday, April 16, 2021

1090 Jake's YouTube Channel "End Of Sentence" Continues To Grow

1090 Jake has found a way to turn his tragedy into triumph through tell his real-life story of being incarcerated at the age of 18 with 19 Felony Charges. Blowing up through his End Of Sentence YouTube Channel, 1090 Jake has amassed over 300k Subscribers and over 50 Million views worldwide in less than two years. Known as a "six-figure felon," 1090 Jake has found a way to become his own boss bringing in over 6 figures annually. 

Born in Malden, Massachusetts then raised in Tampa, Florida - 1090Jake was arrested in the Sulpher Springs neighborhood of North Tampa for carrying a concealed firearm. With the DA added additional charges, 1090 Jake with hit with a total of 19 Felonies, one of which was punishable by life in the State of Florida. Eventually, he would be convicted of 4 Felonies after a plea deal and sentenced to 36 months in Florida State Prison. 

On his channel End Of Sentence, 1090Jake relives his prison experience describing the gang wars, gladiator-like violence, and abuse by staff. Jake's unfiltered approach to storytelling has captivated thousands and the viciousness behind his stories kept many hooked to his Youtube channel. 1090 Jake proudly displays a mugshot of himself at 19 years old with a fresh 7-inch slash down his face from when he was attacked with a razor.  Being the only photo that exists of him at the age of 19 this image alone captures the reality of prison of what 1090 Jake went through to survive. Serving time in the Youth Offender prisons aged 14-24 he’d been slashed, stabbed, and had his head split with a brick in a canteen bag all within his first year, but the violence was never one-sided. In 1090 Jake's first interview he describes slashing the throat of a rival gang member in the same cell as his in confinement. Eventually being transferred to an adult prison after a massive gang transfer, 1090 Jake was able to earn his high school diploma only 2 weeks before his release. 

Moving back to Massachusetts, he had no choice but to start from the ground up - rebuilding his life in Boston. Struggling to find work, Jake was arrested again in July of 2016, exactly 1 year after his release for Armed Assault with intent to rob, and Assault with a firearm. 1090 Jake would find himself on probation for the next 2 1/2 years, and in May of 2019 he took a leap of faith and started his YouTube Channel without any idea of exactly how many people would relate to his life story. 1090 Jake has used his platform to not only share his story but also the story of others he’s met inside of prison, both dead and alive - giving a voice to those who can’t be heard. Applying a convict's way of researching court paperwork, he has adapted to a style of narrating while covering criminal cases in the Hip Hop community and major crime cases around the country, not only diversifying his content but showing his progression as a content creator. With the craziness of 2021, it doesn’t seem 1090 Jake will be lacking in content anytime soon, and we look forward to what’s to come.

Be sure to subscribe to 1090 Jake on YouTube and follow him on Instagram for new content and videos updated daily. 

Wednesday, August 25, 2021

Jalin - Goodlife

Jalin Ames embraces the ‘Goodlife’ with new album 

SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH – Like a lot of artists who got their start at a young age, Jalin Ames found an undeniable escape through music. He quickly realized the power it had to weigh in on all aspects of his life and to carry him through each season. 

Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Shah Leezy Drops The New Album "Shiraz" Produced by Get Large | @ShahLeezy


Shah Leezy makes his return with the new 12-track album titled "Shiraz" produced entirely by Get Large. 

Following up his 2020 EP, The Iron Shiek Tape, Shah Leezy once again delivers on his latest album with top-tier rhymes and a high-quality beat selection throughout. "Shiraz" marks growth in Shah Leezy's career as he continues to mature and age like a fine wine, only getting better with time. Representing New York, Staten Island specifically, Shah Leezy always seems to be able to harness a classic feeling in his music reminding us of vintage Nas or Hov, while still maintaining to hold on to his own personality and originality. Shah Leezy is a rapper's rapper being able to attack any beat and any tempo with ease. Get Large also shines throughout "Shiraz" with his soulful samples and hard-hitting drums. Shah Leezy and Get Large combine for a perfect 1-2 punch both complimenting each other's style perfectly. 

Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Unrulyshewrote: This “Session’s Live Streaming Artist” Is Proving to Be Next Big Thing in Music World.


Upcoming music article Music artist Harrison Forbes Morgan a.k.a. Unrulyshewrote is a Florida-based music artist and co-owner of the Independent Record Label, Speak Greek.

“I dedicated my project to mental awareness. I believe instead of it being just a “month “it should be taken into consideration no matter what. Whoever is struggling with anxiety you are not alone. We can overcome anything we put our minds too.“

It was the early 20th century when people questioned the monotonous pattern of music. The rebellious 20s which we refer to, 1920s made an argument that music should be mixed and matched, different combinations to be tried out, a mix of genres. Their argument provided the world with a term: Musical Experimentation, Avant-garde which simply means to explore all the ideas in music. Today most musicians take a route of Avant-garde music. Unrulyshewrote is one such Music Artist. He produces classic music with slick visuals, quite the way this Generation likes it. A retro-modern style of music that can be enjoyed while taking a long drive or a stroll in the park.


Music Career

Although still referred to as the next big thing in the music industry, Unrulyshewrote already has three albums to his name. He shared a feverish passion for music since childhood. Officially entering the world of music in 2013. Unrulyshewrote is the epitome of freeform experimentation. With melody at the core of his approach, he carves out timeless beats that bury their way into the subconscious while steering clear of predictable clichés. Soulful and a hotchpotch of different instruments that soothes every ear it reaches.

Unrulyshewrote credits his elder brother who also is co-owner of their brand “speak Greek”, for encouraging him to start rapping. Unrulyshewrote hasn’t stopped since. Beat melodies and vehement lyrics are a constant in all his music albums. He and his elder brother, Apollo are independently led.


Unrulyshewrote: Rhyme It

Officially known for his impeccable rapping skills, however, with almost four albums to his name, Unrulyshewrote has covered different genres, a mix of rap, hip hop, pop, and EDM.His first album, Hope was released in 2018 comprising 10 hopeful tracks. His second album was released in 2019, yet again a collection of 10 mind-blowing tracks. Unrulyshewrote released his third album, MorningStar in 2020 which truly lives up to its name brightening up the days of everyone who listens to it.


The Artist of Modern Era

Unrulyshewrote epitomizes the essence of the modern era. He is working on his 4th album, Anxiety under the production label of jagisdead.  As the name itself suggests, he is addressing the prevalent issue of mental health. The album is all about the ripple effect of emotions. He is making music that is driven by a desire to motivate, inspire, comfort, and spread love and joy to all those that hear it. His ability to hit specific music notes that resonate with his fans is why it is apt to label him the next big thing in the music industry. Unrulyshewrote is a preacher of mankind and a strong proponent of spreading awareness through music and song in this title.

While talking about his new album, Unrulyshewrote shared with media:  "I want to devote my song to mental health awareness.  Not everyone is perfect and we battle our Demons every day, but there still is hope.” “The world will know who Unrulyshewrote is one day, as everything will be unruly”, he further added.

Stream “anxiety“ out now on YouTube


For more details and information visit :

And follow him on :
Instagram @ruekobain
Soundcloud @officialunruly1
Facebook: unruledworld

About Unrulyshewrote
Harrison Forbes Morgan a.k.a.  Unrulyshewrote was born February 9th, 1999. He is an upcoming music artist from Orlando Florida . He is also a live streaming artist. Readers can catch his live performances Monday to Friday.

Saturday, July 17, 2021

Mailynn Severson - Movie Love


New teenage singer Mailynn Severson breaks the mold for Pop genre with intriguing new sound and style 

SAN JOSE, CA – The music from 16-year-old Mailynn Severson might on the surface sound like the innocent teenage girl trying to become the next big Pop star, but upon closer inspection her music doesn’t really fit in with that “cookie-cutter” Pop sound of today’s music industry. With lyrics that have deeper, almost melancholy allusions and a sound that fits more alongside the angst-driven female singers of the 1990s, Severson’s brand of Pop is something a little different. It’s a breath of fresh air in a crowded world of entertainment that’s often displayed with bubblegum packaging for young teenage singers. 

Friday, May 28, 2021

Jobbaloon - Days


Detroit duo Jobbaloon welcomes fans into otherworldly experience with debut album ‘The Invitation’ 

DETROIT, MI – It’s difficult to describe the music of Jobbaloon. It’s psychedelic, but catchy. It’s spiritual, but poppy. It’s thoughtful and serious but contains elements of dark humor, satire and straight-up silliness (as the duo humorously puts it in their bio, “Their commitment to never sell out is unwavering…except for the purpose of professional success, in which case there is no limit to the level that they would compromise their principles.”) It doesn’t fit into just one specific genre, yet it remains universally appealing enough to be enjoyed by any type of music fan. It could almost be considered singer-songwriter (with acoustic guitar, piano, and lilting, emotional vocal melodies) but has electronic elements that you might hear in a modern-day pop beat. It seems no musical instrument is off-limits – from strings and horns, to synth sounds and trap high hats, reminiscent of the experimental aspects of the baroque pop of the 1960s.  

Friday, December 15, 2017

Top Music Sites For Artists

We live in an age where this world is busy running after each and every minor thing. Gone are the days when people had to buy cassettes or CDs for their favourite songs. Every touch has become modernised, and so has the music industry

Various sites host music, and you can just have a great time pass when you’re in a mood to listen to some really good music.

Monday, October 12, 2020

EP: 02loaded - “StayLoaded (0.5)”


Rising 18-year old artist, 02loaded, drops off a brand new 3-track EP for birthday titled, StayLoaded (0.5). 

The first half of his album consists of his hitters,  “OffWhite”, “Stuntin’ (Feat. 6servin), and “LockedUp.”

Listen to the EP below as well as  well as two bonus tracks, here

Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Did Benny The Butcher Bring Real Rap Back


Every since rapper Nas did the album Hip Hop Is Dead that's when you saw hip hop/rap became more dumbed down than ever with more lack of commercial raps on the media or on radio stations, at the time real rap was unheard of unless if you was really a hip hop head that was looking for rap on mixtapes or searching on YouTube. In 2010 an empire of hip hop has begun and that's with Griselda Records with artists like Westside Gunn, Conway The Machine and Benny The Butcher.
When you hear songs like Legend, Forever Ft Lil Wayne and Big Sean, Roy Jones Ft Dark Lo,
and Crown For Kings Ft Black Thought.

Friday, February 26, 2021

Lucky Releases His Debut Project BLACKSHEEP | @LuckyShankle @itsTOPE @DrewwwBanga

Oakland's own Lucky of Shankle Mob drops his smooth new R&B project "BLACKSHEEP" available now on Apple Music, Tidal, Spotify, and more. 

A true product and student of the game and the Bay Area, Lucky steps up to the plate and knocks his debut project out of the park. Leading things off with the smooth and moody "Intro" produced by Drew Banga, Lucky takes his time to introduce his vibe and energy to his audience, setting the tone for the rest of the album. Linking up with Portland/Oakland producer TOPE for the rest of the album. Lucky takes listeners on a ride telling his story growing up in Oakland and finding his own voice through music. "BLACKSHEEP" is exclusively engineered by Lucky himself and features background vocals from his partner Slim on "Run It Up" and "Take A Leap." The extreme attention to detail can be seen and heard on "BLACKSHEEP" from artwork, to beat selection, to songwriting and more - Lucky called on Migui Maloles for mixing and Michael Denten for mastering to take his project to the new level. TOPE even flexes his ever-improving production skills playing live bass guitar on "Run It Up" and composed most of the album from scratch. Only 7 tracks long but every song is vibe all on its own, making BLACKSHEEP a standout debut from an artist destined for big things. 

Definitely one of the smoothest projects to release so far in 2021, press play on "BLACKSHEEP" by Lucky and follow him on Instagram and Twitter to stay up to date with new music and releases.

Friday, January 25, 2019

Portland Artist Eso.Xo.Supreme Drops The New Single Facts | @EsoXoSupreme @RecklessG4B

New single release from Portland-based R&B artist, Eso.Xo.Supreme, is now available on all streaming platforms. Lacing auto-tune vocals with mellow, atmospheric beats, Eso's latest single, "Facts" explores the grim realities of a toxic relationship. Streaming of "Facts" is available on Spotify, Apple Music, Itunes, YouTube, SoundCloud, Google Play and Amazon.

To learn more about R&B artist, Eso.Xo.Supreme and listen to his music, visit:

Stream: Eso.Xo.Supreme - Facts (Produced by Reckless)

Social Media

Monday, November 7, 2022

BGC MELODY – When Lions Roar (World Cup Soccer Song)

African independent record label BGC Melody (#BGCMelody) has launched the first FIFA World Cup 2022 (#fifaworldcup2022) anthem. This should be the official song for the Indomitable Lions - the national soccer team of Cameroon for Qatar 2022 in November (#Qatar2022).

The track "WHEN LIONS ROAR" is a sweet and savvy blend of #Amapiano#Afrobeats and #Makossa with a dash of spiritual spices. Delivered by the BGC Ensemble of Artists Bah'Ndong, Cindy Mbamdo, Mobe Molondo, Pope Switzeal, Thisis Mokom and Ziiana, and special guest Vernsai Sany. Masterfully produced by Marc Eff of Kovapot Beats on beats composed by HarryBeatz under the creative direction of Don Julio Bats. This will be a soccer anthem for the ages. Football has a new hymn.

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