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Showing posts sorted by relevance for query YouTube. Sort by date Show all posts

Thursday, October 4, 2018

Why Youtube And Facebook Video Sharing Is Not The Same

Youtube And Facebook
Facebook is doing it's best to compete with Youtube over video sharing to the public. Maybe in the near future, Facebook will gain the potential it needs if it keeps pushing Youtube off it's platform.

The growth of Facebook video over the last two years has been widely documented. Its rapid expansion has placed it squarely in the running for top social video platform. To earn that title though, Facebook has to dethrone YouTube, which has long been synonymous with online video.

At the same time, even if someone shares a video on YouTube, that will go to their Google Plus profile and I don't think Google Plus is as active as Facebook. Even if they share YouTube video on Facebook or any other social networking sites that mean you are combining 2 different channels.

YouTube and Facebook have become popular online destinations for sharing information and connecting with others, so it's no surprise that the two sites are compatible. There is not much to say about Youtube, the have been around for years and have the credit to prove it.

Facebook uploads more than Youtube, but Youtube does the most views overall. As a indie artist, best suggestion is to upload to both. Don't know how to share Facebook on other social media platforms, but you know what to do with your Youtube videos!

Friday, April 30, 2021

YouTube TV Pulled From Roku


The dispute between Roku and YouTube has escalated.

On Friday morning, Roku said that the YouTube TV app has been removed from its platform, as the contract between the companies has expired. New subscriptions will not be possible until an agreement is reached between the companies.

That being said, the company says that existing YouTube TV subscribers will be able to continue using the service for the time being. YouTube TV is the multichannel video service that provides streaming access to traditional pay-TV channels. The regular YouTube app is not impacted.

Sunday, March 12, 2023

#Stream #NewMusic MURS x Wiardon - Starting Lineup


California emcee Murs & Texas beatsmith Wiardon present "Starting Lineup", featuring Larry June & ICECOLDBISHOP, the lead single from their collaboration EP speak n spell. Murs is a trailblazer of first the West Coast then the global underground hip-hop scene, going from selling cassettes of his music around the world with Living Legends to releasing albums with Warner Music Group, Def Jux, Rhymesayers, Strange Music and Dame Dash to name just a few.

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Youtube Goes Down Temporally

Maybe there trying to show the world how things would be without Youtube in the presence. We don't know why this is happening, but i'm sure Google and Youtube will resolve the issue soon.

Could it me because of the new Music Modernization Act that was just singed by President Trump that could have changes going into effect?

Answers will soon be given out as reports come in. YouTube tweeted that it was aware of the disruption to YouTube, YouTube TV and YouTube Music and was working to fix it as soon as possible.

Thursday, April 11, 2019

YouTube Raises Its TV Prices

The Google-owned service, not to be confused with the free version of YouTube, also announced that it's adding Discovery channels including Discovery Channel, HGTV, Food Network, TLC, Investigation Discovery, Animal Planet, Travel Channel, and MotorTrend. 

YouTube TV, a live TV streaming service designed to replace a traditional cable TV package, will raise its monthly price from $40 to $50. Subscribers billed through Apple will have to pay $55.

YouTube TV is one of a handful of new subscription options aimed at cable TV cord cutters who want to stream live TV channels such as ESPN, TNT and CNN, as well as local channels including ABC, CBS, Fox and NBC.

Apple takes a 30 percent share of subscription revenue made through iOS apps or iTunes, with that cut dropping to 15 percent if the app holds onto the member for subsequent years.

YouTube TV's official twitter feed says current subscribers will see the increase in the first billing cycle after May 13. Unlike DirecTV Now, which allows subscribers to keep the older, lower pricing if they don't cancel service, there's no so-called grandfathered pricing with YouTube TV.

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Wednesday, April 14, 2021

This Will be The Concert to Reunite the World


SoFi Stadium in Inglewood will play host to an all-star concert that will be broadcast and streamed worldwide as part of a global effort to inspire confidence in COVID-19 vaccines and encourage people to be inoculated, organizers announced today.

Vax Live: The Concert to Reunite the World will be pre-taped at SoFi Stadium and air May 8 as part of a worldwide event broadcasting on ABC, CBS, Fox, YouTube and on iHeartMedia radio stations. Selena Gomez will host the event, which will include performances by Jennifer Lopez, Eddie Vedder, Foo Fighters, J Balvin and H.E.R.

Friday, December 15, 2017

Top Music Sites For Artists

We live in an age where this world is busy running after each and every minor thing. Gone are the days when people had to buy cassettes or CDs for their favourite songs. Every touch has become modernised, and so has the music industry

Various sites host music, and you can just have a great time pass when you’re in a mood to listen to some really good music.

Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Did Benny The Butcher Bring Real Rap Back


Every since rapper Nas did the album Hip Hop Is Dead that's when you saw hip hop/rap became more dumbed down than ever with more lack of commercial raps on the media or on radio stations, at the time real rap was unheard of unless if you was really a hip hop head that was looking for rap on mixtapes or searching on YouTube. In 2010 an empire of hip hop has begun and that's with Griselda Records with artists like Westside Gunn, Conway The Machine and Benny The Butcher.
When you hear songs like Legend, Forever Ft Lil Wayne and Big Sean, Roy Jones Ft Dark Lo,
and Crown For Kings Ft Black Thought.

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Ways To Make Money As A Indie Artist

1. Become A Hot Commodity For Booking

The best way to estimate your performance value as an

artist is to aim your efforts at bringing out 100 people for
$10 each.

Promoters will pay top dollar for an artist who can

guarantee a crowd. If you have a small to medium size loyal
fan base you are in a great position to start pitching
yourself as a paid performer.

Monday, January 26, 2015

NFL Partners With Youtube And Google

NFL has partnered with the biggest video website in the world, Youtube, to broadcast more content on an official channel on a multi-year, multi-million dollar deal.  First of all, it means search results will make it easier to find the content entered, giving better previews and even show YouTube videos for highlights. The only down side is it will not be available for past content, only content from here on out.

Friday, November 3, 2017

For The Music Critics

What are music critics? Music Critic is the online music review site, with reviews written by the people, for the people. They are reviews from various critics and music publications on new releases in a variety of genres. The usual tasks of a music critic include writing reviews of newly released cd's and records and conducting interviews with musicians, performers, bands, etc.

Music journalism is media criticism and reporting about music. It began in the eighteenth century as commentary on what is now thought of as classical music. It acts as an educational medium for the promotion of high standards of music criticism in the press of the Americas.

We here at the Wrap Up Magazine has been in production since 2010, but now we have stepped up our services and are producing alot more local artist. So now, we are looking for the music critics to review or music and videos online and leave comments of their thoughts.

Below we have listed a small group of sites to listen, comment, download, and review our music online. Use the services below to better suit your needs on finding our music recodings online. Here music on Youtube, Soundcloud, Amazon, Itunes, Twitter, and Facebook.

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Wednesday, October 14, 2020

#NewMusic Sip Hop - Over Money (Car Service Mix) @siphop662 #NowPlayingonTWUM

Sip Hop
- This track here is about how people wanna make money, teaming up to get money or speak about of how folks will treat you like a dummy if you don't have any money.

'Folks, this track is a must hear if you talking about a song with good content behind it. I'm talking about Sip Hop with his new track titled Over Money that's on YouTube'. With this dope content, you get good vibe hits that like, comment or share button to share it with a family member, friends and even to the streets to vibe with this.

You can search the song on YouTube by searching Sip Hop Over Money and give it a check out to see how you would rate this song by liking or sharing the video to viewers to also check out themselves.

Send Friend Request To Sip Hop on Facebook

Sunday, April 3, 2022

How To Make Money as An Artist


Here are some tips on how to make money as an artist:

Making money as an artist can be a challenge. You need to find ways to make a name for yourself and stand out from the competition. In this blog post, we will explore some tips from the pros on how to make money as an artist. We will discuss how to use Spotify, Instagram, and other platforms to make a name for yourself and sell your music. Let’s get started!

Thursday, June 16, 2016

100 Gran - Where You From

100 Gran want to let everyone know that he now has a youtube channel of his own to subscribe to as new music gets ready to be released. 100 Gran has been locked up for a little over 6 years and is now out to hit the streets with some new heavyweight music.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Rihanna In A Bikini

+Rihanna has been documenting her world travels on Instagram. In the latest round of pics, the Barbados babe shows off her hot body in Greece during a break from her “Diamonds World Tour.”
She strikes a pose poolside, displaying her curves against the gorgeous backdrop. The fashion icon also works the pole while wearing Visvim shoes.
RiRi is nominated in two categories at the inaugural YouTube Awards including Artist of the Year and YouTube Phenomenon for her “Diamonds” video.

Monday, December 21, 2020

Monday, October 1, 2018

ShamelessRadioCT Now Accepting Submissions

ShamelessRadioCT would like to send a big 'Thank You' to each and every artist that has submitted tracks. We will continue to play these tracks throughout our lifespan and continue to give you free publicity and feedback, along with our viewers. Please note that if anyone contacts us to inquire about you, we will forward your email address to them so that they may reach out but we do not work on behalf of artists.

Please continue to submit music, as new tracks are always encouraged, and you will have a chance to have your track(s) played on AIR "LIVE' on Saturdays!

Please make sure to follow us on Facebook, Youtube and Instagram - all links are below - and continue to support. As we are now at 476 followers on Facebook and continue to gain every week, we want to thank everyone that has submitted, whether it was once or every week! Every submission is appreciated and don't forget to subscribe to the website for goodies.

- Also, please share this email address w. an friends that do music and tell them to submit so that they will have a chance to be on the podcast as well, let's give all upcoming and underground musicians an outlet for everyone to hear their talent! - Shamelessradioct@gmail.com.

Facebook - Shamelessradioct
Website - shamelessradioct
Youtube - ShamelessRadio CT

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Slick Rick Youtube Playlist

Gansta Marcus of Lima, Ohio has released a new playlist on Youtube for his new album titled "Slick Rick." The "Slick Rick" album produced and relesed by Gansta Marcus has been a hit from the begining. This playlist is crammed filled with some of the hottest and new of the artist who likes to call himself Nieman Marcus.

Tuesday, January 7, 2020

DOCCTV (@docctv) Interview with @SSDFPodcast

We got DOCCTV, Death Of The Clout Chasers Podcast, exclusive interview with Same Spit Different Face Podcast. In the interview DOCCTV speaks on how he started his YouTube channel, re uploading ZackTV1 content after hackers deleted his channel, working with other YouTubers and content creators plus much more. So check out this interview and subscribe to both YouTube channels.

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Lil Q Ft E Wade - Posted Up

(The Wrap-Up Magazine) Lil Q has been surfacing again on the internet as Gansta Marcus gets all his artist images set up via social media. Lil Q now has his on page on youtube for fans to subscribe to and more music is released.