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Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Did Benny The Butcher Bring Real Rap Back


Every since rapper Nas did the album Hip Hop Is Dead that's when you saw hip hop/rap became more dumbed down than ever with more lack of commercial raps on the media or on radio stations, at the time real rap was unheard of unless if you was really a hip hop head that was looking for rap on mixtapes or searching on YouTube. In 2010 an empire of hip hop has begun and that's with Griselda Records with artists like Westside Gunn, Conway The Machine and Benny The Butcher.
When you hear songs like Legend, Forever Ft Lil Wayne and Big Sean, Roy Jones Ft Dark Lo,
and Crown For Kings Ft Black Thought.

These songs are consider real hip hop in today's time with dope raps with content in the mix as more of the back in the days type of hip hop feel, now if you notice you got rappers now trying to say they can spit bars now or trying to be hip hop at this point. So the question people is asking have you notice the rap is back since Benny The Burcher brought real rap into the media well i would say real rap has been around but never was being played on the radio or having most views on sight until now you can get on YouTube or any platforms you would really see a lot of Griselda Records logo floating on now and now some rappers starting to learn flows and bars coming from the butcher himself. So if you looking towards to look for Benny The Butcher's music you can look him up on DatPiff.com, search him on YouTube or at any media platforms.

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