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Sunday, February 11, 2024

Did T.D.E. Fall Off?


Back in the early 2010s no one would believe T.D.E by now wouldn’t be the top rap label in Hip Hop. They had a roster of hungry, young and capable talent, and what made it even more special was they weren’t some gimmicky rappers surviving of one popular song, or social media plant famous for a Tik Tok dance or one hit wonder that disappeared after a failed debut album. 

They didn’t have to conform to suspect dance moves or overhype to sell their albums either. Around that time there was a feeling, of whenever T.D.E dropped, expect quality rap in every way, from production to the bars, to their promo was always high quality and had an air of we’re doing it our way. That’s what I think many fans liked back then. 

It didn’t hurt they had a rising star in Kendrick Lamar, who eventually got to a place he’s considered the best rapper in the game. Before and after losing an all time great TDE has suffered tremendously, as it seems maybe Kendrick was the shinning lights of this collective that are all pretty much stagnant at this point, causing many fans to feel TDE fell off. If they have then this has to be one of the biggest fall offs in history see how much momentum they had just a few years ago. T.D.E Was Supposed to Be The Next Big Label But They Fell Off!

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