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Wednesday, March 8, 2023

What Happened To 'Freaknik' In Atlanta?


'Freaknik' is considered one of the most talked about festivals to happen in Atlanta. Universities and historically black colleges would mostly attend and help grow the event's popularity. The last official Freaknik would be in 1999, but why?

As Freaknik grew, the attitudes toward it of local homeowners and business owners became negative. It was challenged by Atlanta businesses, neighborhood associations, business owners and community leaders. Under pressure, Atlanta Mayor Bill Campbell cracked down on Freaknik in 1996.

While the music business profited, others saw Freaknik as a liability. In April 1995, restaurants announced plans to close, and some hotels refused to take reservations. For the first time since 1936, Atlanta’s Dogwood Festival was rescheduled. Some 600 residents and businesses formed the Freaknik Fallout Group.

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