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Wednesday, March 8, 2023

Do You Think Haitian Jack Slapped Jay-Z?


In the new book about written by the hip hop cop, which is titled "Notorious Cops" goes into several crime scenarios involving hip hop and hip-hop artists. In this he talks about the quad shooting, goes into bigge, to Jay-Z stabbing Un Rivera, hot 97 situations, and Busta Rhymes' many robberies.

In one of the story's chapters, the cop talked about how Jay was smacked by Hatian Jack and how Jay did nothing back.

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Wasn't Hatian Jack the same cat who pac tried to whip out his pistol on and then later had pac call him out on records. so many cats will discredit pac and say he wasn't hard or gangsta because he didn't sell drugs, but some of u guys claim that NY rappers like jay are gangsta because they have a history of thug sh*t like selling weed.

But how does Jay-Z get smacked up and extorted? Can anyone care to explain?

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