Saturday, April 2, 2022

Submit For Our Next #SpotifyMusic #Playlist


Attention rappers and musicians from all over the globe. The Wrap Up Magazine will be hosting there next mixtape event via Spotify Music. So if you have you music playing on Spotify, the be sure to join in by posting your link in the comment section below!

The "Hip-Hop and Rap Highlights" is now playing for music lovers to enjoy and artist to engage in. Be sure to stream and share the playlist with family and friends.

You can always submit your music for review. Just follow all the guidelines listed below!

1. Music Submissions in title

2. Photo of song being submitted

3. Artist Bio

4. Music Link

5. Social Media

6. Reason made song

If you have all the info listed above, then you may submit content to Please allow up to 24 hours for your song to be pressed to our database.

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