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Showing posts with label New Music Video. Show all posts

Wednesday, May 31, 2023

TroubleMaker & ShadowDaVillain - "Godzilla" (Video)

After a vulnerable, heart felt melody "Gave it my all" NYC's uncrowned drill King "Trouble Maker" along with "Shadow Da Villain" makes it's clear they still outside with the gang and whatever form of disrespect you jacking either through song's and or social media platforms will be met with severe consequences, so press play and mask up as drill season cont. Make sure you tap in with "Trouble Maker" via IG @_t.m_54_

Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Nazzy the Mic (@nazzythemic) - "Whatizyoname" (Video)

18-year-old rapper Nazzy The Mic presents the Banga Jaxon-directed music video for "Whatizyoname", the new single from Nazzy's new album Eighteen, which also features a guest appearance from Yung.King.Cole as well as production from 3GLI and WNZ. The "How You Feel" video comes on the heels of visuals for "How You Feel, Pt. 2", (watch on Youtube) and "Hopeless, Pt. 2" (Youtube). Born Norelle Hampton, Nazzy has been rapping since the age of 6, hitting the studio since the age of 12 and released her first EP at the age of 16. Nazzy mines her real life as a Gay and Muslim teen and product of inner-city Philadelphia, painting a visceral image as a prolific storyteller. Growing up she's witnessed violence and experienced trauma, love and loss, conflicts between her religion and her sexuality. She turns the booth into a therapy session to communicate her problems, feelings, and thoughts on the mic. Nazzy has been featured in popular music publications such as Elevator Mag, Wordplay, Notion, and many more. Eighteen is out now on Firebrand Entertainment.

Saturday, May 27, 2023

#NowPlaying Taylor Swift Ft Ice Spice - Karma #MusicVideo


Hours after Taylor Swift released the remix of her song "Karma," featuring Ice Spice, the pair appeared onstage together and performed the song. Watch the official video here first!

Friday, May 26, 2023

Nickoe (@Day1_Nickoe) - "Rules" (Video)

Jackson, Mississippi and L.I.E. To Me Music Group artist Nickoe releases his motion picture for his single entitled "Rules" directed by Urban Casso. Nickoe's "Rules" giving you the rules to streets, got to know the rules before you jump into the street life.

Thursday, May 25, 2023

Greedy Da 554 Boy (@GreedyDa554Boy) - "FREE" (Video)

Allow him to reintroduce himself.... It's "Greedy Da554 Boy" who first came in the game "Block'd Up" but do to block business circumstances "Greedy's" raise was cut short after being down for 10yrs the West side of Compton native is back like he never left and ready to hit the ground running.... 

HeadKrack - "For The Love" | @Headkrack (Music Video)


HeadKrack pays tribute to the Pioneers of Hip-Hop

Welcome to the official music video for "For The Love' by HeadKrack, a powerful tribute to the 50th anniversary of Hip Hop!  In this visually stunning and lyrically charged piece, HeadKrack pays homage to the pioneers of Hip Hop who paved the way for generations to come. Headkrack is the host of the syndicated radio show "The Morning Hustle" and "Dish Nation" on Fox Networks. He is a multi-talented Hip-hop artist, actor, and national media personality who is always delivering top-notch celebrity news, entertainment, and/or speaking to hot new artists. 

Monday, May 22, 2023

Sincere 500 (@Sincere5ive) - "Knock Off" (Video)

Pearl, Mississippi artist Sincere 500 releases his official music video for his single entitled "Knock Off" shot by Slush Media. “Knock Off” is from the upcoming "I Don’t Like You Either" album.

Saturday, May 20, 2023

Polo Baybee (@_PoloBaybee) f/ Flawcee - "Head Down" (Video)

Jackson, Mississippi artist Polo Baybee releases his official music video for his summer anthem entitled "Head Down" featuring female artist Flawcee. 

Friday, May 19, 2023

Orlandoh (@HBrathwaite3) f/ Nephew Hittman - "Step To The Tempo" (Video)

Orlandoh releases his new single “Step To The Tempo.” This is a reggae-fusion record with hints of R&B and rap. It’s produced by Wes Simmons and Nephew Hittman. “Step To The Tempo” is the lead single from Orlandoh’s fourth mixtape, “Tegareg Times.” Orlandoh, born in 1998 as Henderson Brathwaite, is a rapper, actor, and model from Red Hills, Saint Andrew’s Parish, Jamaica. He grew up in South Norfolk, Virginia. His childhood included homelessness, juvenile incarceration, and street hustling. He didn’t allow the hard times to define his entire life. After graduating high school in 2016, Orlandoh went to Pratt in Brooklyn, New York for an AS in Communication Design and BA in Film. He started out his journey in the music industry as part of the rap group Ghost Inc.

Star2 (@Star2Official), Lil Poppa (@ThatBoyPoppa) & $tupid Young (@dollasignyoungg) - "Gangstas" (Video)

Star2 is stamping his footprint on the future of Asian-American hip-hop with his adrenaline pumping beats and vividly rich visuals that tell a story of grit. His latest music video for “Gangstas” alongside $tupid Young and Lil Poppa is an immersive trip through the subconscious scars each artist has endured on their climb toward greatness. “Gangstas” will set your pulse racing with dark lashes of piano, mesmerizing beats that cast shadows over the gloom, and intrepid vocals that ruminate on each rapper's difficult past. Directed by Chico Bennett, the music video takes place at a haunting church adorned with holy icons that add to the inescapable gravity of “Gangstas”. Each rapper bears their soul from the confines of a confession booth, praying in the pews or gazing up toward the heavens in search of a better future. $tupid Young raps, “Life is like a game of chess, you better watch how you move." “Gangstas” will immerse you in the cavernous bends of each artist's inner-psyche as they walk through memories full of danger and deceit. Star2 and $tupid Young recently collaborated on their EP entitled Different Breed. Together, these two rappers are shaping the trajectory for Asian-American hip-hop to come. Star2 has worked alongside the likes of Soulja Boy, Luh Kel, and HoodTrophy Bino to name a few. The “Gangstas” music video continues his legacy of hard-hitting beats laced tight with experiential lyricism.

Wednesday, May 17, 2023

RedGangLilLaw (@lillawfrm029) F/ S.Dot (@Dotarachi) - "Spin" (Video)

It's them Boyz representing the Low-end section of Chi-Raq "2900" to be exact an this time they got young drill vet, 485 ENT. C. E. O. "S.DOT" riding shotgun to give y'all a visual message that there motive is to get rich, but they stay"Down to Drill" so sneak dissing and or any other form of disrespect will not go unnoticed or tolerated, so while they are on their road 🛣️ to riches they are outside and will "Spin" on any op block... So press play an "Spin" with "Redganglillaw" and the "29ers" and "S.Dot"and 485 ENT gang via Twitter/IG @REDGANGLILLAW & IG via @dotarachi

Tuesday, May 16, 2023

Dre' Sparks (@iknowdresparks) - "Straighten"/"Fake!" Remix (Video)

Just when thought you had heard it all from the city of "Chicago" also known as "Chi-Raq" comes the U.G.K.(Underground King) hailing from the wild100's section "OGDREGO SPARKS" or simply "Dre Sparks" taps in with a few bars over Migos made popular track "straighten" as well as a Drake made hot track "Fake" at the same damn time expressing how he is here to give the game a "Rican-Struction" addressing over exaggerated gang talk all the way down to knock off drip.... So press play and zone out and stay locked in via Twitter (@iknowdresparks) IG (@ogdre_go_sparks_yba)

[Video] K3NN3DI - Bounce Back | @K3NN3DI

K3NN3DI is an internationally recognized supermodel ready to make her pop star debut with plans of further pursing a career in film & television. Representing Sweden by way of Los Angeles.


K3NN3DI invites fans to enter her world where they can indulge in a retro futuristic music style with infectious melodies, and high-fashion esthetic. K3NN3DI graduated from the renowned Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute in Los Angeles. 

Friday, May 12, 2023

Backdoor Sam & Nickoe (@Day1_Nickoe) - "Dice" (Video)

L.I.E. To Me Music Group presents Jackson, Mississippi artists Backdoor Sam and Nickoe official music video for their joint single entitled "Dice" directed by Always Aden. 

Paedro (@lovepaedro) - "Carter Ave" | Shot by @TaeMuney_

Jackson, Mississippi artist Paedro releases his official music video for his single entitled "Carter Ave" shot by Tae Muney. "Carter Ave" is off his brand-new album, which is also titled "Carter Ave". 

Dolla Black (@RealDollaBlack) - "Impalas and Hydraulics" Remix | Shot by @MDubCreative

Jackson, Mississippi native and Georgia based artist Dolla Black releases his music visual for his remix to Reason's "Impalas and Hydraulics" shot by MDub Films.

Thursday, May 11, 2023

Nickoe (@Day1_Nickoe) - "Backend" (Video)

L.I.E. To Me Music Group presents Jackson, Mississippi artist Nickoe official music video for his single called "Backend". Nickoe is carrying the Mississippi trap music lane as of right now. 

Lil Delo (@delo7135) - "In My Bag" (Video)

Jackson, Mississippi artist Lil Delo releases his official music video for his single entitled "In My Bag" shot by A Nusneak Visual. 

Monday, May 8, 2023

Youwin - "Voyeur" (Video)

Philadelphia rapper YOUWIN presents the SpaceKidSpliff-directed music video for his new single "Voyeur", part of a two-song release produced by Shaggy Puff which also includes the single "Cold Blood". The two-song release comes on the heels of YOUWIN's _Hedonist mixtape which featured the single "Jesus Piece". 

Renz Julian -  "From A Peasant 2 A King" | @RenzJulian1

Renz Julian

Renz Julian presents "From A Peasant 2 A King"

A Field Of Dreamz Ent/Empire Distribution

Born and raised in the east Bay Area of Northern California, Lorenzo "Renz Julian" King (formerly known as Playa Renz) is a talented rapper, singer, and producer with an intriguing story to tell. Raised in a single-parent home in Antioch, Ca, Renz left an unstable drug-filled environment and hit the streets at 14 years old, bouncing from home to home. In West Oakland Ca he ended up with a friend and business partner "Salim the Uneek" to form the record label Field Of Dreamz Ent.