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Wednesday, January 8, 2020

What If You Had The Chance To Meet R. Kelly?

Even though R Kelly is still locked up, there are still fans who love the R&B King to the very end. So for those of you who still stand behind Kellz, what if you had the opportunity to meet and greet with him?

The Wrap-Up Magazine is conducting a survey to see what fans would say or do if they met Kelly today. What would you want to ask him? If you walked into a room and he was sitting there, how would you react?

I can see many of you now screaming and yelling if Kellz was released from prison and set free to the public. I know there is so many questions you have for R Kelly as a fan, so what are they? Comment your answer in the comment section so other fans will hear what you have to say.

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Marie said...

I would give him the BIGGEST hug and let him know how much he is loved!!!������❤️

D’ Andrea Logan Kelly said...

I’ve been to 17 of his concerts so he knows me when he sees me!! I just give a hug and pray with and for him!! Let him know ONLY GOD can JUDGE YOU!! Tell him that I love him sooo much& last but surely not least, DROP this ALBUM!!

R. Kelly's Wifey said...

When I met him I told him "Fuck these haters... Keep doing you. I love you and can I have a hug?". I have met him twice and he is all about his fans!

Gansta Marcus said...

I like kellz all day

Gansta Marcus said...

Now that's support

Gansta Marcus said...

its cool you been to some of the concerts, thats even something most people can not say they have done. You have numbers on them