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Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Shop Jennifer Lopez Black Friday Sale


Black Friday is often thought of as the real marker for the start of the holiday season. The anticipated shopping day has arrived, and even though there are many retailers to shop from, you're not going to want to miss snagging a few items from Jennifer Lopez-approved accessories brand Coach — think shearling coats, shoulder bags, and bucket hats for less. The hardest part about shopping the sale? Deciding if you're going to gift your finds or keep them for yourself.

If you've already taken advantage of early Black Friday sales, now is the time to do some real damage. Coach's discounts start at 25 percent and range up to 50 percent off. That means extra savings on your most-wished-for items. And like past sales from the retailer, Coach bags are the headliners. You can score a Shay Crossbody bag for just $125. Maybe you've been eyeing the viral Pillow Tabby Shoulder bag — grab it while you can save some cash.

And if clothes and shoes are the apples of your eye, you're in luck. The Black Friday discounts also include a vast selection of ready-to-wear items and footwear for any occasion. You can get a new shearling coat for 25 percent off, and a comfortable everyday pair of mules for $108.

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