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Wednesday, December 26, 2018

R. Kelly Named King Of R&B

Jacquees says he's the King of R&B for this generation, but reports say otherwise. There has been no other R&B artist with more controversy or hits than the main man R. Kelly.

Tyrese and Tank took to social media to firmly assert R.Kelly is the King of R&B and that Jacquees is a new artist who still has work to do.

A 'Kings of R&B' tour would be the perfect way to settle the debate. Put all the R&B stars together to perform and see who come out on top. We want to see record sales, crowd movement, and someone named the King.

Although R. Kelly has had problems in most of his music career fondling with kids, fans have come to overlook that due to his creation of hits. Women have always endure the star and loved the videos he has put forth.

With more than 38 million albums sold over the past 20 years, R. Kelly's provocative style and tender ballads have helped to define the sound.

The top 10 best R. Kelly songs. 8. “ It Seems Like You're Ready” 7. “ Feelin' On Yo Booty” 6. “ Ignition (Remix)” 5. “ Down Low” 4. “ I Believe I Can Fly” 3. “ Step In The Name Of Love” 2. “ Bump N' Grind” 1. “ Trapped In The Closet”


Cali said...

Those haters have nothing to say they can deny or argue with that the man is a musical genius period..

DJ Sippitakeover said...

he is a musical genious no dought about that.

Unknown said...

He never fondled children! That’s bullshit! He is the King of R&B!

Gansta Marcus said...

just what if? Aaliya could be the first definition set out world wide. But yes, he is still the king

Cali said...

No doubt still & always will be the king of RnB

HarmoneyBrowning said...

Aaliyah was his wife. Marriages are consummated. 15 yr old girls get married everyday in this country. Don't act like you don't know that!!!!

Sexy Char said...

I love you R Kelly God love u too

Jessithapromoter said...

his music is great and may GOD bless him

Jessithapromoter said...

yes it sucks, but that does not make it right

Gansta Marcus said...

i think he is guilty

Texasblackdiamond said...

Well the other Artists that's named above is not on any of my music playlist. But I Guarantee you will find Robert S Kelly on all of my playlist #teamkel

DJ Sippitakeover said...

i feel you