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Friday, July 17, 2020

This Musical Artist May Be The New Face Of The Music Industry

The music industry is changing very rapidly. With all the violence, protesting, and viruses going around, could the music industry need a change in pace? In these days, the music industry is having a racial war as musicians are using there voice to speak for the people.

Nieman Marcus who use to go by the name Gansta Marcus is a well respected artist and producer living in the City of Lima, Ohio. Although his musical name may throw you off, Marcus has created a song that both hip-hop fans and r&b lovers will enjoy.

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Standing out as the leader of his crew, Gansta Marcus has worked with artist from Ohio, Mississippi, and New York. He has been a mentor to many while helping other unsigned artist gain attention to there music through his website.

The music industry has had to find solutions to many problems including plummeting CD sales, increased online piracy and new ways of listening to music online.

The sound that Gansta Marcus is bringing to the table will be different than other rappers you hear now and days. With some sounds being smooth and mellow, the music will come to stand out like nothing you have never heard.

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