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Friday, March 6, 2020

Inside The Mind Of The Underground King of Hip Hop (Part 1)

The underground music scene is wide open right now as the music industry is evolving into it's next phase. Every since the days of and Google+, ways for unsigned artist has changed dramatically.

The Wrap-Up conducted a interview with one of the biggest underground pr's Gansta Marcus of Lima, Ohio to hear his thoughts on how emerging artist are changing the entertainment  industry.

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Before we begin, you must understand who Gansta Marcus is and why he is the King of the Underground. Most artist these days do not take time out to connect with other artist to help get there brand out.

Not only that, most do not think of creating there own platform to push out new content. But this artist/pr/producer has took various turns switching lane to lane that help him to stay relevant in the music industry.

Gansta Marcus represented a new form of music that had a sound that clashed with music fans from the beginning. Before the sounds of Migos and A$AP Rocky, Gansta Marcus and his crew was already turning up the music scene with hot hits like 'Million Dollar Swag' and radio's favorite '#1 Fan.'

Gansta Marcus first teamed up with Big Das who is a music promoter and producer outside of Brooklyn, New York. Das open the opportunity for Marcus to learn the promotion side of the music industry, which leads to Marcus also learning the business side of the industry also.

The website for music lovers and artist 'Hip Hop Resurrection' grew out of proportion before the site ended. It was a learning process Gansta Marcus was able to take with him as he began to evolve into what he has become today.

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What came next is how everything changed. With learning new ways to maneuver, Marcus knew he had to find a crowd our a platform to release his artist and the projects he has created.

Of course all promoters and producers are going to start uploading your music for fans to download your mix-tape or mp3 hosting sites, or at least I hope that's the kind of studio you record in.

Digital media has become the new way of releasing your music instead of free mp3 sites. Digital stores and streaming services has been doing good in the music market since 2010.

Of course you already know this is a source all studios must tap into and Gansta Marcus did just that. He took the hottest single from each of his artist and himself of course and released the album '419 To The 662.'

The album contained artist from Lima, Ohio, Mississippi, and Michigan. Stay tuned for part 2 of this conversation to be released soon. You can follow Gansta Marcus below on social media.

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