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Friday, May 8, 2020

Jennifer Lopez Wont Be Purchasing The NY Mets

Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez are no longer interested in buying the Mets. That decision was reached after negotiations with potential partners failed to materialize.

J-Rod’s quest to become the biggest power couple in Queens since Archie and Edith Bunker hit a major snag in recent weeks when their chosen money partner, Long Island biotech billionaire Wayne Rothbaum, made it clear he was only interested in scooping up the MLB franchise.

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However, any next steps in buying the Mets right now must overcome two major hurdles: The difficulty in valuating the franchise while baseball is shut down by the COVID-19 pandemic and the Wilpons’ unwillingness to sell SNY.

Alex Rodriguez, 44, earned about $448 million as a player. For Jennifer Lopez, the lower end of the estimate places her at $225 million, while the top end reaches $400 million, with an annual salary of $40 million.

Current Mets ownership also weren’t interested in selling SportsNet New York, the Mets’ profitable cable network.

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