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Thursday, March 26, 2020

How Many Attempts Are They Going To Take To Bring Down R. Kelly

I don't know what the FEDs and the media are trying to achieve by trying to bring down the King of R&B, but so far, every attempt has been unsuccessful. From having so called medical records, to new victims coming out of the wood work, how much does it take to bring down one man.

Singer R. Kelly allegedly gave a 19-year-old fan a sexually transmitted disease by having unprotected sex with her despite knowing that he had herpes, new court documents claim. I'm like. com-on, are they doing everything to make R. Kelly look bad or not? This is just a bad look for the singer.

So recently, new documents were filed in Brooklyn Federal Court, that went on to claim that Kelly met with Doe after the performance at a hotel room that he booked for her and had unprotected sex with her.

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Now hear this, Prior to the intercourse, the defendant learned from his health care provider that he had contracted herpes. So i'm thinking in my mind, why would I have sex with someone who has a transmitted disease? But she did anyway.

Prosecutors previously claimed that Kelly also exposed an unnamed minor, known only as Jane Doe No. 5, to the disease, The New York Times reports. They did not disclose if Doe No. 5 also contracted the disease.

While prosecutors claimed to have confirmed the diagnosis by accessing Kelly’s records, Douglas Anton, an attorney for Kelly, said in response to the new allegations that the singer’s accusers were trying “to make the alleged events as salacious as humanly possible,”

Anton previously claimed that there was “zero evidence” that Kelly was aware that he had herpes, and expressed doubt that Doe’s diagnosis could be traced back to her relationship with Kelly.

Kelly was previously accused of knowingly spreading herpes by a woman named Faith Rodgers, who claimed in 2019 that she met Kelly when she was 19 and that she contracted herpes during her time with him.

The musician has long maintained his innocence, but faces a plethora of charges in New York, Illinois, and Minnesota. He has been in custody since his arrest in Chicago in July, and is currently being held at the Metropolitan Correctional Center in Chicago.

How do you feel the case is being carried out? Do you think justice is being served? Be sure to leave your thoughts and comments below!

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Unknown said...

let this man go,

Anonymous said...

This is the most bogus case in history. His Consitutional Rights have been violated. This man has a ZERO Criminal Record and not a threat to anyone. They are taking charges / cases from 2008 to destroy this man. It's ridiculous. Now on the other hand, if the man has committed a crime, let him do the time. Releasing this man and placing him on 24 hour monitoring should've been done a VERY LONG TIME AGO.